Must Haves in the Bakeware Cupboard

June 08, 2022

Baking, a sweet, sweet remedy to any dull, boring day. As a cherry on top, it is therapeutic as well, isn’t it? Oh, to enter a room that smells of freshly baked bread and cream-filled croissants, it is every sweet-toothed fanatics' dream come true!

Bakeware Cupboard

If you have heard of the term ‘petrichor’, then this can be your baking petrichor. But it isn't an easy task, the calculation of a scientist, concentration of a chess player, and love of grandma, you'll need it all. What makes it easy is having all the essentials at the tip of your finger.

Pink Oval Baking Tray 6 Inch

Pour, Whisk, Blend! If this is your mantra? Then meet your new best friend- an array of quintessential bakeware. No matter whether you love the smell of sugary muffins, or drool over a cheesy lasagna, the world of baking is a family of all.


When your To-Do List is scribbled with a shopping day, your favorite corner must be the fancy and elementary baking items aisle. It's time to put on the ‘Bake my day’ apron and take out all types of flour from the kitchen cabinet to cook a delicious cheesecake oreo. Well, if you take a Buzzfeed quiz of what may be your alter personality, be rest assured the answer will be-a baking maestro!

Pink Baking Plate 6 Inch

And, if you and your bestie bond over baking and cooking, or may love the smell of freshly baked cookies, then Nestasia’s variety of ceramic bakeware is the ultimate online gift shop to deck up the modern kitchen cupboard.


Baking can undoubtedly be a hobby, as well as a passion to follow and make a livelihood out of it. Our range of bakeware is best suited for both. 

Pink Baking Pan 6 Inch

Taking a stroll at a nearby lane will take you across many cutesy bakeries, the smell of fresh banana bread, pie dishes, biscoff cheesecake, cheesy garlic bread, piquant pizzas, cookies, and a hundred flavors of pastries will surely lure you. So, beware!

Disclaimer: Reading this content might cause you sudden craving that will be too difficult to resist. 


All these mouthwatering discoveries are incomplete without modern and essential baking tools. Baker’s yeast, baking powder, a baking bible, a bake it easy guide book- you will need it all, don't worry your assistant- YouTube and its cooking cake and baked with love videos, will help you in every step of the way.

Much like the friends of Bob the builder, and how they help him, cheering 'Yes, you can do it!', your all-new bake squad- measuring cups and spoons, mesh sieve, cutter, and knives, baking pans of round, square, oval, and rectangular shapes, baking pots, trays, and platters, cake pans, whisk, spatula, scraper, will walk out of the bakeware close for assistance. The boss of the baking gang (you, of course), however, will be the cherry on top.

Red Baking Bowl With Handle

1. Measuring Cup and Spoon

Measuring Cup

Measuring cups and spoons are a must-have in every baker's toolkit. They'll assist you with accurately measuring both wet and dry ingredients, assuring that your recipes are perfect to the T in the most fabulous way. The most important ones are- ½ cup, ⅓ cup, and ¼ cup, and a tablespoon, teaspoon, and ½ teaspoon. 

Measuring Spoons

2. Baking Bowl or Pot

Pink Scalloped Baking Bowl

Pot recipes are captivating the world with their own magic. You might think pots are for either boiling water or for cooking a huge serving of meat at a dinner party. Did you know (definitely, not a FAQ) that pots can also be used for baking and making yum yum desserts? There, caught you drooling! 

Yellow Scalloped Ramen Bowl

From fudgy chocolate cake to pumpkin pies, the instant baking recipes can all be settled and served in a potPot cheesecake New York style, baked Alaska, Hispanic Arroz Con Leche, you see the pots are going on a world tour!  Our brand new ceramic scalloped baking bowls are no less. The bowls have an amazing texture and a spacious heart to hold you bake with love.  They are available in bluewhiteblack, and pink so you can take your favourite pick. 

Yellow Scalloped Ramen Bowl

The scalloped baking bowls provide ample space for a sizzling dance of flavors. The scallops are tangy, mildly sweet, and buttery, having a comfortable texture, so tasty that you might find yourself shellfish and ask, ‘One more, please?’ Much like those, the scalloped bowls too are a master of baking sweet desserts and buttery entrées. Out of all, the most popularly voted would be a hot, saucy bowl of spaghetti. 

