Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dad on Father's Day

June 15, 2018

top ten gift ideas for Dad on Father's Day

This Father’s Day we wanted to come up with gift ideas to hit a chord with all dads out there. Each dad is unique and to make this day special, we thought of some unique ideas based on the type of dad you have! Here are top ideas to show the first man in your life some love!


Nature lover dad image campfire

Nature Lover Dad-This one’s for the dads who love the outdoors and nature. There’s also no bad reason to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life and breathe some fresh air. Plan a cycling trip, a hike, a trek along a picturesque hill, a visit to a national park (if you have access) or even a night of camping. Sharing stories, planting trees together will cleanse your lungs and help you make happy moments with dad. Don’t forget to pack food and have a mini picnic outdoors.


chill dad image of spa and candles

Chill Dad- If you thought spas and pedicures are only to be enjoyed with your girlfriends, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Chill Dad will enjoy it as much. Gift him spa vouchers or get him a nice haircut/hair spa at a salon to make him feel fresh and rejuvenated! If spa is not his thing, just brew some nice coffee or tea and enjoy an evening indoors, watching the rain pour and possibly outsource the making of his favourite fried food (read samosas, pakoras) to your mom! A new mug for his desk might be a great gift.


foodie dad breakfast in bed

Foodie Dad- If the way to your dad’s heart is through his stomach, then pick up the pots and pans to cook him a beautiful meal, lay it out in a spread and enjoy the meal with him and family. If you can’t cook to save your life and you’d still like to try, we’d suggest a breakfast in bed for your dad, laid out on a tray with fresh fruits and juice, a yoghurt bowl or some eggs.


sporty dad football match

Sporty Dad- He loves to swing the bat, clubs or racket? Don’t worry, 'cause we’ve got you covered! For your golfer dad, you could play an 18-hole game with him, gift him some cool new clubs or gloves to try out and finish the session with a fancy meal by the greens. He’s more of a soccer or cricket guy? Get your friends in on the plan and get all their dads together to have a match of soccer or cricket, dads vs. kids. Enjoy snacks and drinks during break. Get him his name jersey and hand out ‘Dad of the match’ trophies at the end of the game.


organiser dad image desk with pencil shavings

Organizer Dad- These dads are meticulous, organized and disciplined. Good gift ideas might be, a new planner, sorting out his mails, cleaning his home/ office space, wardrobe (mom might be doing this already) or even cleaning out his car and giving it a wash. Additionally, you could add some fresh green planters in his office space and add a snack corner in his office pantry for when he’s skipping lunch between meetings!


decor dad cozy reading nook

Décor Dad- Ideal for a dad who loves his space. Design and gift him a new cozy nook where he can read, watch TV or work. A new occasional chair, a pouf or a lazyboy would be a great addition. Nesting table to add to the cozy environment and place his cup of tea while he reads would elevate the setting. Once you’ve gifted him his new space, get together and watch your favourite movie together.


gadget dad gaming remotes

Mr. Gadget Dad- For dads who know their way with gadgets (Yes! All your engineer dads included) a smart watch, a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Home or even a portable gaming console like a Nintendo Switch might be a good idea! For dads who have never cared for technology or are in desperate need of it (believe me, these dads exist), a smart phone, a good set of speakers, or even just a tutoring session teaching him how to use apps like Uber, Google Maps, Instagram and Snapchat might be a great idea! Trust us, they’ll thank you later


party lover dad image drinks and tray

Party Lover Dad- This one’s for all the dads who love to have a good time. Be it the fancy dads who love their wine and cheese, the sophisticated ones who need their single malts or the hippie adventurous ones who’d drink your cocktails as well as theirs and be the first one on the dance floor. Plan a party sesh with him by laying out his favourite poison and some yummy food trays. Play some music and gift him some bar tools and accessories for the next time he wants to whip up a storm.


man running image legs on grass and soil

Fitness Freak Dad- Whether he is already fit, or you’d like him to be in shape, dad’s health is as important as our own and often neglected. Gift him some smart gym wear, a yoga mat or even a yoga retreat to help him get toned and fit. A fitness band, a new pair of sneakers or some healthy kitchen appliances like a cold pressed juicer might do the trick.


wizard dad image space with satellite

Wizard dad- Your dad can magically fix things, be it a difficult situation or a leaking faucet? Some great gifts for him would be a new shiny tool kit, how to guides, books on his favourite subjects and even some try-it-at-home kits like a beer brewing kit, a space and astronomy kit, you get the drift!


Even though it is Father’s Day, don’t forget to include your mum in the fun, because the more the merrier!

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