Light Up Diwali with top 5 Handmade Diwali Crafts for Kids

October 30, 2023

The smell of sweets and savoury snacks wafting in the air as you see diyas lit at the entrances of every home- the perfect setting for Diwali! Diwali, being one of the most important festivals in India, is celebrated with great pomp and show. And it is no surprise that kids are extra happy during this 5-day festival—what with school holidays and the celebration of sweets, lights, and firecrackers! The perfect way to engage them during this time is with crafts for Diwali. 


Whether it is Diwali craft ideas for school or Diwali board decorations at home, there are several handmade Diwali crafts for kids, that we will explore in this blog.

Top 5 easy Diwali craft ideas for kids 

1) Soft dough diya painting- With flour, salt, and water, you can create a dough with which your kid can create diyas and then paint them using acrylic or oil paints. Teach them how to knead the dough into diyas and then let their imagination run wild as they paint their best designs onto the diyas with acrylic paints for Deepavali art and craft.

2) Paper quilled rangoli- Rangoli with coloured powder is common, and chances are your kids might make a mess more than make a rangoli. If your kids have playdough at home, encourage and help them to use different colours of playdough and create a rangoli out of them by creating dots, lines, and other pretty patterns.

3) Diwali board for school- During the Diwali holidays, keep your kids engaged with one of the best Diwali crafts for school, which can include drawings, presentations, or Deepavali art and craft. Let your kids unleash their creativity with a range of art and craft supplies, and watch them create something beautiful for their Diwali board at school.

4) Paper pattern toran- One of the best paper Diwali decoration ideas that your kids can try is making a paper toran. Just give your kids some coloured paper and decorative items like sequins or beads, glue, and a string. Watch them as they create their own patterns with paper cutting, decorate them, and attach them to the string to make unique paper torans for Diwali.

5) Hanging Paper Lantern- Create a lantern using square-cut pieces of paper and ice cream sticks. Create the outline of a box with ice cream sticks and cover them up with colourful, painted pieces of paper. Stack these “boxes” up on top of each other and attach a string to the top of your lantern so you can hang it in entryways for Diwali decoration.


Engaging kids in crafts for Diwali and involving them in Diwali craft ideas for school can not only increase their enthusiasm for this festival but also boost their creativity in making handmade Diwali crafts. This way, they can learn something new and be productive and creative during the festivities with Diwali art and craft ideas for kids. Thus, you can inculcate in them good values and encourage them to be useful around the house. 

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