8 inches Pink Scalloped Bowl with Lid

Pot twist! It will cost only a few minutes. Add a spoon of salt and boil the water, dry the spaghetti, put it in a scalloped baking bowl along with sauce (homemade sauce is the best, no doubt), creamy pesto, cheese that’s layered or grated, and seasonings, and Tada! Your delectable pot of spaghetti is ready. For all the meat lovers, don’t forget to add meatballs, pepperoni, or chunks of meat. Ending on a pot-lucky note, the ceramic scalloped pots are available with a lid that will keep your spaghetti warm for a long. Nom nom!

Scalloped Pot with Lid

3. Mesh Sieve/ Sifter


Now it's time to move on to the next category of baking necessities: ingredients! Almost every baking recipe calls for flour as a binding agent. And, the only thing which churns out the easy to blend particles of flour is (drumroll please!) Sieve.  It's also known as a sifter in the baking zone. You'll need all-purpose white flour, but you must have a sieve on hand. Brownie points if it's a mesh sieve. Nowadays even electronic ones are available, so you can take a chill pill.

Flour Sifter

4. Parchment Paper/ Aluminum Foil

Baking Paper

You don't want to take a lovely batch of cookies out of the oven only to discover that they're stuck to the pan. Crisis can be averted by making sure you have parchment paper and aluminum foil on hand before you begin. Place it on the tray or bowl before pouring the cake mix and then, put it in the baking oven.

Baking Paper

5. Whisk And Spatula 


If you're a baker, you're probably already familiar with these tools. A spatula is one of the most crucial cake mixing equipment for 'folding in' flour mixture when preparing batter.

Silicone Spatula

It can be used to scrape or gather batter that has splattered on the edges of a basin or container during baking a cake, and whisks to combine ingredients such as flour, sugar, baking powder, milk, and other liquids. To stir, to swirl, whisks and spatula dance in full flair.


6. Baking Tray

Yellow Baking Tray 8 Inch

The kitchen assistants that’ll be your Joey and Chandler while baking, definitely are the ceramic baking plates and trays. Available in a modern and minimalist white interior, the plates and trays are not just for serving in style but to cook in elegance. 

Yellow Baking Tray 8 Inch

Jam-filled cookies, flavored biscuits, cheese overloading lasagna, and mac ‘n cheese, your grubbing session can be plated with love in these trays and plates with our range of cutters.  

Yellow Baking Tray 8 Inch

The ceramic baking dishes are formed in shapes of rectangle, oval, and square with varied lengths of 6, 7, and 8 inches to suit every baker’s taste. Dressed in pastel summer hues of white, blue, pink, yellow, or a stylish black, the baking plates and trays come with handles for easy grip while lifting.

Yellow Baking Tray 8 Inch

The baking trays without handles are a compulsory addition if you’re looking for a flat layered cake with designed sides. A wave-like feature would add a touch of Midas to the fruity cake if you’re planning for a season’s special.

Yellow Baking Tray 8 Inch

The blunt edges will help to take the cake out of the tray in no time. The high-quality ceramic, blended in it, is a bonus to keep the product usable for a long time. 

Yellow Baking Tray 8 Inch

7. Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter

Making fancy cookies with cookie cutters is a fun way to celebrate different festivals and events. Make the best cutout cookies, whether you're preparing daily cookies or baking for a special occasion. 

Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutters are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Use firm cutters that will keep their curve and form when you apply pressure for the best results.

Cookie Cutter
8. Grill Platter 

Grill Platters

An ardent baker, who can be a novice or an expert needs all tools handy to create the perfect masterpiece. Whether it’s delicious spongy cake or cheesy savory dishes, Nestasia’s array of bakeware is the kitchen bestie well deserved that’ll help you curate the most delish of dishes.

Teal Tantrum Grill Platter

The bakeware is hand-picked due to its ease of use, and high-quality construction, and will last for years to come. But hey, don't you worry! We are here to simply advise you on what you need and why the ideal dish will lead to noticeable differences- time to be proud and give yourself a pat on back. Bake tangy hot dogs, cheesy fries, and chicken with creamy mushroom sauce.

