Monsoon Table Setting Idea For Outdoor Tea Party

June 23, 2022

Outdoor setups are the new ‘I love to spend time with myself’, ‘Dates with mom or dad’ and ‘Couple who loves to discover new food joints together, stay together'. Ideas of the outdoor setting are trending worldwide. From parties to buffets, everything is now planned in an outdoor setting. We all love to explore new cafes and restaurants, isn’t it?  Taro Leaf CollectionRooftops- we look for them when visiting any new place, before even reading the reviews. With a fresh, cool breeze and a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding, outdoor setups are a win-win with a few little things- decorative lighting, comfy seating arrangements, and most importantly, the company of loved ones. Taro Leaf Table SetupThe arrival of the monsoon is near. A season of rainfall, thunder, and lightning- that’s how we remember monsoon, right? Well, it will be quite astonishing to hear that it’s one of the best seasons for an outdoor arrangement. Why? You may ask. Just when summer bids us goodbye, the monsoon makes an appearance to relieve us from the scorching heat. The invigorating atmosphere with cool, breezy weather when it's just about to rain sounds too perfect for sipping tea in comfort. Taro Leaf Collection“Ain’t a party like an outdoor party”, yes you’re absolutely correct. And, the easiest party to deck up is a tea party. Every now and then, catching up with friends is needed. Especially, when your best friend is in town for a few days. A tingling might lead your mind to unleash the ultimate party decorator side of yours. But how to make it perfect in such a short time? We present to you our elementary guide to make your monsoon special. Happy to help!

