23 Home Decor Ideas For Pet Lovers: Creating Spaces for Your Furry Friends

May 09, 2024

Can you imagine life without your pets? We didn’t think so. Toys, treats, cabinets full of health supplements and of course, loads of kisses and cuddles - we’re positive that you love spoiling your furry friends. Then why leave your home? It doesn’t take much to figure out that caring for pets is like caring for a baby. Whether it is pet-proofing your home to keeping their little paws from prying cabinets to covering up your shower drains to ensure their safety, there’s a lot that needs to be done for your little ones. Apart from safety and functionality, consider adding a few aesthetic and playful touches to your space to thank them for the joy they bring into your lives. In this blog, we’ll list all the major components of curating the perfect space for your lovey-dovey and sometimes clingy companions.

Home Decor Ideas To Create Pet-Friendly Spaces

1. For Your Pawsome Dogs

Throughout history, we’ve seen dogs extending unconditional love and unwavering loyalty. Full of things we can’t resist - the puppy eyes, the constant nudges for pets, and of course, the sloppy licks that drench our faces, dogs can be a handful. To keep up with the playful and outdoorsy nature of your dogs, check out these amazing ideas:

1. Anti-Slip Flooring

From pawing things they shouldn’t to bolting to the other end of the room to play fetch, we’re sure your dog has to be everywhere at once. Investing in anti-slip and durable floor tiles prevents your dog from slipping, sliding, and getting hurt. While there are plenty of options, vitrified ceramic tiles take the cake. 

Anti-Slip Floors For Dogs

2. Add Lids To Your Garbage Bins

Open and unattended garbage bins are just a step away from an emergency visit to the vet’s clinic. The saying “curiosity kills the cat” doesn’t necessarily apply to cats exclusively. That’s right - digging through discarded items like scraps, spoiled leftovers, plastics, and God forbid - sharp objects will land your fur baby in trouble. Cover all your bins with secure lids to prevent such hazards.

3. Dog-Friendly Fabrics

We get the obsession with fabrics like velvet that make a statement. Unless you want to take a sticky lint roller to your velvet upholstered sofas or other furnishings, this is one fabric you’ll have to compromise on for the sake of your dog. Smooth to the touch and super comfy, suede is a much better choice. Open-weave fabrics like tweed and corduroy are also a big no-no. Clawing these will snag them in a heartbeat.

Get your hands on this pure cotton pet-friendly cushion cover:

4. Wall Treatment

We are no strangers to dogs who love to drool all over everything, and walls are no exception. Water-based enamel paints or washable matte paints make cleaning a cinch. It is also essential to avoid expensive wallpapers. Trust us, you don’t want them to be torn and tattered.

5. High Shelves

Curious pets will go to any lengths (in this case, heights) to get what they want. Cleaning supplies, medication, hardware tools, and other sharp objects should definitely be placed on high shelves and out of your dog’s reach. 

Install this cool metal wall shelf high up and you're all set! Check out our wall decor collection for more stunning options.

Wall Decor

6. Built-In Dog Bed

Dog crates are so primal and honestly, an eyesore. Besides, they might not be as comfortable as you want for your pooch. An integrated dog bed can be a practical and streamlined solution if you are working with limited space.

7. Dedicated Feeding Station

Ditch the plain old practice of putting out dog bowls. And to think about the mess they create! A dedicated feeding station with pull-out cabinets for dry foods and scoops and a dispensing system make filling up your dog’s tummy a breeze.

You can use our airtight jars and canisters to store dry treats.

Dog Feeding Station

8. Dog Playpen

Why should only kids have all the fun? Surprise your dog with a fabulous dog playpen! Start with the foundation by investing in a guarded heavy-duty playpen, layer it with soft throws (not open-weaves), and fill it up with chew toys, plushies, and squeaky toys that drive you crazy. Your dog will love this fun-filled addition to your home!

2. For Your Curious Cats

Cats - curious beings and apex predators…well, at least they think they are. Although they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, these little divas will warm your heart with their unique ways. Whether it is kneading dough or purring while they fall asleep on you, check out these purrfect decor ideas to transform your home (...we mean, your cat’s home) into a comfortable retreat. 

