The Key Elements of Japandi Style in Your Home

March 14, 2024

Japandi is a harmonious marriage between the simplicity and cosiness of Scandinavian decor and the earthy and naturalistic feel of Japanese decor. The term ‘Japandi’ is a blend of the words “Japanese” and “Scandi,” which is short for Scandinavian. Now soaring in popularity and dominating the realm of home decor, Japandi-style decor was conceived when Danish interior designers travelled to Japan for new inspiration about 150 years ago. This decor style combines the best aspects of these two distinct styles, and what comes to fruition is as practical as aesthetically pleasing. 

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If you are familiar with the notion of “hygge,” then the concept of the Japandi style will be easy for you to grasp. Hygge is about ascribing joy to enjoying life’s simple pleasures, whether a warm family meal or nestling under a cosy blanket on a winter day. Translate that to decor style, and it pertains to all elements that will help bring cosiness and intimacy to your interiors. Subtly couple this nuance with the Japanese idea of “wabi-sabi,” (beauty in imperfection), and you'll conceive Japandi decor style that is rooted in naturalism, minimalism, and comfort.

Why step outside your comfort zone when you can step right into it with a tranquil Japandi interior? Let’s explore the key elements of Japandi decor that you didn’t even know existed back at home. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

7 Key Japandi Style Elements in Your Home Decor

1. Natural Materials

Imagine being swept off to a village in Osaka - lined with homes that are lined with tatami mats, where dappled sunlight peers through Shoji panels, and where wooden and bamboo accents steal the spotlight. If you are a coveter of all things organic and natural, then you’re in luck. Japandi decor incorporates handmade and artisanal items, embracing their simplicity and earthy charm. After all, the Japanese notion of “wabi-sabi” is all about embracing the earthly and transient nature of decor items, which is upheld as beauty amid tiny imperfections. Coupled with comfort and practicality, which are the key tenets of “hygge,” and voila, you have the perfect Japandi home decor. Think handwoven wicker baskets, terra cotta vases, brass bells, and all things that align with artisanal endeavours and eco-consciousness practices.

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2. Stripped Furniture

One of the key components of Japandi decor style is the use of low-profile furniture. Most Scandinavian homes have oak and mahogany accents that wrap you in warmth, while Japanese furniture revolves around neutral colour palettes, simplicity, and open rooms decorated sparingly. From foldable futon beds to light screens, the Japs like to keep it bare and beautiful. Let the East meet the West by clubbing these different furniture styles together, creating something sparse yet warm.

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3. Greenery

The best Japandi interiors are rooted in a strong connection to nature. Ever seen those grand floor-to-ceiling windows that open up the view to a lush green garden? Well, if designing an elaborate Japanese garden with low tables, floor cushions, and shelves lined with bonsai trees is not up your alley, consider bringing in a touch of greenery indoors to freshen up your space. Peace lilies, ferns, Japanese sago palms, and bigger plants are some popular choices that are indispensable to Japanese interiors. Harness the neutral tones of Scandinavian decor to serve as the perfect backdrop for your green companions.

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4. Clutter-free Zones

This is where the bare and simplistic approach to Japanese decor comes into play. Every Japandi interior warrants a spick and span space with open spaces much like a traditional Japanese home or Minka. Consider integrated storage units, which also combine practicality and adhere to the functional aspects of Scandinavian decor. Not only are they space-saving, but they also serve as a clean and refined alternative to lofty almirahs and packed wardrobes. A tidy interior will also help maintain a calm and serene atmosphere, which is a standout feature in any Japanese household.

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5. Comfort

Comfort is of the essence in a Japandi interior. If you remember correctly, underpinning Scandinavian decor is the concept of “hygge,” which, put very simply, stands for an absolute state of comfort. Sofas layered with weighted blankets, windows with flailing sheer curtains, and plush throw pillows are a few ways to make your home cosy and wrap yourself in warmth.                                 

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6.  Flooring

The Japanese have an inclination towards hardwood floors with tatami mats. To curate your space, you can pick a Herringbone or Parquet pattern, adding a dynamic touch to your floors. But let’s not overlook the Scandinavian side of things. A solid beige or off-white rug will help balance out the warm-toned floors and strike a contrast against your chosen patterns. Rugs also help dampen noise, further enhancing their role as a functional item, which aligns with…you guessed it…Scandinavian decor! Fuzzy rugs also provide warmth and comfort and can serve as a cosy addition to your home.

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7. Mix & Match

The key to achieving the ideal Japandi interior is striking the perfect balance between Japanese and Scandinavian decor styles. It isn’t about filling up your space with whatever Japanese curios you find at your local flea market or leaning completely towards the other style either. Mix and match elements, and try to keep your space organised, simplistic, and above all, refined.

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With our list of Japandi elements, we hope you can attain the Zen vibe and soothing comfort you are rooting for. Fusing subtle yet effective elements, we’ve unveiled the top 7 key elements of the Japandi decor style so that you can curate everything to transform your space.

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