Nestasia's Journey

September 22, 20191 comment
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  • What defines Nestasia?

  • We are a melting pot of cultures and homes of the world. We get quality decor products manufactured across South East Asia to bring unique designs in a variety of materials. The best way to define Nestasia is, it is an amalgamation of stories from across the world reflected in our products. 


    founder image exhibition photo nestasia

    Our first ever exhibit when we said to the world, we exist!


  • How it all started?

  • Nestasia was conceptualised on travels across South East Asia. We noticed that each country had a unique culture that we felt like bringing back home. The colours, the skilled artisans, the bio-friendly materials and the vibe, all urged us to start Nestasia.  



    Lights and lanterns market; Heritage temple site

    Cultural and Design sensibilities of the world

  • What were some of the biggest challenges you faced initially?

    Doing business with people from across the world is both challenging and exciting at the same time. Initial challenges like the language barrier, managing a business in India while staying overseas came in the way. But positive reception from our customers kept us going, kept Nestasia going actually and helped us brave through the challenges with elan.

    unboxing    ceramics factory

    Unboxing; Women conversing at a workshop

    Packing station for fragile products


    Ceramics sample products display; Drying racks for products


  • What is the best part about running Nestasia?

  • We work with hundreds of artisans and factories. To watch the artisans earn a livelihood through their craft is truly heartwarming. On the other side, once the finished goods are brought home, our customers' acknowledgement means the world to us. It's a happy moment not just for us, but also for the artisans, when someone decorates their home with Nestasia and shares their story with us! 


     girl handpainting vase  ceramic factory

    Girl hand painting a ceramic vase; Master potters preparing glaze  


    Ceramic cup and jars samples 


  • Which is the most popular collection on the website currently?

  • Each collection on the website is unique. We celebrate the craftsmanship of the artisans and curate with a lot of love. Our attractively priced bamboo collection has done exceptionally well with natural handmade bowls and trays. The lacquer lustre range with trays and boxes has been a total sell out with many bestsellers. With our new introduction of cotton throws in soft furnishings, we see an overwhelming response!   


    throw blankets    bamboo bowls
    Stacked throw blankets; Bamboo bowl glazed and dried


  • Who are your customers?

    Our products are crafted to serve the needs of people from different age groups with different tastes. We offer our collections to retail customers online through our website and our different social media platforms. We also have B2B partnerships with standalone boutique decor stores throughout India.


    A colour for everyone!

  • What are Nestasia’s future plans?

  • We want to do all things home!! We have a lot of exciting things planned. We're going international!! Yes, you heard it right. We'll be starting exports to countries outside of India.

    We're also planning to cover more regions like Africa and the Middle East to bring in more products. Expect new product ranges like office decor, kids decor and even DIY kits. Our main aim is to provide our customers with creative relevant collections. 


    rug round  lantern
    Rugs, Lanterns
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    Pranjal Agrawal on September 30, 2019

    Nestasia’s journey is heartwarming. Thank you for sharing it. The products that you put forward are unique and truly beautiful.

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