How To Pick The Best Towels

November 24, 2022

Revamping your bathroom can be as simple as adding a plush, new towel set that can change the entire look of your bathroom. Or, how about adding a fresh set of hand towels beside your kitchen sink to keep it spick and span? That said, the towel options are endless, and there lies the problem. 

Bath towels

With different varieties of towels, making the right choice is easier said than done. Should you choose a cotton towel? Or, will a microfiber towel be more suitable for your needs? What if you just need a gym towel and not a large bath towel? Decisions, decisions, decisions! When you have so many options, it’s pretty easy to get lost inside your head while choosing the best pick. 

Bathroom towels

Not to mention, simply considering the softness of a towel isn’t nearly enough to make a well-informed purchase decision. But no need to get flustered because we’re here to help you. We’ll discuss the main factors that you need to consider while choosing the right towel, along with highlighting the assorted collection of towels we have to offer. Let’s get on with it!

1. Material And Towel Fabric 

A. Turkish Cotton 

Generally speaking, some of the best towels are made of natural cotton fibres. The longer and finer the cotton fibre, the plusher the towel is. Bath towels made of Turkish cotton have long fibres, making them soft and durable. These extra-long fibres of Turkish towels or foutas have a flat weave, offering a lightweight design to help them dry up quickly. Plus, these towels have a moderate sheen and can add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. 

Turkish towels

We offer a diverse range of Turkish towels if you’re looking for the best towels online. For instance, our Peachy Beachy fouta organic towel is made of premium-quality Turkish cotton fibres for a super-soft, luxurious texture. This classic and minimal striped Cabana style fouta towel can be ideal for sprucing up your bathroom decor, while offering three times more absorbance than any regular cotton bathroom towel. 

Peachy beachy fouta organic towel

You can also try our greyish green Turkish cotton bath towel offering multi-colour pastel shades in striped patterns ideal for modern bathroom designs. Since it is made of organic Turkish cotton fibres, it has a soft and plush texture. If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to use a cotton towel to dry your face or hair, go for our Turkish towels and you won’t be disappointed. 

Greyish green Turkish cotton bath towel

B. Bamboo 

When it comes to choosing bath towels or hand towels with advanced anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties, no other towel fabric can beat bamboo. Not to mention, bamboo towels are eco-friendly and recyclable, so they are excellent in ensuring sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint. 

Bamboo towels

Our exclusive range of Plushy bamboo towel sets can be a perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen if you prefer bamboo towels over other towel materials. Since these bath towels are made with a blend of 70% bamboo fibre and 30% cotton fibre, they are highly absorbent and gentle on your skin. So, if you’re looking for a soft face towel with a plush feel, our bamboo towels can be an excellent choice. 

Plushy bamboo towel set (lavender)

Furthermore, each bamboo bath towel set features a hand towel as well as a bath towel, making it a much more convenient option compared to buying separate towels online. Our bamboo towel sets are also available in a range of colours, including beige, lavender, white, pink, and blue, to match any interior bathroom decor.  

Plushy bamboo bath towel set (blue)

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the hassle of washing your bath towels frequently, you can check out our Unicorn Lavender super-soft bamboo towel. It has advanced anti-odour features, keeping it fresh and hygienic for much longer than other towel materials. 

Unicorn lavender super soft bamboo towel

C. 100% Organic Cotton

People prone to skin allergies often look for towel materials that are natural and organic and can help prevent triggering allergic reactions. But you might ask - what exactly constitutes 100% organic cotton? Cotton fibres harvested from pesticide-free cotton plants and manufactured without the use of any harmful or toxic chemicals are defined as organic cotton fibres. 

100% organic cotton towel

100% organic cotton towels are one of the most common bathroom towels because of their toxin-free quality, making them ideal for drying your face and skin without the risks of nasty allergies. Our Plushy 100% cotton towel set is crafted from 100% organic cotton and can provide ultimate comfort for your daily bath routine. 

Plushy 100% cotton towel set (sunny yellow)

The ultra-soft, natural fibres of the towels offer superb sustainability and absorbency. You can use the set’s hand towel in your bathroom or kitchen while the bath towel is excellent for everyday use in the gym, spa, or pools

Plushy 100% cotton towel set (snow white)

Not to mention, the wide range of colours of this towel set makes them a perfect addition to a modern kitchen or bathroom design. Depending on your personal preferences and existing bathroom decor, you can choose a towel set of any colour from our available options - bubbly blue, luxe pink, solid white, and sunny yellow

Plushy 100% cotton towel set (luxe pink)

D. Microfiber

When it comes to soft texture and durability, microfiber towels can also be a great choice. Microfiber is basically a super-fine synthetic material known for its quick drying properties, mostly featuring polyester. Since they usually dry up much faster than other towel materials, you can use them as a face towel or a hair drying towel 

Quick dry microfiber towel

Our unicorn microfiber towel is made of quick drying polyester fibre featuring a colourful and quirky unicorn design to get your kids excited about their daily bath routines. The fun design and fluffy material also make our microfiber towel the perfect choice for an exciting day at the beach

Unicorn microfiber towel

Speaking of a beach outing, you’ll love our large microfiber beach towel having a warm blue shade, which can easily double as a bath towel or a face towel. You can also browse through our kids towels, aqua towel, and rainbow towel if the microfiber material floats your boat. 

