How To Choose The Right Photo Frame For Your Walls

November 14, 2023

In the current time and age, filling our walls with décor pieces and frames just for the sake of it doesn’t work anymore. Considering that most of our time is spent at home, we always like to look at things that will keep our sanity intact and will exude a calming feeling rather than just staring at the bare wall for hours. Adorning walls with photo frames has been one of the classic ways and the most loved ones. Come explore with us the different types of photo frames that will be suitable for the walls of your homes.

Photo frames

Types of photo frames

From natural wooden frames to metallic frames, vintage ornate frames and classic white frames – with so much choice, it can be tricky to know what's the right frame for the walls of your home. Let us know about each in detail below.

1. Wooden photo frame

Wooden photo frames are all-time favourites when it comes to adorning the wall of your home with beautiful photo frames. These classic-style photo frames blend seamlessly into the interior of your home and add a touch of sophistication and charm with their intricate details. You can explore Nestasia for a wide variety of wooden photo frames to decorate your home.

Wooden frame

2. Collage photo frame

A collage is an art form that allows you to combine various images into one larger picture. The result is a work of art that tells a story and can be used as a way to express your creativity. If you want to create a collage frame for the walls of your home, then, you can opt for a few that are available on Nestasia and are a great fit for your home.

Collage frame

3. Metal photo frame

Metal frames are a very good example of modern frames for walls. Not only do they have a minimalistic style, but they are also very versatile and can fit in any interior space. Available in gorgeous geometrical patterns and intricate detailing, metal frames exude sophistication. Shop for beautiful meta photo frames for your home from Nestasia to add a touch of glamour to the walls of your home.

Metal frame

4. Glass photo frame

Glass photo frames are another good alternative if you want a sleek and modern look on your walls. These delicate frames not only add finesse to the overall decor of your home but are also very easy to clean and maintain. Shop for glass photo frames on Nestasia and revamp the walls of your home.

Glass frame

Tips for choosing the right photo frame

Picking the right kind of photo frame for your walls can be a tricky task. With a variety of sizes, designs, and materials to choose from, it can get indecisive. But hey! Don’t worry; we’ve curated a list for you that will be your guiding light in selecting the right type of photo frame for your walls. Frames that not only will compliment your otherwise mundane walls but will also provide a sense of calm to you.

1. Don’t overemphasize matching specific colours in your photo to the frame colour. Instead, consider the overall tone of the image when selecting a frame.

2. You can mount or display photo frames on walls, table tops, and console tables to put together a creative display of pictures. Before you select photo frames, it is a good idea to zero in on the places where you would like to display the pictures. This will give you clear photo frame ideas for your space.

3. Matching a frame to your existing room décor is more important than matching a colour in your image to the frame itself. Assess the theme of the interior décor of your home. Choose photo frames as per that theme. You can look for vintage styles, classic styles, modern styles, or any other style that matches your décor.

4. To make your pictures stand out, ensure the colour of your frame isn’t too similar to your wall colour.

5. Your mat colour and frame colour should be different. When they’re too similar, attention is drawn to the framing rather than the artwork.


Want to showcase some beautiful moments, gorgeous landscapes or artwork? Then thoughtfully chosen photo frame design ideas can become an artistic and versatile way to spruce up your interior decor that can effectively attest to attention. Nestasia has a huge collection of beautiful photo frames that will not only elevate the look and feel of your home space but also breathe life into your dull walls.

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