Pink Grill Platter

The Grill Platter is well spread to place dishes evenly. The textured surface of the platter makes grilling and baking a breeze, ensuring that all those nooks and corners get cooked evenly with equal heat distribution. The grill platter is not only the go-to bakeware for the kitchen cupboard but also doubles as a serving platter.

Sunny Side Up Yellow Grill Platter

The shape of the oval baking dish makes for an easy fit into the oven while the handles allow ease in holding with oven mitts in place. More into minimal designs and setups? Go for the Black Berry or Snow White grill platters. The singular tones are sober and will blend into a modern contemporary kitchen or tablescape.

Black Berry Grill Platter

However, if vibrant popping colors steal your eye then the yellow, orange, red and teal-colored bakeware will help you to ensure that your ambiance equates to your cheery mood while baking. Pastels are always on trend so why not get yourself the Blue Muffin and Very Berry pink grilling bakeware.

9. Ramekin Bowls

Pudding Bowl

So much flavour-gasm and no sweet ending? Impossible! 

Getting along with the rainy weather calls for a drooling warm chocolate pudding. And if it’s a bright sunny day, a berry-licious cupcake with a chilling glass of fruit juice is definitely your starter pack. The intrinsically patterned and textured pudding bowls from our latest collection are then a must-have.

Sunshine Yellow Textured Pudding Bowl

Baker man, baker woman, what color do you choose? To answer that you might feel yourself losing in a rainbow of cool bluesunshine yellowplayful pink, and white truffle. It’s all in the pud! Some of the puddings that are an immediate, drooling experimentation are citrus passion fruit pudding, caramel apple pudding, white chocolate raspberry pudding, and our all-time favorite, rice pudding, all can be baked in love with the pudding bowls.

Ceramic Pudding Bowls

The Ramekin bowls won't be a turtle in the race, or hare is it? Especially not the newly launched white ramekin bowl in our collection. The multi-purpose ceramic ramekin bowl can be your faithful assistant in not just serving but baking and cooking. Beautiful, decadent cupcakes and cheese, tomato sauce-infused recipes can be worked out in the bowl. 

Ceramic Pudding Bowl

The texture of the ceramic bowl allows a good grip and an added design to the bake. Top it up with berries or choco chips or drizzle some cheese while serving. Don’t forget to grab a pretty pair of mittens with the purchase of a white textured ramekin bowl. Thanks for pudding up!

10. Plating with Square Baking Platter

Square Baking Trays

The food you serve becomes more appetizing and yum with excellent plating, whether you're hosting a dinner party or a family gathering. Cuisine that is properly plated appeals to the senses of sight, smell, and taste at the same time, which is why how your food appears is just as essential as how it tastes. Making great meals is the easiest with these ceramic square baking trays

White Baking Tray

Whether it’s baking to uplift your mood after a long week or treating your loved ones to your signature candies or cookies, the trays with their flat lay and raised wavy rims are a true star-studded addition to one’s crockery collection.

Black Berry Square Baking Tray

Create win-win party snacks like oven-baked cheesy nachos, choco-chip cookies, rice crispy treats, caramel-filled chocolates, sponge candies, and more. Use measuring spoons to correctly measure the ingredients and mix ‘em up in a bowl to create the perfect batter. When poured into the tray, the mixture spreads evenly, preventing you from any further hassle. 

White Square Baking Pan

Season your meal right in the square baking dish before serving to ensure that the food retains its freshness and flavor. If added too quickly, ingredients like oil or salt can cause food to cook, melt, or clump. Give your dish a spray of oil or water if it starts to dry out before serving. A hint, if it's a cake, to make it more mouthwatering: Mix chocolate sauce and melted butter in a bowl and pour it over the cake for a savory sigh with each bite.

Snow White Square Baking Tray 8 inches

The ceramic platters are available in colors black, blue, white, and pink. The Very Berry and Blue Muffin bakeware vary in sizes from 6 inches to 8 inches to suit a baking enthusiast’s needs and choice of dish. The baking dishes are suitable for any modern kitchen and not only help with baking but may also be used to serve baked goodies on the table countertops.

White Square Baking Pan

If you're making a dish with broth or sauce, make sure you add the liquid shortly before serving. You might find it useful to utilize a recipe that includes a photo of the final meal as a reference. As you gain confidence, you'll be able to apply your newly gained abilities and imagination to create your own plating miracles. Bon appetit! Happy Baking!

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