Say Yes To A Sustainable Diwali This Year!

October 20, 2022

Lights will guide you home”, the day is near when the surroundings will be decked up with beautiful, glimmering lights. Some will be lights of hope, and some will be beaming joyous smiles. By now, Diwali greetings are sent to friends and family, and everyone is teaming up to decorate the house with the best Diwali decor. 

Diwali Table Setup

As the festival of lights approaches, billions of families are preparing for it and waiting with anticipation. In addition to having religious significance, Diwali also honors the spirit of joy and kindness that permeates every home. It's important not to lose sight of the festival's significance—the victory of good over evil—as cleaning, buying new clothes, baking treats for friends and family, and decorating the house take place alongside. As the modern world struggles with issues like air pollution and climate change, it should be our goal to make Diwali as sustainable and ecologically friendly as possible. And not just Diwali 2023, but 2024, 2025, and so on. 

Sabai Mats Rangoli

The celebration of Deepavali or Diwali honors the triumph of virtue over evil. It's a season of warmth and closeness to loved ones. The true essence of Diwali is celebrated when we consider others before ourselves. The “Festival of Lights” is all about relationships, caring, and sharing. This implies that now is also the time to consider the environment. We should thus make every effort to observe Diwali in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Red Linen Rose And Stemmed Glassware

Diwali is the most awaited time of the year and we can't help but make an early start on the festivities. With this festival right around the corner, it's time to start sprucing up the home. And here, we have picked up 10 amazing ways to decorate your home with all the glitz and glam but most importantly, with sustainable products or reusable alternatives.

Tealights And Glass Tealight Holder

1. How Tea-lightful!

Tealights And Dip Bowls

Tealights are a chic, inexpensive way of creating that gorgeous glow and a touch of magic for this festive season as the nights draw in. They radiate a tranquilizing aura, with a warm glow, and flicker of flame. Tealights can be placed on a centerpiece, balcony, or can be kept hanging. They can also successfully illuminate the Diwali special rangoli.

Crown Tealight Holder

Although there’s always an “aarti ki thaali” bedecked with flowers solely for the purpose of Diwali puja, what if we could ideate a much larger picture? A much larger aarti ki thaali! Yes. We have presented a table, garlanded with flowers, tea lights, and floral dip bowls- a unique set of decor. 

Dip Bowls And Tealights

So, dip bowls aren’t just dip bowls anymore, right? The dip bowls are shaped like blooming flowers, which adds up to the perfection of their usage in this setup.

Floral Dip Bowl And Tealight

2. Rose Over It

The tablescape is an incredibly important aspect of festive décor that can often go overlooked. Especially when you're hosting a Diwali party. Table linens, place settings, and centerpieces never seem trivial since who doesn't want to be the perfect host?

Table Linen And Table Mat

Welcoming the guests without a few roses is always a bad idea. Flowers are the constant mood fresheners. Here’s the twist! We have shaped our table linens as beautiful roses and saved the real ones to be admired in the garden, with other plants and flowers. 

Table Mats And Table Linen

3. Moonj-ing Over You

The moment you enter someone’s home on a festivity, the first thing you witness and which undeniably astounds your aesthetic senses is a rangoli. No matter how dull the day has been, a rangoli will act like a glowing constellation in the night sky, that you perceive, stand in awe, and let everyone be charmed by the beauty of. 

Moonj Plates

Here, we have framed something eccentric with the usual rangoli. Since we are talking about sustainability, we have called our special guest to help. Sustainable, artistic, and handwoven- all these call for our eye-catching combination of modern and classic, the Moonj wall plates. The precision of local artisans is presented on the beautifully woven Moonj natural grass, styled in vibrant hues. 

Moonj Plates

Just like the colored sand fabricating a rangoli, the vibrance of these Moonj plates when placed collectively in an alignment, be it floral or an abstract “alpona”, will emerge as the highlight of your Diwali party. This rangoli, too, needs the same amount of care and attention.

