Top 11 Essentials of 90's Indian Picnics!

January 11, 2020

If you're a 90's kid or a parent to a 90's kid, you have definitely experienced a full blown family picnic in the winters. We found this to be a universally Indian experience amongst small and big city folks alike. Nestasia's polls showed these 11 essentials... 

1. Pot luck and week-long menu planning by moms and aunties took place over the phone 


 2. On Picnic D day, all food bags and kids would be packed in the car boot to set out for fun! 


3. Finding the perfect picnic spot with the greenest grass at the park was an essential                                                            

4. Multi coloured bed sheets and 'Chatai' or straw mats from all homes were spread out on the grass!  


5.   Hot milk tea or Chai carried in the quintessential flasks was typically the first beverage to be circulated followed by cola and fruity through the day


6. Housie with funny number calls (10 a big fat hen and men get naughty at 40) and prizes for jaldi five, full house and more!          


7.  Mathri, Bhujia and 2 more weeks worth of calories were packed and served specially on this day


8. Badminton, cricket, frisbee, dog and the bone and more such outdoor games to burn the above eaten calories!    

9.  A round of Antakshari where people would break into retro songs with closed eyes  


10.  Come lunch time, yummy poori's and parathas from the casseroles would be handed out, also accompanied by sandwiches for the kids!


11. Lunch in paper plates and a free lesson on environmental consciousness and cleanliness while wrapping up!    


  Share with us your picnic essentials and experiences and let us know in the comments if your list was different from ours!! 

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