School Memories: Recounting Unforgettable Moments Of Friendship Together

May 27, 2024

Friendship - 10 letters, 1 word, and a bridge that connects hearts across the miles.

Remember those dingy lanes you’d walk together with 5 minutes to make it to tuition? Those backbench deliberations about the worst possible excuse for unfinished homework, swapping lunch boxes to enjoy aunty’s signature dishes, and those unending phone calls on the landline during summer vacation - good ol’ days, right? Times were simpler and everything was…well, black and white. 

No matter how far you’ve come in life, we’ll bet the same goofy voice has stuck around, making you laugh out loud in moments of peace and chaos. That voice, beautiful readers, is of your friend - the one who was the first to come up and say ‘Hi’ when you were sitting tensely on your first day of school, the one who accompanied you on a seesaw at the park, and the one who would be just a phone call away in every hour of need. We’ll bet the yesteryears are hitting hard with every relatable line that’s universal to all friends.

With Best Friend Day just around the corner, we figured you might want to recall some treasured moments from your colourful past.

In this quick read, we’ll be letting you in on some fun-filled memories we’ve encountered. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Bunking Classes

Bunking classes - something that takes a bit of coaxing from one friend and a lot of hesitation from the other. We’re sure you all have different bunking experiences to share, whether you’ve gone all out and planned everything the night before and bunked school altogether, or snuck out between classes. It’s funny how we all feel invincible in those moments in each other’s company, having conned the world around us. That is until it all comes crashing down upon being discovered by someone you never expected. 

2. Last-Minute Stationery Hopping

If you’ve ever needed a set of physical and political maps of India in the nick of time, trust us, you’re not the only one. What naturally follows is you and your friend schlepping from store to store in search of maps, and if it’s a Sunday night, you’re doomed! But what makes the hunt a resounding success isn’t finally acquiring maps on your own, but convincing the third friend to bring extras.

3. Copying Each Other’s Essays

Before the dawn of AI, the only all-encompassing medium of information we had was our best friend. Well, what completely went over our heads was the fact that essays are supposed to be original compositions, and with the way we copied our friend’s essay down to the T, ours was anything but… And what ensues, you ask? Both being called upon by the teacher and scolded in front of the entire class. 


4. Making Paper Boats & Sailing Them Off

A light pitter-patter and eyes peering through the window: that’s every rainy day at school for you. Amid a very serious lecture, hush-hush voices break out and join forces to plan something incredibly exciting. Out comes your notebook and the last scribbled pages get ripped off and folded into paper boats. The bell rings and you head out to the school playground, setting them off in puddles that then seemed like rivers. Those memories still live fresh in your mind, we take it? Ours too!

5. Borrowing From Each Other’s Beyblade Collection

“3,2,1…Let it rip!”

If there’s a prominent childhood memory with friends that has stuck with us all, it’s definitely those intense Beyblade tournaments. Beyond those spinning tops, lay strategy, camaraderie, and imagination. Dranzer, Dragoon, or Longinus - whichever you fellow Beybladers preferred, borrowing from one another was a habit we bet you struggled to shrug off easily. We’re sure this applied to launchers as well! Somewhere in your apartment, covered in dust, we’re sure lies some of your friend’s Beyblade treasures. Well, get digging and reignite those nostalgic days.

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6. Working On Group Projects

Desks full of chart paper, picture cutouts, and glitter pens that would always smudge - we’re sure recalling those fun-filled project-making sessions still make you nostalgic. There’s one cardinal rule to every group project: one person finishes the project, while the others munch on chips from the sidelines. Well, if you were the bearer of all the work, you know what it’s like. But somehow, letting your loving friends enjoy the spoils of war never seemed to bother you. After all, if it wasn’t for them, where else would you get all the ground-breaking ideas?

7. Binge-watching Cartoons

Johnny Bravo, Dexter, Powerpuff Girls, and all the old cartoons that made our childhood colourful were enjoyed best when we’d watch them with our friends. Holed up right after school or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, there’s no denying the fact that these were the moments that we knew were going to be held dear for life.

8. Group Study Sessions (Absolute Sham)

If your friends have ever reeled you in for a group study session, we’re sure you know how it ends up. Group study sessions are an absolute sham where everything apart from studying takes place. Fooling around, laughing, checking out new desktop games, and raving about each other’s tazo collection are some of the highlights from these so-called “study” sessions.

9. Shirt Signing

Singing off is never possible without shirt signing. That’s right. The last day of school is incomplete without this mandatory ritual. We’ll bet sleeves, collar, and not an inch of fabric was left untouched by your crazy friends on this day. Filled with messages of love, inside jokes that are you exclusively privy to, and random remarks - all those unforgettable memories get penned down and tucked safely in our wardrobe somewhere.


From scrapbooks to diaries with half-written pages, projects to birthday parties, and exam days to vacation visits, the memories with your school friends stay for life. In this blog, we hope we were able to take you for a walk down memory lane, revealing some fun highlights of school days. While life may look drastically different for us now, we can all find a semblance of peace in these foregone days full of life, laughs, and imagination.

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