Nestasia's 10 Tips For Festive Decor

October 19, 2022

Festivities are a time to spruce up and decorate the homes to make your abode appear tidy and fresh. It's crucial that the house looks cheery and bright for the festival of lights and of course, to cheer up your loved ones. Add festive accents and traditional decor with a modern twist for Diwali to your home. We bring to you some frequently asked questions regarding festive decorations that will help you completely transform the ambience. These home decoration ideas can also be used as a final checklist to get you and your home festival ready.

1. Should there be a theme colour for Diwali decor?

Diwali is all about colours and light. To bring in the festive mood, up the colour quotient as much as possible. From colourful bedding to vibrant cushions, from luxe curtains to rugs, replace the neutrals with bright, glittery reds, blues, and yellows. And don’t forget the rangoli for some beautiful blend of colours that will brighten your doorway and entrance.

Cushions, throws and rugs

2. Is there a simple way to revamp the interiors before Diwali?

This may sound like a difficult task to move the furniture here and there but trust us, just changing the location of your furniture can add the much-required change in your house. It may add more space to the room and even make the interior look completely different.

3. Are there any alternatives to flower garlands for festive decoration?

We have a range of artificial flower vines and artificial leaf vines that can be intertwined around the ledge or surrounded around the doorframe. The flower vines feature rose flower vines, wisteria flowers, and even exotic sakura blossoms. The artificial leaf vines look realistic with their detailed veined pattern and vibrant green colour. You can decorate the Puja place with these artificial flower vines to add more permanency to the decor. This will also minimise the post-Puja cleaning.

4. What are some cost-effective decor options for Diwali?

Revamp the interiors through cost-effective soft furnishings for Diwali. Change your cushion covers and opt from Nestasia a wide range of traditional and comfortable cushion covers. The handcrafted cushion covers with mirror work embroidery will add a traditional beauty to the interior. The quilted velvet cushion covers are extremely comfortable and soft to the touch, and can brighten up the interior with their vibrant colour options. 

Choose a rug of your choice and add it to the living room to create a cozy ambience, that’ll surely impress the guests. Our handwoven and hand-knotted rugs will add a unique element to your room.

5. What are some tips for styling the table this festive season?

Bring out the grand and luxurious crockery during festivities, whether it’s for serving evening snacks and sweets or for the main course lunch or dinner. Opt for gold-rimmed crockery that adds a lustrous element to the dining setup. Our Aurelea collection is adorned with intricate gold detailing, consisting of crockery that makes for a luxurious dining setup. 

The crockery from the Elysian collection, and Cara collection feature gold detailing that is the perfect addition to the dining setup for a festive dining setup. These pieces of crockery go along with the festive mood of great pomp and show and are the perfect dishes to present those festive special cuisines.

6. How do I declutter the home before Diwali?

Organisers are a great way to declutter the home. They help keep essentials in a more organised way so that it’s easy to find, while also keeping the space clean. Our wooden caddies and multi-tiered storage organisers are a great way to organise in the kitchen or on the tabletop. Our pouch sets are the luxe additions that are a must to organise cosmetics or keep documents and stationery. The cylindrical ceramic organisers can be placed on the dining table to organise cutlery. These simple and stylish additions will get your home neat, tidy and festive ready.

7. How should I decorate my home’s entrance for Diwali?

The mandatory decoration for your home’s entrance is a traditional rangoli, which can be filled with coloured rice, coloured sand or flower petals. Place tealights into our glass tealight holders or embellished metal tealight holders and place them on the rangoli to beautifully decorate the home’s entrance. Go for tealight holders in different colours as the more colourful you make your rangoli, the brighter it’ll look. Colours and lights are the primary elements to amp up the festive mood and decorating the entrance with such bright colours with invite prosperity into your home and cheer up your guests.

8. How do I deviate from a traditional decor this Diwali?

You can opt for a neutral-themed decor that can consist of our clay vases, paired with dried pampas. Serve beverages to guests in grey or transparent-toned glassware for a modernist and contemporary addition to the home. With Diwali, it’s mandatory to light up the ambience, so go for some white or off-white fragrant votives from Nestasia’s collection. You can also decorate the entrance with artificial leaf vines intertwined with a jasmine flower garland.

9. Do I have other decor options if wall hangings aren't my cup of tea?

You may not want to go for wall hangings as they require hooks that may tamper with the wall’s finishing. You can instead place flower vases on the table against the wall to cover up the space. You can also hang fairy lights, flower vines or flower garlands vertically from the curtain rail.

10. How should I decorate the Puja room for the festivities?

Intertwine fairy lights and our artificial flower vines to decorate the puja room. This will add a colourful element to the decor and also brighten up the ambience. Surround the area with tea lights placed in our tealight holders that are embellished with ornamental stones and even dried flowers. 

Lotus symbolize purity and strength, and the Lotus hangings in the puja room will make for the perfect start to the auspicious occasion. The gorgeous ornamentation on the wall will make the room look truly divine and all decked up for Diwali.

We hope the Question and Answer session with Nestasia has pretty much cleared all your doubts regarding the festive decoration. Feel free to come up with your own unique ideas, but don’t forget to share them with us.



1. What are the best DIY home décor items for Diwali?
A: If you're hosting a Diwali party at home, our DIY papercrafts will lend you a hand to welcome the guests with pastel-coloured textured gift boxes that can be easily folded and filled with lots of love and candies. Our 3D wall stickers are also a go-to option to deck up the empty white walls with some metallic magic.

2. Which are the best traditional home décor ideas for Diwali?
A: Nestasia's wide range of decor has been made larger by including some amazing festive decor like Peach Lotus Tea Light Candle Holder Set Of 4, White Lotus Tea Light Holder Set Of 4, Rose Tea Light Holder Sets of various soothing shades, Floral Embellished Wall Hanging Set Of 2, and many more.

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