Peppy Planters and Faux Florals: A Match Made in Heaven

April 09, 2022

“Just living is not enough…One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Faux florals have become the ideal solution for enhancing those odd corners. Artificial flowers and leaves have become more popular as a way of adding greenery to the interiors. The faux option may not have been too popular among those with a green thumb, but these artificial plants have come a long way since their inception and are available in a variety of realistic selections. Manufactured with exceptional quality silk, Nestasia’s range of faux florals has the obvious advantage of looking fresh all year round. The flowers also give your home a vivid and earthy feel.

Artisanal Flower Vase

Gifts for any and every occasion

Let pretty flowers never dull their shine. Yes, that’s possible when faux florals are the option. Give a bouquet of aesthetic pastel-hued roses and pair them with artificial green leaf stems to assemble the perfect gift for your loved ones. Be it a festive occasion, anniversaries, or a formal event, faux flowers and leaves are the fastest and easiest solution.

The silken petals add vibrancy and colour creating an ensemble that shall never dry out. The memories and gestures will leave a permanent impression as the long-lasting flowers shall remain in their true glory for years to come. Isn't there someone in your life who deserves flowers - beautiful, vibrant, mood-lifting flowers? It's not necessary to wait for a specific occasion like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day to show someone you care.

Aesthetic Roses

Choosing flowers based on their favourite colours or something that can relate to their favourite memory, can make the gift more special. It’s not just about giving flowers - but flowers which can mean something.

Is their favourite movie “Eat, Pray, Love”? They might love an arrangement of Artificial Green Leafy Stems in varying designs from the one-stop-shop destination of Nestasia. The greens will be a breath of fresh air and provide a fresh start of inspiration as it did for Elizabeth while she cycled through the vibrant green fields.

Artificial Leafy Greens

Do they love football? An arrangement of artificial flowers in the colours of their favourite team with tickets to a game attached is guaranteed to brighten their day and be the kickstart to the best of times.

Peony Flower

Is music their thing? Choose an arrangement based on the lyrics of their favourite song. Flowers can express a wide range of emotions, including love, congratulations, and sympathy. Even if you are unable to find the appropriate words to convey yourself, a bouquet of roses, daffodils, or carnations can speak volumes on your behalf. Whether they like pop, rock, country, or R&B songs, flowers relating to the lyrics will help you celebrate their beauty. Some examples to encourage your creativity - If they’re fond of the iconic track ‘Bed of Roses’ by Bon Jovi, you can give an assortment of our Silk Rose Flower, Rose Bouquet, Rose Stems, Artificial Rose Flower and Artificial Rose Blooms.

Silk Rose Flower

If their favourite superhero is Spiderman, ‘Sunflower’ must be their go-to song when they need to bop their head to a catchy tune. Pair the colourful Sunflower bouquet with leafy greens to create a summer gift vibe that’s not only a lovely gesture but adds a pop of colour to the ambience.

Artificial Sunflower

Say adieu to those allergies

Longer, brighter days, bluer sky, and flowering plants everywhere herald the advent of summer. It also means the start of the dreaded summer allergies. The itchy eyes and runny nostrils can be a source of misery for many people throughout the summer months. While you can't get away from the pollen outside, you may create an allergy-free haven in your own house without sacrificing the beauty of flowers.

Round Ceramic Flower Pot With Plate

Nestasia’s range of faux flowers is a boon for nature enthusiasts. So, if you are thinking of gifting your loved ones a flower bouquet, consider switching to the hypoallergenic faux option. Artificial plants and flowers have all of the splendour of real flowers without the disturbance of pesky pollen. 

While fresh-cut tulips in a glass vase on the table are always gorgeous, the pollen you're bringing along with the flowers, into your home will aggravate any allergies you may have. Instead, go for a simple, homey design like our faux tulip arrangement with contrasting maroon berry stems to mix and match it up.

Ombre Jar Vase

Vases at your service

The faux florals need a home too, and one that makes them stand out. Nestasia’s range of vases is not only a fresh addition to the décor but also pairs up exquisitely with artificial plants. The delicate petals have their own beauty to showcase, hence, placing them in minimalistic vases will bring focus to each of their unique elements. Available in eye-pleasing hues of grey, black, blue and rustic brown, pairing up contrasting flowers is a go-to décor idea. Place it on your bedside table for a cheerful early morning greeting, or on the centre table to give a picturesque welcome to guests.

Dark Blue Ribbed Vase

The vases exhibit true grace as they’re moulded with care and have sleek structures that are sure to leave one filled with awe. Ranging from abstract builts to graceful geometric structures, the vases are ideal for modernising one’s home. Drawing inspiration from the earthen tones of clay and the bright blue hues of the sky, artisans have crafted the vases with care and precision so that you can’t help but look twice to admire them.

Textured Hollow Flower Pot

Planters to make ‘em pop

Mix and match planters to create an array that looks hard to miss. Too busy to water your greens? Pick varied faux florals and create an arrangement in the contemporarily designed planters. Featuring patterns including hypnotic diamonds, waves as calm as the sea, lustrous gold details for a dash of opulence, you choose and we’ve got your back! The planters have chosen a modernistic approach to arrive at your home and ensure that those pretty artificial flowers get their perfect pair. Available in sizes of many, the planters in hues of black, white, peach, blue and gold are there to suit your tastes, no matter how different they are.

Textured Plant Pot

It’s vital to keep in mind that the flower arrangement doesn’t fall off the planter and that your hard work doesn’t go in vain. The best approach to filling planters with artificial flowers is with foam blocks. The amazing thing about foam blocks is how simply they can be filled. Furthermore, the flowers you add will remain in place. We recommend going to the flower market and purchasing a handful of foam blocks to cover the insides of the planter, as you've probably seen one in your local flower shop. You'd be shocked at how many different kinds of foam blocks there are. This may complicate the selection process, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Blue And White Diamond Pot

Decorating one’s home with greens is a creative hobby for many people. However, that creative spark does not always come easily. Toss a few colourful planters into the mix if you want to liven up your corner. This is a simple method to give your faux green oasis more personality and style. Planters are the simplest way to add a splash of colour and intrigue to any environment. The convenience of using planters to construct a garden is that you may move and rearrange them as you choose. If you change your mind about where you want a pot in your living room, you can easily pick it up or roll it to a different location.

Gold Plant Pot

As real as it gets

We've all experienced the struggles of missing out on seasonal flowers and being unable to adorn our homes with them. When that is the case, there are few things that can compare in terms of delight. An artificial bloom of your favourite seasonal flower, on the other hand, can achieve this. This is just another benefit of purchasing them rather than fresh flowers. We can make them at any time because they're made of PU silk and PVC. This eliminates the seasonality of the product and makes it available all year round.

Faux Flora Stem

Nestasia’s range of exquisite faux florals and leaves are so realistic, that you may have to trace the petals to figure out if they are real or artificial. Whether it's a vibrant and dramatic colour or pastel and delicate hues, the beauty of your plant lies in its blossoms or leaves’ colour. The leaf stems feature a colour that ranges from a beautiful emerald green to forest green with realistic strokes highlighting the veins which can be seen in natural leaves. The artificial flowers and leaves are pragmatically designed, keeping in mind that there should be a touch of realistic greenery in your home.

Artificial Flowers

Faux flowers are easy to maintain and don’t require too much of your time except for the occasional dusting. Sometimes you may have your plate full and aren’t ready for that plant-care commitment, but if you were hesitant to get faux plants, consider this the go-ahead! We hope we have encouraged you about all the possibilities artificial plants can lend your space!

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