Rain Or Shine: 7 Tips To Monsoon-Proof Your Home

July 07, 2023

Raindrops falling, a symphony outside your window, and the scent of freshly brewed chai in the air - it's monsoon season! But along with the magic of rain, the humid climate brings its own challenges to our home. So, brace yourself for a splash of creativity and a storm of style as we unveil the ultimate monsoon home decor guide! 

Cushion covers

Say 'no' to musty monsoon smells with the powerful magic of scented candles and enchanting potpourri, filling every nook and cranny with delightful fragrances that defy the rainy season blues. But that's not all! Let's paint your living space with the vibrant colours of the rainbow by adding eye-catching cushion covers, instantly transforming your home into a cheerful oasis. 

Scented candles

Don't let the humidity rain on your kitchen parade! Keep your supplies fresh and dry with airtight glass storage jars, protecting your favourite ingredients from the monsoon's mischievous ways. And when it comes to your floors, let's roll out the red carpet—or any colour you fancy—with stylish floor mats and area rugs that'll make you want to dance barefoot in the rain. 

Floor rugs

So, our fellow rain warriors, let's embrace the monsoon season with open arms and create a home decor masterpiece that defies the dampness of the outside world. Get ready for a monsoon experience like no other, where scented wonders, colourful cushions, glass jars, and cosy floor rugs reign supreme. Let the monsoon weather be your muse and let your home decor dance in the rain!

Glass storage jars

Top 7 Hacks For A Comfy Monsoon At Home

1. Turn Up The Fragrance Meter

The pitter-patter of raindrops, the earthy scent in the air— monsoon season is here! But along with the joy of rainy days comes the challenge of battling the musty monsoon smell that infiltrates our homes. Fear not, fellow rain lovers, for we have the perfect home decor solutions to transform your space into an aromatic haven!

Incense diffuser

Harness the power of scented candles, incense sticks, or dried potpourri to combat the dampness and create a refreshing ambience to uplift your spirits. These fragrant warriors banish the musty odours and infuse your rooms with delightful scents, turning gloomy days into sensory delights.

Scented candles

Embrace the monsoon weather with scented candles flickering like fireflies, casting a warm glow that makes you want to snuggle up with a book. Ignite incense sticks that waft through the air, transporting you to a mystical sanctuary. Or opt for dried potpourri, a colourful blend of flowers and herbs, releasing their tantalising aroma into every corner.

Incense sticks

Say goodbye to the humidity and let your senses indulge in the magic of scented wonders. Create an oasis of freshness that defies the moisture in the air. Remember to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when using scented candles, incense sticks, or any other open flames inside your home.

2. Beat The Monsoon Blues With Colours

As the raindrops tap against your windowpane, it's time to unleash the power of vibrant hues and banish those monsoon blues! Say goodbye to dull and dreary room decor and embrace a kaleidoscope of colours that will uplift your spirits during the rainy season.

Soft furnishings

Enter the saviours of style: cushion covers! These versatile wonders are here to transform your home decor game. Swap out your plain and monotone covers for a burst of colour that defies the grey skies. Think bold reds, sunny yellows, ocean blues, and lush greens - the possibilities are endless!

Sofa cushions

With a simple switch of cushion covers, your living room can be reborn with joyous energy. Snuggle up on a cosy sofa adorned with vibrant pillows, instantly brightening your space and chasing away those monsoon clouds. Let the colours dance and weave their magic, infusing every corner with a sense of warmth and cheer.

Printed cushion covers

So, fellow rain enthusiasts, let's dive into a sea of hues and conquer the monsoon season with our weapon of choice: cushion covers! Don't let the rain dampen your spirits; instead, splash your home with a pop of colour that defies the humidity and brings sunshine to your soul. Embrace the monsoon weather with open arms and let your room decor radiate with the vibrant charm of cosy and colourful cushion covers. Let the rainbow reign supreme!

3. Textures Make Monsoon Cosy

It's time to give your feet the tender loving care they deserve during the monsoon season. Say goodbye to stepping on cold, wet floors and embrace the cosy comfort of floor rugs! These fabulous home decor additions will not only keep your feet dry but also add a touch of style to your space.

Floor rug

As the rain brings with it the inevitable humidity, floor rugs become your trusty allies in the battle against moist floors. Choose soft and plush rugs that provide a barrier between your feet and the dampness lurking below. Let your toes sink into the luxurious fibres, and instantly feel the warmth and cosiness envelop you.

Area carpets

Floor rugs also elevate your room decor game, adding texture, colour, and personality to your space. Opt for bold patterns or vibrant hues that brighten up the rainy days. Transform your living room or bedroom into a haven where you can walk barefoot without a worry.

Area rug

So, fellow rain enthusiasts, let's bid farewell to soggy feet and hello to snug underfooting! Embrace the monsoon weather with cosy floor rugs that banish the moisture in the air and keep your feet happy. With the right rugs in place, you can conquer the humidity and turn your space into a monsoon oasis of comfort and style!

