9 Tips To Achieve A Farmhouse Style Kitchen Look

July 05, 2024

They say the kitchen is the heart of your home, and we couldn’t agree more!

It is a place that grounds us in the warmth and comfort of our family. It evokes fond childhood memories and takes us back to when we’d tiptoe and sneak up behind our loving mothers to see what she was preparing for lunch. It’s a space that nourishes us, a place we turn to for our late-night cravings, to provide snacks and drinks to our guests, and to work our magic.

It’s high time you give our kitchen to honour its position as the inviting space it is. What better way to achieve it than by rooting for a beautiful farmhouse-style kitchen? Get ready to be swept off to the quaint countryside with our list of kitchen styling tips. Ready? Let’s get started!

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Create Farmhouse Kitchen Of Your Dreams With These Expert Styling Tips

1. Select Natural Flooring

Set the foundation for your rustic-style kitchen with natural flooring. Natural materials best complement the Farmhouse aesthetic, bringing out the rustic and cosy vibes in full swing. Here are a few great options you can choose:

i) Stone

When it comes to a Farmhouse kitchen, rustic stone floor tiles are about as authentic as it gets. When you’re selecting stone tiles, make sure they complement the colour scheme of your kitchen. Limestone pairs beautifully with earth tones such as browns, greens, and tans. Travertine works well with darker accents such as wooden cabinets and countertops, adding depth and sophistication to your kitchen. 

Stone Tiles

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ii) Terracotta

It’s quite impossible to capture the charm of the countryside without terracotta. The rich colour weathered with timeless grace makes these tiles perfect for your kitchen. The subtle imperfections and warmth of terracotta go remarkably well with vintage-inspired fixtures, wooden cabinets, and stone countertops.

Terracotta Tiles

iii) Reclaimed Wood

Another strong contender on this list is reclaimed wood. The variations in colours and grain add a sense of authenticity and charm to your kitchen like no other. Natural beauty, sustainability, and durability are some of the key assets of this material. 

Wooden Floor Tiles

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2. Painted Panelling

If you are trying to add more dimension to your Farmhouse-style kitchen, painted panelling is the way to go. To accentuate the rustic appeal of your kitchen, shoot for wooden panelling. When installed and maintained properly, it ages gracefully and develops a Patina. If you are going all rustic, partial panelling with rough-hewn planks should be your go-to choice. For a more modern look, smoother boards are a better choice. There’s no reason for you not to inject a heap of character into your kitchen. How do you do this? By painting the panels to match the overall colour palette. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always shiplap wooden boards of different colours to attain a really cool effect.

Painted Panelling

3. Select a Wood or Brick Backsplash

A kitchen without a backsplash is like a painting without a canvas. Enhance your Farmhouse kitchen with a wooden backsplash and let each knot and grain tell tales of seasons past. The best part? Wooden backsplashes work remarkably well with exposed beams and vintage accents. If raw power is more your vibe, we suggest a brick backsplash. Tattered and washed in a rich burnt orange shade, this backsplash effortlessly harmonises with copper accents and open shelving. It helps bring out the charisma of country cottages and homesteads of the past. 

Brick Backsplash

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4. Install an Apron Front Sink

Crafted from either copper, stainless steel, granite, or marble, an apron front sink is one of the hallmarks of a Farmhouse-style kitchen. Streamlined and sleek, these large sinks typically fit into the countertop with their front edge being exposed. Apart from their distinctive design, an apron-front sink is quite a practical addition to the kitchen. Their sizeable depth makes it a breeze to house large cooking pots, pans, and other crockery.

Apron Front Sink

5. Classic Cabinets & Open Shelves

If you are someone who hates cabinets hanging overhead, you’re going to love these open shelving ideas. They are a great way to showcase your cookbooks, dinnerware and glassware collection, and other kitchen tools if you please. Go for bracket wooden shelves for an elegant display of all your essentials. Wooden Tiffany cabinets with stiletto-shaped brass legs are great for adding an edge to your Farmhouse kitchen. You can go for refreshing blue cabinets to breathe some life into your kitchen.

Open Kitchen Shelves

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6. Utilise Mixed Metals

A good Farmhouse-style kitchen thrives on contrast, and mixing metals is the perfect way to achieve this. However, it’s essential to maintain a sense of cohesion. Instead of going haywire with a mix of metals, start with a base metal as the foundation. Consider cool stainless steel for appliances and select warm copper utensils to strike an interesting contrast. These functional kitchen elements can be strategically selected to bring out a comforting and authentic salt-of-the-earth feel to your Farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Designing Ideas

7. Curate Your Crockery

For your Farmhouse kitchen, you’d want to stick to rustic elements like stoneware or terracotta. If you can acquire some rare vintage decor finds from your local flea market or antique shop, it’ll be the perfect way to add some charm and nostalgia to your kitchen. Mason jars and vintage glassware are also some earmarks of the Farmhouse style, so be sure to add those to your list.

Vintage Dinner Set

8. Vintage Elements

Bring some old-world charm and authenticity to your kitchen with timeless pieces such as distressed wooden cabinets, weathered signs, and antique kitchen tools. This will keep your kitchen rooted in a sense of character and history, making it stand out from the crowd.

Vintage Kitchen Tools

9. Natural Wood Elements

Cabinets with a distressed or weathered wood finish add character and authenticity, while open shelving made from reclaimed wood offers both storage and display opportunities for crockery and decor. Wooden countertops or butcher block islands not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also provide durable surfaces for meal preparation. The natural wood grain and variations in wood tones effortlessly complement each metal accent and vintage finds, pulling the entire look together.

Farmhouse Kitchen

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Embracing the allure of a Farmhouse-style kitchen is more than just a design choice; it’s rather a journey back to simpler times. In this quick read, we’ve pieced together everything you need to curate your very own Farmhouse kitchen and turn your nourishing corner of your home into a welcoming sanctuary. We hope you enjoyed these clever ideas and came up with something splendid!

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