The Archies Inspired Home Decor Ideas

December 27, 2023

Mixing vintage retro and modern design elements in your home décor can create a unique and eye-catching look. Combining different styles and eras can result in a dynamic and eclectic space that reflects your taste and creativity. The key to success when mixing vintage and modern design elements is to strike a balance between the two styles. Inspired by The Archies Movie, we have created a fun vintage retro mix with a modern design. Get ready to dive with us into the land of Riverdale (wink).

If you want to create an eclectic or lived-in look in your home, mixing vintage retro and modern pieces in a room is one of the simplest ways. Combining vintage retro with modern can make a space look like it has evolved over many years. This will also add sentimental value and make any home unique by stimulating a sense of nostalgia. But a balance has to be created to make it look elegant rather than untidy if you want a space that combines modern trends with inherited, vintage, or antique designs.

How to Combine Vintage and Modern Luxury Décor - Archies Style

What is vintage retro decor?

We often use the term “vintage decor” when discussing our homes' interiors. But what does the term “vintage decor” actually mean? The term ‘vintage’ essentially refers to ‘of age’. Any decor element that belongs to a certain period or is a minimum of 20-40 years old is categorized as vintage.

A classic vintage design is defined by decorating homes by using old pieces to create a nostalgic look from the past. Vintage design style uses old and artificially aged pieces to give an elegant look to your space.

When it comes to designing a vintage-style home, a lot of factors come into play, including incorporating pieces, colour palettes, and accessories from an earlier period. But some also include mid-century modern, art decor, etc.

Vintage style varies depending on the period you want to focus on. The design style gives you a broader spectrum of decor and other things to choose from. The 1940s and 1950s are associated with a sense of romantic, old-fashioned charm. Elements like wood, linen, aged furniture, one-of-a-kind pieces, or lovely pieces handed down from grandparents are used in vintage-inspired interior design styles.

Elements of vintage retro decor:

Vintage style refers to the aesthetic of a specific period or era in the past, characterized by its unique design, materials, and craftsmanship. The vintage style can be defined by the following elements:

1. Colour Palette

Vintage style often features a muted colour palette, with shades of beige, white, and grey being popular.

Vintage mirror

2. Textures

Vintage design style often incorporates different textures such as lace, velvet, and tweed, which can add depth and interest to a vintage-inspired room.

Cushion cover

3. Patterns

Vintage décor is classified by patterns such as floral, geometric, and stripes, which can be incorporated through bedding, rugs, wallpaper, and curtains.


4. Vintage or Antique Pieces

Incorporating vintage or antique pieces is a key element of vintage-style decor. These can include anything from vintage furniture and decor to vintage artwork and accessories.

Wooden votive holder

5. Materials and Craftsmanship

The use of traditional materials such as wood, metal, and glass, as well as the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into creating the piece, are all considered vintage.

Vintage glass jar

What is modern decor?

Garnering a lot of popularity in recent times, the modern design style emerged in the 20s and still keeps on inspiring interiors worldwide. However, modern design style can sometimes be mistakenly associated with contemporary style. Even though the words modern and contemporary are synonymous, the styles aren’t. Modern has its movements and characteristics.

In interior design, the modern style creates functional spaces with a delightful aesthetic. The Bauhaus philosophy and architecture inspire the style, highlighting the use of clean lines, geometric form, and natural materials. Modern style in interiors evokes a simple yet elegant lifestyle.

Elements of modern decor:

1. Neutral colours

Whites, beiges, and even some shades of black make up the main colour palette for modern design.

Neutral colour dining

2. Clean lines

Modern design favours clean, straight lines, uncluttered spaces, and an overall lack of fussiness.

Modern home

3. The open-concept floor plan

Modern design prefers as few walls as possible. Furniture, instead, differentiates spaces, like a kitchen counter providing a visual distinction from a living or dining room.

Modern kitchen

4. Natural light

Abundant natural light is also necessary to help a space feel more airy and open, so windows are kept unadorned.

Modern kitchen

5. Functional choices

One of the modern style principles is that the form should follow usability. Regarding interiors, most decorative pieces and furniture have a purpose.

Functional furniture

How to balance both styles

  • Mixing vintage and modern textures and patterns can create a dynamic and interesting look in your space.
  • When incorporating vintage pieces into a modern space, consider the materials used. Vintage furniture is often made of natural materials like wood, metal, and glass, which are both durable and timeless.
  • Vintage furniture is often made in natural wood tones like oak or walnut, which pair well with modern neutral colours like white, grey, and black.
  • Vintage pieces can be combined with new elements to create a unique and modern look, such as pairing vintage furniture with modern lighting or textiles.
  • A bathroom is one of the best areas in your home to implement modern and antique decorative elements. Add vintage Bohemian touches, such as woven plant holders and rattan rugs, to balance the bright colours and metal components of your contemporary bathroom design.

Where to find the right pieces

From a local thrift store to a luxurious showroom, you can find several vintage as well as modern decor objects that will fit in your home decor elegantly. However, some of the places where you can find your favourite pieces of decor online are mentioned below: 

  • Nestasia
  • Pepperfry
  • Amazon
  • Myntra

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Use the 80/20 rule of decorating, i.e., a space should be 80% modern with 20% vintage touches. If it were the other way around, your space would look outdated, and it would not sit well with the theme.
  • When decorating in any style in neutral colours, keep in mind to add textures to avoid the house appearing flat and boring.
  • Avoid choosing more than 3-4 colours. Too many colours will make the house more confusing.
  • Disregarding the flow of the space.
  • Overlooking personal touches that make the space uniquely yours.


Mixing vintage and modern decor with different furniture can get quite tricky the first time. If you can't afford to fill your home with antique decorative elements, you can experiment with subtle modern decorative elements. The mix and match of old and new furniture and decorative elements can give an excellent makeover to your home.

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