Thoughtful Wedding Return Gift Ideas

April 05, 2024

Indian weddings are the celebration of a lifetime. From beautiful traditional wedding rituals to dancing the night out on sangeet, decorating the palms of our hands with gorgeous henna in the mehendi ceremony, and bathing in haldi, Indian weddings are no less than a regal festival. But wait! What are the best wedding return gift ideas for your guests after all the fun and joy for the bride and groom? What will have your guests remembering your grand and beautiful ceremony even after they get home? Let’s find out! The best wedding return gift ideas are what you need here. A thoughtful and unique wedding return gift will be a token of your gratitude and happiness to your precious guests for witnessing your happy union and celebrating with you at your wedding. Let’s jump into the most thoughtful and fancy wedding return gift ideas that will surely impress your loved ones.

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Wedding return gift ideas

Traditional gifts

What are we, if not traditional? Indian weddings are a tapestry of rich and colourful culture and deeply rooted traditions of the land. Hence, that’s how the gifts too should be.


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Eco-friendly gifts

How about gifting your guests with something that would also make Mother Nature happy? Go green with these ideas on environment-friendly return gifts for your wedding and choose: Here are some eco-friendly return gifts for marriage. Organic baskets made of cane/ bamboo, plant saplings, hand-painted earthen lamps, and flower pots are no-brainers when it comes to eco-friendly gifts.

eco-friendly basket

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Gift hampers

So you don’t want to stick to clichés while choosing your return gifts? You don’t have to. Take your pick from our thoughtfully curated gorgeous gift hampers that’ll fit the list of your unique gifts. Hampers so appealing that they'll impress your guests for sure.

Gift hamper

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Home décor objects

Home décor accents are everyone’s favourite. Coz, who doesn’t like to adorn their home with beautiful décor pieces? A unique home décor piece will make a perfect wedding return gift for your guests at your wedding. Shop for exquisite home décor accents at Nestasia to make memories at your wedding.

Decor object

Candles and Candle stands

Another great wedding return gift for your guests would be delicious-smelling candles, that’ll treat their senses when they light them up. Shop for beautiful candles and ornate candle stands at Nestasia. We are here to make your wedding special.

Candle stand

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Things to keep in mind for wedding return gifts

1. It is imperative to know your budget before diving into getting return gifts for your guests.

2. Prepare a list of guests to whom you will be gifting. This will give you an idea of the number of guests as well as help you pick the right return gifts.

3. As memorable as your wedding might be, make sure to make it memorable for your guests too.

4. Make sure it sparks joy.

5. Add a little thank you note on each return gift for your guests. This will add a touch of personal element to your gifts.


We hope our wedding return gift ideas are as amazing as your wedding will be. These wedding gifts are sure to make your lovely guests as happy as you. Take notes and prepare your wedding return gifts with our wedding return gift inspo right away! 

P.S. Wishing you a happy married life in advance!

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