MET Gala's Garden Of Time: Decor Edition

May 11, 2024

A Garden Of Time. 

Fashion’s biggest night has just ended. That’s right beautiful reader, the MET Gala 2024 is over. A night filled with truly opulent wealth, where the world’s rich and famous convene to appreciate the pinnacle of art and couture and grace the red carpet with what the event is renowned for - obnoxiously daring, audaciously chic, avant-grade fashion. Or simply put… wearable art. 

But as the night comes to a close and the frenzy of the paps flashes and screams of “Zendaya to your left” and “Anna over here please” subsides, there’s a lingering question left in our minds- how do we capture that same sense of luxury and extravagance in our own humble abodes? 

Let’s find out…

A Brief History: 

The MET Gala is an annual fundraiser, hosted by Vogue’s Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour, and held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York to aid The Costume Institute (the MET’s fashion and textile wing). Every year, the MET Gala’s theme is based on a corresponding exhibition that is currently on display, and this year’s exhibit was ‘Sleeping Beauties: Rewakening Fashion’ 

The Theme:

This year’s MET Gala theme was based on JG Ballard’s short story ‘A Garden Of Time’. A thought-provoking story that, much like the rest of his novels, perfectly captures the essence of dystopian modernity. However, at its core, the story is often viewed as a metaphor that describes the evolution of humanity, its history, and the notion that neither creation nor destruction can exist without the other, ultimately creating an endless cycle of the two.

Bringing It Home:

Now, onto the question at hand: How do we incorporate the MET Gala’s theme into our homes? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can either revel in the beauty of creation or explore the addictive fascination of destruction through home decor.

Macabre Skull And Flowers Showpiece

Much like the outfits that graced the MET Gala’s red carpet, florals can be incorporated as a nod to the natural world's awe-striking beauty. You could go with floral embroidered soft furnishings, artificial flowers, and photo frames with intricate floral detailing, or choose to be more subtle and showcase their delicateness through clean lines, elegant vases, and minimalistic figurines.   

Additionally, as the theme explores the passage of time and its impact on humanity, consider incorporating pieces that evoke a sense of history and nostalgia. Think antique clocks and the novelty of hourglasses, vintage-inspired artwork, or heirloom furniture pieces that add timeless elegance to your space. 

MET Gala’s Garden Of Time: Decor Edition

On the darker side, embrace the essence of transience highlighted by the book’s exploration of the inevitable downfall of aristocracy and the reality of money and beauty’s inability to delay death. This creates a space reflecting the beauty of life and its fleeting nature.

Pairing pops of black and capturing the aura of grunge through decor objects like macabre skulls with distressed furnishings and dried flowers that personify the haunting beauty of nature in its twilight state creates a captivating juxtaposition of the ephemeral nature of life and the inevitability of decay. 

Macabre Skull And Flowers Showpiece

The Bottom Line: 

Incoporating the MET Gala into our homes must be done using the same approach as all our favourite luxury designers. By being inspired by specific elements of the theme that speak to them, while also remaining true to their personal style. 

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