Check this video out to inspire your inner Kate Sharma:1. Select a solid color to match the theme of the tea partyTable MatsA party without a proper color theme, can you imagine? A splish splash of every color at every corner might overwhelm the guests while being too loud. Deciding a color is the foremost step to organize a marvelous outdoor event. A red or green with a white, a blue with a yellow- so many combinations to try but a white and black is a big no-no. Table ClothGuests will be praising the host for choosing a great combination of colors if you decide on creating a perfect balance. Taro Leaf collection would be the best selection of colors due to its plain green hue. Monsoon is the miracle of nature when the greens flourish.Colorful CoastersThe eccentric leaf-shaped crockeries are destined to be the show-stealer. Clever usage of fabrics to enhance the table decor is the key to being the best host. With our Taro Leaf Collection, it is suggested that using blue-colored napkins will be its best company. Add a touch of royalty by keeping the blue napkin folded with a napkin ring.Taro Leaf Tea Set2. Planning the menuPlanning the Menu with Taro Leaf CollectionThe menu is the element that attracts the guests because let’s be honest, we all check out the menu first, am I right or…am I? The choice of tea should be made according to the most voted choice. Preferably, it should be of a flavor that’s easy and popular and doesn't need to be fancy. Adding a slice of lemon to herbal tea will enhance its taste and power to refresh. Keep one decaf option, just in case! Serena White Truffle Elegant Cup And Saucer 150 MlA classic tea party menu consists of both sweet and piquant food items, it’s good to be prepared for all kinds of tastes and preferences. Cucumber sandwiches, scones, mini quiches, berry jam, brownie bites, macarons- all these are timeless tea party favorites.Brownie Bites on Snack PlateBut, what is a gorgeous bride without an extravagant lehenga? The beauty of the bride is upraised by her ornaments and lavish lehengas. Similarly, the crockeries are as important as the beauty in them. And when I say important, it means one can't be enough. It calls for the overflowing cart and bundles of joy in forms of ceramic ware. Apart from tea cups and saucersmilk pot, creamer, sugar pot, a fruit platter and of course, teaspoonsMacarons on Taro Leaf Platter3. The ThemeTea Party Themed TeacupsThe thought of tea parties ideally takes us back to vintage European days. Recently, we all were going gaga over Bridgerton. The lavish balls gave us a fair idea of how the decor used to be in that era. Vintage is timeless, and so are the tea parties. While some people used it as an occasion for a book reading and composing poetries, some took it as an hour to spend a jovial time discussing the town’s whispers. Cookie PlatterIn Whistledown’s words, it’s an elegant soiree. The ‘afternoon’ tea with the ladies was a part of the daily routine. Today, the tea parties are gladly enjoyed by both men and women, taking a hearty sip of tea to rejuvenate and relax. Whether it’s vintage or an Alice in Wonderland kind of a party, the theme remains to be crucial.Macaron PlatterTo set the theme rightly, things that should be penned down are, delicate floral cups and saucersTaro-style leaf platters to complement the cups, wooden platter for fruits and cheese, classic teapots (one won’t be enough), flowers and vases, aromatic candles and votives, potpourri and golden cutlery.Serena Snowy White Floral Oval Platter4. Clink! Clink! Tea CupsIsn’t it amazing how fresh blooms spruce up plain white cups and saucers and add an aura of restfulness? Make way for vintage icons, roll the red carpet and lead the way for floral tea setsPink Rose Ceramic Cup And Saucer Set 150 MlThe roots of floral tea sets trace back to our European grandpas and grandmas. Close your eyes and it may take you back to the classical period of fruity orchards and sipping flavored teas. The teapot should be at par with the cups and saucers. Because it’s always a neck-to-neck competition between the tea sets and teapots about who would be the show-stealer.Viola Cosmos Glass Teapot With Warmer Base 700 MlThe ideal tea set will be the heart of your party. And, no better a set than letting your heart blossom. However, the sugar pots and milk pots don’t need to be looking like their similarly dressed better halves. White-colored pots are always the safest choice, and also since white means peace and harmony, so not a problem in keeping them together. Each of the guests must have a snack plate for munching on the finger foods along with a hearty sip.Serena White Truffle Elegant Milk Pot 250 Ml5. Set The TableWhite Truffle Ribbed 1 Litre Teapot With Set Of 6 Cups 150 MlMath has been our worst nightmare as a child, we all have felt that. But one thing it has taught us right is keeping the numbers in a systematic alignment. If you don’t abide by the rule, oh boy! It’s bound to be the Squid Game. One wrong move and you’ll be out of the game. Phew! Decking up the table is not that dangerous- just the alignment matters. When we’re talking about a tea party, it's best to go with a vintage collection of decor and crockeries. Other than that, any minimalist or shabby chic addition would blend seamlessly with them.  Taro Leaf Platter 10 InchIdeating beforehand, where each of the guests are going to sit and have their fair share of merriment, is a star added to the collar of a hosting maestro- what a blazing display of bravura! The thing about tea parties is that every detail counts. Even the petals of a flower, which should be on the right-hand side, if placed on the left, oops! Sounds like a teacher holding a ruler and urging you to do the arithmetic, doesn't it? Well, well, well, not to worry! The magic spell to a perfect table setup is clink, tap, and fold. The table should be covered with a long piece of cloth- a red and white checkered cloth can never go wrong. After placing the plates, fold a napkin in a pyramid or diamond fold. Arrange the tea cups and saucers perfectly, having the tea spoons by the side. Not to forget, a glass full of water for taking care of the beloved guests by keeping them hydrated! Floral Table Mat Set of 26. Last, But Not The Least

To put the cherry on top of your dreamy tea party is to check out the overall decor. The daytime is the best time for any tea party. And, if it carries a label of outdoors, certainly daytime is the best. Place a row of three or four small candle holders with scented candles in the middle of the table, just when the sky hits the level of dusk.Festival Lantern RedEffective lighting is the key to opening the gates of a memorable tea party, with all the guests clicking plenty of snaps to cherish. Mason jars are filled with fairy lights and can be set up on the table if candles don’t seem like a safe option. The inclusion of potpourri to heighten the floral ambiance is also a ‘yes!’

    Dried Petals
Adding fresh, blooming flowers in mini vases or faux flowers in planters will ace the decoration game. And with that, you’ve your tea party ready! Plug in soothing jazz music and remember a few pro tips before you rush off to welcome the guest-
- It’s safe to check thoroughly the lush greens where the party is organized for the problem of bugs not to bug you later. The quality of wood used in the table also plays a key role in that. 

- Keeping a handwritten note on the plates is a cordial thing. Writing the names of the guests on soft colored paper in an archaic font will enhance the vintage spirit.

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