Create a Bali Vacation Vibe at Home: 5 Tropical Décor Ideas

March 21, 2020

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Isn't Bali always a good idea? Be it any time of the year; who doesn't like the relaxed feel of the beaches, sipping onto refreshing mocktails and cocktails, relishing tasty food by the sea or enjoying the beautiful villa indoors.

How about creating this feel at your home itself !?

So what if you cannot travel and had to cancel your summer plans as of now. Let's not moan and let's get creative. Make your space worthy of a vacation by bringing the personality of the island into your living space.

hammock and girl

To do that let us understand, What is Balinese style?

Balinese style has a fine balance between beautiful, raw organic elements and fresh colours that are blended with high quality craftsmanship. Deeply grounded in nature, full of wild greenery and tropical flora with a mix of earthy textures, Bali is where local materials are used for design and decor that extensively reflect local culture and tradition.

So let's explore how you can recreate the captivating Bali experience at your humble abode..

tropical fruits cheeseboard flatlay

1. Natural Elements

A hearty resort breakfast is the most loved meal of the day during any holiday, mostly because of the endless variety of delectable edibles.

Stylize your tablescape with tropical inspired serveware and tableware crafted from natural materials like Granite, Marble, Terrazzo. Our newest Stoneware Collection is sure to make your life simpler.

Stone Lazy Susan with bread

It's time for you to put on your chef's hat and get your hands dirty in the kitchen as you bond with your family members . Lay out the homemade breakfast spread on this Granite Lazy Susan and reach out for your favourite condiments with ease. 

This beautifully speckled, natural granite pattern enhances your table-scape to take it up a notch. 

Nestip: Place a mini vase with fresh flowers in the centre for a play of colour and texture.

Stone Lazy Susan with breakfast

Using natural elements and adding a hint of modern minimalism is all that is required to bring the Bali vibe into your home.

And what better way to celebrate this style than by having that afternoon high-tea with your dear ones. 

tea time flatlay with terrazzo platter

An eclectic Terrazzo - Wooden Platter that boasts a harmonious fusion of materials can make your snack time both fun and inviting.  

tea time flat lay tea and cookies

As the sun sets and the weather sweetens, it's probably time to sit back, relax and treat your taste buds with your favourite beverages. May it be sober or spiked, we all like a bit of quirk. Get your hands onto some fun and fancy glassware to enhance that holiday mood while you spoil yourself.

Hello Gorgeous wine glass and sunglasses

A part of the Bali vibe is its spirited and zesty beach clubs. Create a similar bar ambience with these dark stone coasters that have a versatile grain and texture to compliment any drink served. 

Granite square coasters

Brew some hot ginger-lemon tea infused with fresh mint before you hit the bed for better sleep.  

Terrazzo coaster with lemon tea

Stylise this night time routine with these terrazzo coasters to end your day with elegance. 

Lemon tea on Terrazzo Coaster

2. Earthy Textures

While staying home, staying hydrated is a must! Do so in style and bring in the beach vibe with our Textured Lava Stone Coasters to enjoy 'nariyal paani' like never before.

Grey stone coasters with coconut water

Celebrate the underwater textures with these coasters. Add sea shells for a beachy feel. 

coconut water and coaster grey stone

Sip onto freshly pressed juices at home for your vitamin fix. Place them on these  Grooves Textured Marble Coasters that are white, bright and textured.

A fusion of materials yet again. This marble and herringbone pattern is a unique take on the conventional cheeseboard.

cheeseboard fruits flatlay

3.Organic Shapes

Organic shapes further add to the raw natural setting.  Use these pebble shaped Granite Coasters from Nestasia's new collection to dress up your table, making it pretty or handsome.

 green stone pebble coaster with orange juice

If you are not a big fan of juices, fulfil your fruit cravings by indulging in a tropical fruit platter.

Slate platter with fruits

Fun and vibrant fruit platters are such a delight to the eye. See the vibrancy of the fruits pop on this irregular rustic slate platter. It's raw and organic shape transports you to the wilderness of Bali.

slate fruit platter

Once you've had your fair share of fruits, it's time to load up on veggies. Toss up some raw papaya - raw mango salad and serve it fancily on a pretty platter.

Raw papaya salad with chopsticks

This platter carved out of stone, in the shape of a boat, is apt to give you the Bali vibe.

Boat platter with salad

Let's imagine the chopsticks to be the oars, the platter to be the boat and the table to be the expanse of water. Just dive in and refresh yourself with healthy delights.

boat platter flatlay

 4. Soothing Colours

Add some cool blues along with mesmerising florals to get the feel of a soothing island getaway within your space. Subtle aqua shades, turquoise and contrasting whites with just a wee bit of bling can add such a classic contemporary feel to the space.

beaded flower table runner

Style your flat surfaces with a gorgeous table runner just like the Beads Blossom Runner above. It compliments the spring summer-season and adds so much drama to any surface.

beaded floral table runner blue white

From dining tables to consoles and sideboards, let your table tops bloom in flowers and pastel hues. Pops of such subtle yet contrasting combinations add a serene charm to the space.
Blossom Beads Coasters
If cool tones are not your thing, warmer spring tones of whites and peaches also freshen up a space and add a touch of spring to your home! 
Tropical Cruz Marble Round Tray with Handle Large white & gold
Do so by adding decor accents like trays with boxes & vases full of flowers. 
Agate Boxe and candle jar

5. Outdoors --> Indoors

A rustic hand knotted rug is the right way of channeling the Bali look into your living space. This multicoloured Boho Ezra Rug is a great option to add a slight pop of colour from our Boho Rug collection

hand knotted hand woven rug and slippers

Nestip: Layer the living space with bamboo floor lamps and flowering plants to make it as chic as possible. Get your hands onto a mix of colourful and rustic planters to dress up your plant babies. 

tropical plants indoors

Plants and flowers don't just liven up the space but also, naturally help us relax and focus which in turn improves our productivity and creativity.

Nestip: Bring the fancy resort feels indoors by going big with house plants like the Monstera, Areca Palms, Birds of Paradise, Snake Plants, Philodendrons and Dracaenas.

grass planter tropical

Just the way one feels extremely relaxed and rejuvenated in Bali, decorating spaces in your home with plants and flowers provokes positive feelings by detoxifying the air around you. Vibrant colours of the flowers have a calming effect helping in generating a stress free, happy vibe.

Stone and marble Noughts and Crosses

Add some rustic quirk to your coffee table with this whimsical Stoneware Knots and Crosses game. Sip onto coffee while you spend some quality time with your children and loved ones.

boho hammock in balcony

To feel like you are on a holiday, we could make our interiors feel like the exteriors that would give the 'holiday at home' vibe. For the Balinese staycation feel, hang a natural cotton fibre hammock in your balcony and sunbathe all day.  

hammock and cushion in balcony

The famous playwright, Noel Coward, very correctly stated post one of his travels, "It appears that each Balinese native, from the womb to the tomb is creative." 

It indeed is true how this island has been oozing with artistic endeavour. Their style never fails to inspire interior designers, stylists and decor fanatics to beautifully combine organic elements and textures into everyday life.

Let your creative juices flow and decorate your homes with love while you stay tuned for Nestasia's latest stoneware collection which will hit the website soon.  

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