Marble, Marble, Everywhere: Marble Pattern As The Next Big Decor Trend

January 09, 2023

When it comes to decor and interior design, there’s no full-proofed formula or thumb rule. Decor trends are ever-changing and all we can do is keep up with the latest trends. In recent years, marble has made a huge comeback as people have been more intrigued and interested in incorporating the natural beauty of marble into their home decor

Marble table decor

If you think about it, the versatility of marble is truly unmatchable. On one hand, marble decor symbolizes luxury and opulence and has been known for its bold, natural beauty ever since the early Victorian era. On the other hand, the authentic vein-like marble patterns exude subtlety and finesse that can go well with any modern and minimalist decor

 Marble living room decor

Whether you want to install completely new marble flooring or incorporate small decorative marble accessories to revamp the home decor - the options are endless. Not to mention, since marble patterns are available in both subtle and bold hues, you’ll have to make some serious choices. That’s why we’re here to make the task easier for you with our complete guide on how to incorporate marble patterns into your home decor effortlessly. Read on!

Marble accessories

Why Choose Marble Pattern For Interior Design? 

  1. Timeless Beauty

Marble is the symbol of eternal beauty and comes in a wide range of colours - white, black, grey, green, yellow, and rose, you name it! Even though white is the most commonly available marble colour, the rest are equally stunning, if not more. The classic and timeless marble pattern design has been widely known for its unique natural beauty that goes well with any home decor style - modern or vintage.  

Green marble planter

  1. Mighty Strength

Do not get fooled by the high maintenance requirements of marble decor because marble is one of the strongest natural stones out there. In fact, some of the world’s oldest and most immortal monuments are made of marble - from the Taj Mahal to the Lincoln Memorial. Marble’s mighty strength also makes marble decoration pieces naturally resistant to scratching and cracking.  

Marble-patterned room decor

  1. Gloss And Glamour

Whether you’re looking for authentic marble decorative items or other decor pieces featuring the marble pattern design, the glamour quotient of your home decor is bound to kick up by several notches. Since marble patterns are available in several colours and even in stunning multi-colour mixes, they look glamorous in different decor schemes. The natural lustre and gloss of marble decoration pieces make them even more aesthetically appealing

Marble baking trays

Easy Ways To Incorporate Marble Pattern In Home Decor

  1. Bathroom Decor

When it comes to modern and contemporary bathroom decor, polished marble tiles for bathroom flooring and wall covering are hard to beat. But to accentuate the marble bathroom decor ideas, you also need the right marble bathroom decor items. So, lo and behold our gorgeous marble toothbrush holder. The gorgeous marble pattern finish of this ceramic toothbrush holder is perfect for marble-themed bathroom decor. 

Marble bathroom decor

You can also place a double-decker corner storage rack to go with the marble decor while keeping the bathroom neat, tidy, and clutter-free. Marble-patterned bath accessories set, including bath dispensers, can go quite well with the marble-tiled wall covering of the bathroom sink. 

Bath dispenser

Moreover, adding some fresh green and floral elements can help in tying up the whole bathroom decor together. To stay true to the marble decor theme, you can try out our Botanica marble planter with a stand. The ceramic planter features a gorgeous marble pattern design and is available in three stunning colours - green, pink, and grey. So, take your best pick and get ready to revamp your marble bathroom decor! 

Botanica marble planters

  1. Kitchen Decor

Marble countertops and backsplashes have been quite the rage in kitchen decor over the past few years. The marble pattern design works well with all types of kitchen decor - from rustic and contemporary to vintage and Victorian. But a gorgeous marble kitchen countertop also calls for a stunning kitchen counter decor setup featuring some glossy and glamorous marble kitchen decor items. 

Marble kitchen decor

How about placing some marble jars with lids to keep your condiments well-organised on the lustrous marble kitchen countertop? Our ceramic jars come with an impeccable marble finish showing off stunning marble patterns in different colours - grey, blue, green, and pink. Depending on the colour of your marble kitchen countertop, you can choose any marble jar. 

Marble jars with lids

A lustrous and glossy marble countertop is usually an instant eye-catcher while entertaining guests. And it becomes even more so if you can adorn the kitchen counter with some lip-smacking snacks served on an authentic marble platter with gold metal handles. Our marble and metal cake stand can also add to the glamorous charm of a marble kitchen countertop while serving mouthwatering desserts and delicacies to the guests. 

Marble platter with gold handle

When it comes to entertaining guests at an intimate house party, nothing works better than delicious homemade snacks and desserts. So, put your chef’s cap on, turn on your baking mode, and get the oven preheating. You can try out our marble baking tray to serve piping hot snacks straight from the oven. The shimmering golden marble pattern design of the ceramic baking tray will surely add to the luxe factor of your marble kitchen decor

Marble-patterned baking tray

  1. Dining Table Decor

Marble dining table decoration ideas have become quite popular over the years as more and more people are switching to long-lasting marble kitchen islands and dining tables. But you’ll need unique marble tableware pieces to set up a stunning and glamorous marble table decor. 

Marble dining table decor

Our marble-patterned ceramic dinner plate can be an ideal pick in this context. The dinner plate features gorgeous grey marble patterns embellished with a shimmering gold rim. You can pair the dinner plate with similar marble-patterned bowls and snack plates to create a classy and elegant marble table decor. 

Marble Patterned Ceramic Dinner Plate Grey

How can a classy dining table spread be complete without some delicious appetisers and snacks? Our large marble platter can be the perfect way to serve sumptuous snacks and desserts while maintaining an all-marble table decor. Along with homemade snacks, you can also serve some hot beverages in our marble mugs. Place the mugs on our marble and wood coasters to create the ultimate marble-themed dining table decor setting. 

Marble Platter Large

  1. Living Room Decor

A marble accent wall can change the entire look of your living room by adding a luxurious and glamorous touch. But if installing a new marble accent wall sounds like too much work, incorporating small marble accessories can also make your living room look elegant and sophisticated. 

Marble planter with stand

Marble coffee table decoration ideas can go a long way in adding a marble-ous touch to your living room space. Our marble swing planter can be an ideal pick to revamp your coffee table decor with a touch of fresh greens and some glamorous and colourful marble patterns. You can also check out our assorted collection of colourful marble planters, like the green luxe ceramic planter, to add some splashes of colour to your living room decor. 

Luxe Ceramic Marble Planters

Moreover, if you want to display a unique collection of marble planters on the living room mantelpiece, our marble planters with stands are available in different sizes to adorn the mantelpiece decor. When we talk about a marble-themed living room decor setting, adding marble-patterned cushion covers can also be perfect for marble room decor

Marble Texture Pillow Slip

Our marble texture pillow slip is ideal for incorporating colourful and glamorous marble patterns in your living room decor. The cushion cover mirrors the stunning patterns of actual marble by showcasing a mixture of colours, including white, green, and beige. So, have fun decorating your living room with some glorious marble-patterned accessories!

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