4. Wax-imum Happiness

Coasters And Votives

Coasters are the most common visual on a dining table. Coasters come in handy for so many occasions- while serving a glass of water, clicking an aesthetic photo of the decor, keeping daily trinkets, or simply styling dinnerware of a similar pattern. The ceramic coasters are a great addition to a pottery collection. They are hand-painted and have a traditional look to them, ideal for Diwali decor.

Coaster And Votive

Ceramic coasters can be an art piece for both indoor and outdoor spaces adding a sense of warmth to them. We have positioned vintage candle holders on round, Mediterranean-patterned coasters, radiating a chic vibe for the much-awaited Diwali party. Coasters may seem tiny and unnecessary but they add value to your decor and save you money by protecting surfaces. Pick one, pick all, you can never have too many coasters.

Candle Holders And Coaster

5. What You Are Rootin’ For!

Planters are usually the best decor objects if you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up much space but heightens the beauty of the room. Since planters can be of different styles, colours, shapes and patterns, one can easily pick 2-3 to suit the existing room decor. To talk about the versatility of these planters, we all can use them as an organizer or an accent piece as well. 

Sabai Planters

Handloomed Sabai Grass Planters are eco-friendly substitutes that include ample space for plant pots, brilliant hues that showcase a unique appearance, and additional functionality with zero tolerance for disposal of non-biodegradable components. When paired with blooming artificial flowers or plants, it becomes one of the main elements or props for getting the best festive decor click. 

Sabai Planter and Faux Plant

Sabai grass is utilized generally in home design, particularly in Indian homes where Sabai grass goods are admired for giving any living area a connection to nature. Every aspect of the home has a rustic aestheticism courtesy of the Sabai grass's natural coloring.

Sabai Planter And Faux Plant

6. A Flame-ous Affair

Floral Tealight Holder

If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly, rustic yet natural option for decor, Sabai is the ultimate go-to choice. The emphasis is not new, or is it? Handwoven with lots of love, the Sabai mats are ideal for shielding the surface of your table from hot cookware and dishes.

Sabai Mats And Tealights

But sabai mats aren’t just for that. How about we give them a chance to show their true versatility? Let the Sabai mats take the center stage, oh sorry! the center table by collaborating with the ethereal allure of tealights.   

Lotus Tealight

7. A Lil Bit Incense-itive

Indian culture is renowned for its myriad rituals and ceremonies that take place at residences, workplaces, or temples. Priests can be seen consuming camphor, incense, or dhoop while performing these ceremonies, among other rituals. There are many different uses of agarbatti across the world.

Incense Cone

Agarbatti burning revitalizes the heart and soul. The heavenly aroma of agarbatti cleanses the air and provides a sacred space conducive to prayer and meditation. The traditional incense sticks, cones or agarbattis, are made from a blend of organic fragrance oil and dough prepared from finely ground fragrant natural elements like herbs, spices, flowers, etc.

Incense Cone

Available in assorted fragrances of vanilla, mogra, lavender, lemongrass, and jasmine, our online store is already filled with the aroma of incense sticks and cones. 

8. The Last Drape

We have saved the most astounding Diwali setup for the end just like how the desserts are saved for the last, to seal the fine moments in a sweet ending. Imagine having an Instagrammable background, exclusively Diwali-themed, where people can’t stop clicking and posting. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Floral and Leafy Vines

Well, now your ideas can turn into reality with our floral, leafy vines. You must be wondering how, in the end, the entire theme of the blog shifted from eco-friendly to PVC vines. And the end is never truly an end when it has got no surprises.

Floral And Leafy Vine

Our theme of using PVC floral and leafy vines is to make them reusable. Instead of plucking flowers to bedeck the room, these will equally contribute to glamorizing the party decor. And, if you can’t find the guests or see them getting vanished, don’t worry, you will surely find them around the drapes, decorated with vines.

Floral And Leafy Vine

Just like every great show needs a curtain raiser, our curtains will be open to y’all for embracing the true festive aura. With the charm of twinkling lights and the freshness of evergreen vines, let the Diwali party go breathtaking and awesome!

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