Cat Rope Bridge

1. Secure Your Windows & Doors

Well, we don’t know if you’ve noticed yet but cats don’t make themselves at home as easily as dogs do. Whether it is to chase for a moth, start a fight with other cats in your neighbourhood, or give in to their hunting instincts, cats tend to chase the unknown. Install secured nets on your windows, balcony, and other open areas. You can also make good use of magnetic door nets to add another layer of security to keep your Houdini from escaping.

Window Netting For Cats

2. Scratch Posts

Let your cat blow off some steam with a scratch post. This grooming behaviour lets your fuzzy munchkins stretch their feet, and claws, and release feel-good hormones. A scratch post will also give your couch and other furniture some relief.

3. Tree Houses

Cats love climbing. However, this often results in them knocking things over and making a mess. Spare your pelmets and almirahs by getting your cat a tree house with dangle toys, fitted scratch posts, and cat caves where your cat can comfortably hole up. You can also DIY this tree tower if you’re up to the task.

Cat Tree House

4. Litter Box Cabinet

Litter boxes are a staple for every cat household to let your fur kids relieve themselves. However, a large little box sitting in the middle of your room can be quite unsightly. A great solution to this is to transform a cabinet into a litter box, cutting the sides to form a door and placing the litter box within the walls. 

5. Go For Artificial Flowers

The beauty and vibrancy of fresh flowers is unparalleled. However, cats are allergic to quite a few flowers. From Lilies, Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, and more. But there’s no reason to worry just yet. You can switch out fresh flowers with colourful artificial flowers to breathe some life into your home while protecting your precious cat.

Artificial Flowers

6. Rope Bridge

We know how cats fall asleep just about everywhere. After all, how dare we wake the beast after only 16 hours of sleep? You can install a rope bridge between two pillars to let your cat stretch, sleep, and chill.

7. Secure Your Cables

Cats are always out to get anything that swings and moves. Don’t let your cable dangle and bundle them neatly with a cable organizer. But wait…that’s not enough. Chew-proof all your cables with thick cable protectors.

3. For Your Chirpy Birds

Colourful, chirpy, and free-spirited - the beauty of birds is unmatched. But to give your flighted companions the life they deserve, there are a few simple changes you can make. Here are a few ideas to create a natural and accommodating habitat for your birds:

1. Protect Your Bird Cages

To create a comfortable environment for your birds, it is important to strategically place the cage. Placing it by your window is a big no-no. This is due to gusts of wind, the sun shining too bright and overheating. Although the balcony is a sought-after choice, unwanted cat visits, drafts, and extremities in temperature are more reasons to steer clear of this. Instead, go for a clean and low-traffic area in your home for your feathered buddies.

Bird Cage

2. Natural Elements

Recreate the outdoors by integrating natural elements such as wooden perches, branches, or driftwood into your decor. These are great perching spots for free birds kept uncaged like Cockatoos and African Grey Parrots. These precise additions also lend a touch of natural charm and intrigue to your home.

3. Add Plants

Not only do plants add greenery to space, but birds also love and enjoy interacting with plants. There’s another plus - they also benefit from nibbling on safe foliage. Spider plants or bamboo are great choices.

House your plants in our beautiful planters.

Indoor Planters

4. Spoil Them With Toys

Keep your birds engaged and entertained by placing rotating toys inside their cage. You can also look for natural sola crinkles that can be nibbled on for foliage. Encourage healthy preening by getting your birds some fun preen toys. 

5. Bird Nooks

Colourful hanging bird hammocks are perfect as a comfy retreat for your birds. The swinging motion is really good for their mood, making them more jovial than ever.

Bird Hammock

6. Light Exposure

While it’s suitable to keep your bird’s cage away from drafty windows, it is important to expose them to ample natural light and a view of the outdoors. Reposition the cage daily to ensure your chirpy friends have their daily dose of sun.

7. Bird-Friendly Furniture

Functional and bird-friendly furniture like end tables and ladder shelves also make for some really cool perching spots for your birds. Go for pieces with smooth finishes that are easier to clean and maintain.

Bird Friendly Furniture For Home

8. Get Fan Blade Covers

A free-flying bird and ceiling fan - that’s a mishap waiting to happen. Protect your birds by installing fan guards or fan covers designed specifically to prevent birds from accessing the fan blades.


Whether you’re a time-tested pet parent or a new one, we’ve broken down everything there is to create a pet-friendly space for your furry friend. From safety considerations to nice-to-haves, we hope these practical tips will help you curate a comfortable and fun living space for the apple of your eye.

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