Tropical towel

2. Types Of Towels And Their Uses 

A. Bath Towels

When looking for the best bath towels, you need to consider their size. As the name suggests, bath towels are commonly used for your daily bath routine and must be large enough for drying up properly after a long shower. Typically, bath towels have a dimension of around 70 cm x 135 cm, making them ideal for your bathrooms. 

Bath towel set (beige)

You can use large bath towels as your gym towel, or wrap one around your body while enjoying a relaxing spa session. Not to mention, if you choose the right towel material, bath towels are perfect for drying wet hair, thanks to their size. 

Large beach/bath towel

You can take a look at our Maroon Blush ultra-soft cotton towel that has the ideal dimension of a bath towel and is made of 100% organic cotton fibres offering superior absorbency. Thanks to its lightweight design, you can effortlessly carry it to your gym or spa. It can be your go-to hair towel for daily use

Maroon blush ultra-soft cotton bath towel

B. Hand Towels

Hand towels for bathroom or kitchen are much smaller than bath towels and are mostly made of quick drying fabrics. Beside being highly functional, hand towels can also be the perfect decorative item to amp up the aesthetic look of your kitchen or bathroom. 

Bathroom and kitchen hand towels

Our range of towel sets can offer plushy and super-soft hand towels for kitchen and bathroom if you’re looking for the best towels to buy online. Additionally, the anti-bacterial and ultra-absorbent qualities of our hand towels will keep your hands clean and dry at all times while preventing allergies. 

Kitchen hand towels

We also have a set of kitchen hand towels that serves the dual purpose of kitchen napkins and hand towels, thanks to their compact size and design. The neutral shades of white and grey of these hand towels can make your kitchen counter and dining table decor look so much more appealing. 

Minimalist kitchen hand towel set

C. Washcloth 

How often have you blindly rummaged through your bathroom cabinet looking for a small towel to dry your face after washing? That’s why having a washcloth can be the perfect solution. These tiny face towels are extremely handy when drying your face after a quick wash-up. 

Cleaning kitchen towel set

Not to mention, washcloths are mostly made of natural, organic fibres and have a soft texture, making it easier to dry your face without the risks of skin irritations or allergies. You can also use them on small spills in your bathroom and kitchen to keep the space squeaky clean

3. Towel Weight 

The weight of a towel will greatly impact your towel choice, especially if you’re looking for a travel towel. People often think that the towel's weight depends on the fabric. But contrary to popular belief, the weight of a towel mostly depends on its thread count and is measured in GSM. 

Lightweight beach towel

Towels with a lower GSM are less thick and perfect for the gym because they are quick drying. For instance, our Peach bamboo quick dry towel has a compact, space-saving, and lightweight design, thanks to its low GSM value of 200. The low GSM also makes our quick dry towels perfect for your daily gym use. 

Peach bamboo quick dry towel

On the other hand, if you want a thick bath towel with a plush feel, you have to search for towels with a high GSM offering more thread count. We have a collection of 600 GSM bath towel sets that might just fit your bill. However, keep in mind that these high GSM bath towels may not be the best choice for travelling because they are a bit heavy. 

Plushy bamboo towel set (pink)

4. Absorbency 

Absorbency essentially determines how well a towel can absorb water when you’re using it to dry up a wet surface. A bath towel having a lower GSM and a lightweight design will offer better absorbency than a plush, thick towel with higher GSM. Not to mention, when a bathroom towel has better absorbency, it also has a faster drying time

Absorbent towels

Our Grey Sunset highly absorbent bath towel is ultra-smooth and lightweight and can dry your wet hair within a few minutes, thanks to its three times more absorbent, organic cotton fibres. You might not get the luxurious and plushy feel of thick bath towels, but the chances of mildew growth and musty odour are significantly low with this high-absorbent bath towel. 

Grey sunset highly absorbent bath towel

5. Care And Cleaning 

Buying a brand new kitchen or bathroom towel loses all its meaning if you don't know how to keep the towel clean and hygienic. Cleaning your towels regularly also helps to maintain their soft texture and material quality. So, we’ve answered some of the grilling questions about cleaning your towels below. 

Q. How to properly wash your bath towels?

Always wash your towels in hot water to kill germs and bacteria and avoid washing them with other clothes, especially darker clothes, to prevent cross-contamination and discoloration. Once they are washed thoroughly, let them dry for at least 45 minutes. 

Use a mild detergent that won’t ruin the towel material and also stay away from bleaching the towels to protect the towel fabrics. If you’re using a strong detergent, add some baking soda to break down the harsh chemicals of the detergent.

Q. How often should you wash the towels?

The frequency of washing your towels will largely depend on the circumstances. For example, if you use towels to clean any fluids, wash them immediately. Avoid using fabric softeners because they can affect the towel’s absorbency. As a rule of thumb, try washing your kitchen and bath towels once a week to prevent mildew growth and musty odour. 

Q. How often should you change your towels?

Even though there’s no timeline for changing your towels, it’s always best to replace your bath towels with new ones when they start looking dingy or have a weird smell. If your towel starts to give off a musty odour only after a few uses, chuck it in the bin straight away and buy a new one.

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