4. Soggy Snacks Are A Big No-No 

Don't let the monsoon rains dampen your snacking game! It's time to outsmart the humidity and protect your beloved munchies with airtight glass jars. These little heroes of home decor are here to keep your snacks fresh and crispy amidst the rainy season.

Glass jars

Bid farewell to soggy chips and stale cookies! With glass jars with lids or small mason jars, you can create a barrier against the moisture in the air. Say hello to crunchy delights that will tantalize your taste buds, rain or shine.

Cookie jars

Not only do these glass jars with lids keep your snacks in pristine condition, but they also add a touch of charm to your room decor. Arrange a delightful display of glass storage jars on your kitchen shelves or countertops, turning your snacking corner into a visually appealing space.

Glass mason jars

So, our fellow snack enthusiasts, let's embrace the monsoon weather and keep our munchies safe and sound! Fill those airtight glass jars with your favourite treats, seal in the freshness, and indulge in crispy delights. With the right jars in place, you can outsmart the humidity and savour the joy of snacking, even amidst the dampness of the rainy season. Get ready to snack with confidence!

5. Fresh Spices & Pulses For Tasty Khichdi

Step into the monsoon season armed with two powerful allies: bay leaves and cloves! These aromatic wonders will keep your kitchen staples fresh and dry amidst the humid and damp weather. Picture this: pulses stored in airtight glass jars or glass containers for kitchen, snug and protected from the moisture in the air. 

Glass jars

Add a secret weapon by tucking a few bay leaves in each jar. These magical leaves not only infuse a delightful aroma but also act as natural moisture absorbers, keeping your pulses fresh and mould-free for making a yummy pot of khichdi to relish during the rainy weather.

Spice jars

And let's not forget about salt and sugar! Keep these essential ingredients dry by storing them in handy storage jars or small mason jars with lids. Place a couple of cloves inside and witness their moisture-fighting prowess. Cloves act as natural desiccants, warding off any potential clumps and ensuring your salt and sugar remain perfectly granulated.

So, my kitchen conquerors, let's celebrate the monsoon season with these clever hacks! Embrace the power of bay leaves and cloves, transforming your kitchen into a sanctuary of freshness. With these aromatic allies by your side, you can outsmart the humidity and keep your staples in top-notch condition. Get ready to unleash the flavours and conquer the dampness of the rainy season!

Condiment jars

6. Mould & Mildew Ruin The Mood

Let's face it, the monsoon season brings not only rain but also its pesky friends— mould and mildew. But fear not, for we have a simple yet effective weapon to keep them at bay and maintain a fresh and clean kitchen.

Kitchen shelves

Introducing the humble kitchen towel or hand towel, your trusty sidekick in the battle against moisture. These soft and absorbent wonders are here to wipe away the threat of mould and dry up any lingering dampness.

Kitchen towels

As the rain pours outside, grab your trusty towel and give your kitchen shelves a wipe-down. Ensure your glass containers are thoroughly dried to prevent any pesky mould from making an appearance. By keeping surfaces clean and dry, you'll create a mould-free haven that's as fresh as the monsoon breeze.

Hand towels

So, my fellow kitchen superheroes, let's don our capes, or rather, kitchen towels, and conquer the monsoon season! With these absorbent allies by your side, you can keep mould and mildew at bay maintaining a clean and inviting kitchen. Bid adieu to the menace of moisture and embrace a home decor haven that defies the dampness of the rainy season. Get ready to wipe away the worries and revel in a mould-free sanctuary!

7. Cold & Cough Make The Monsoon Rough

Rainy days are delightful, but the after-effects of getting drenched can leave us vulnerable to coughs and colds. Fear not, our rain-loving friends, for we have the perfect home decor solutions to keep you healthy and cosy during the monsoon season!

Floor mat

As you step into your abode, grab a soft and absorbent bath towel. Give yourself a thorough drying to bid farewell to any lingering moisture. Wrap yourself in its warm embrace, shielding yourself from the chilly air and ensuring a cough-free existence.

Cotton towel

But that's not all! The battle against post-rain woes continues with trusty floor mats. Place them near your entrance, ready to greet your wet and weary feet. Step onto their welcoming surface, and let them work their magic, absorbing the moisture and leaving your floors dry and slip-free.

Floor mat

So, let's stay healthy and happy this monsoon season by embracing the power of towels and mats, ensuring a dry and cosy home. Defy the dampness and say goodbye to coughs and colds. With the right home decor allies, you can revel in the rain's delights while keeping the sniffles at bay. Get ready to dry off, step in, and enjoy a monsoon full of warmth and wellness!

Door mat

Embrace the monsoon season with creativity and practicality in your home decor. From scented wonders to colourful accents, airtight storage to cosy comforts, and towels to mats, create a sanctuary that defies the challenges of the rainy season. Let your home be a sanctuary of warmth, style, and wellness all through the drizzles and downpours!

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