70+ Holi Wishes, Quotes and Captions for Instagram

March 10, 2024

The festival of colours is just around the corner, and waiting for us all are thalis with mountains of Gulal, tall glasses filled with thandai and topped with crushed nuts, and street corners washed in vibrant hues. Holi is definitely something that redefines a lively spirit, honouring the vitality that spring has in store for us. Just like nature is clad in an array of colourful blooms, we also take this time to douse in an array of colours with our loved ones. That’s right - without friends and family, this festival would have no life. Add a sweet touch to their celebrations with our curated list of Holi wishes for all your loved ones, be it dedicated colleagues, friends who live in different cities but are always in the back of your mind, or your loving family members who go above and beyond for your every need. These special messages hold warm sentiments and meanings. Oh, and did we mention we’ve also got some great Holi captions for your Instagram posts? Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

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Holi Wishes For All Your Loved Ones

Express the warmth of your sentiments with these thoughtful Holi wishes for your near and dear ones.

11 Holi Wishes for Your Family

1. Here’s to a Holi filled with love, laughter, and the special bond we share as a family.

2. Let’s drench each other in hues of love as we celebrate Holi. Here’s to creating beautiful memories together!

3. Let’s rejoice in the joyous spirit of Holi and strengthen our precious bond as a family.

4. In the kaleidoscope of Holi colours, let’s find the hues of love, joy, and togetherness. Happy Holi!

5. In every splash and every shared smile, let’s find the essence of family love and happiness.

6. A very Happy Holi to those who add colours to every day of my life.

7. May the festival of colours bring abundant happiness and prosperity to our beloved family.

8. May our family’s love shine brighter than the brightest colours of Holi.

9. Let’s sprinkle our family’s life with colours of love and laughter this Holi.

10. My family members make my world bright in every colour and smile.

11. Heartfelt wishes to my Holi family.  Let the water fights begin!                         

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13 Holi Wishes for Your Friends

1. Happy Holi to my amazing friends. Let’s paint the town with colours of fun and friendship!

2. Wishing my squad a Holi that’s as wild and colourful as our adventures together.

3. Here’s to a Holi filled with crazy fun and endless laughter with my pals.

4. To my buddies, may this Holi be the start of many colourful adventures together.

5. Wishing my incredible friends a Holi as bright and colourful as our dreams.

6. To my dearest friends, let this Holi be a reflection of our love for each other.

7. Happy Holi to my favourite people! Let’s make this festival unforgettable together.

8. May this Holi be a rollercoaster of water fights, laughter, and questionable dance moves.

9. To my laugh-until-you-cry friends, may the festival of colours be a hilarious whirlwind of fun and friendship.

10. Here’s to a Holi that’s as colourful and chaotic as our group selfies.

11. May this Holi be a comedy of errors, with water balloons and laughter flying in every direction.

12. Here’s to a Holi celebration with friends that’s as quirky and offbeat as our shared sense of humour.

13. Happy Holi to my loving friends. May our laughter echo through the streets and colours dance in the air!

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11 Funny Holi Wishes

1. Dodging water balloons is my new cardio.

2. Walking around town like a modern art masterpiece.

3. Holi: the only day it’s acceptable to walk around like a Jackson Pollock painting.

4. Who needs a spa day when you have Holi? The colourful face masks are free.

5. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a Holi picture is worth a thousand laughs.

6. The only kind of ambush that’s fine is a water balloon ambush.

7. Who needs a treasure hunt when you have Holi? The real gems are the friends we find along the way.

8. Let's celebrate Holi until we can give a tie-dye clothing line a run for their money.

9. Who needs a comedy sketch when you have Holi? We're the writers, directors, and actors of our own hilarious show!

10. Holi: where even the most serious faces crack into smiles, thanks to the magic of colours!

11. Let's celebrate Holi until we're so soaked in colours, we could be mistaken for walking rainbows!


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9 Happy Holi Wishes for Your Colleagues

1. Sending warm Holi wishes to my amazing colleagues! May this festival bring you closer to your goals and fill your days with laughter and joy.

2. Happy Holi to my hardworking colleagues! May this festival bring you closer to your career aspirations and fill your hearts with joy and fulfilment.

3. To my wonderful colleagues, Happy Holi! May this festival of colours bring us closer as a team and strengthen the bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

4. Wishing my colleagues a joyous and colourful Holi! May our professional journey be as bright and dynamic as the colours of this festival.

5. To my incredible colleagues, Happy Holi! May the joyous celebrations of this festival ignite a spark of creativity and innovation in our workplace.

6. Warm wishes to my dedicated colleagues on the auspicious occasion of Holi! May this festival herald new beginnings and opportunities for growth in our careers.

7. Happy Holi to my fantastic colleagues! Let's seize every opportunity and make a positive impact in our workplace and beyond.

8. May the joyous festivities of this occasion rejuvenate our spirits and fill our hearts with positivity and hope. A very Happy Holi to you and your family.

9. Happy Holi! May the colours of joy and laughter brighten our workplace and fill our days with cheer.

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9 Playful Happy Holi Quotes

1. Let's paint outside the lines today. Happy Holi!

2. Holi hai! Let the colours fly!

3. Drenched in laughter, painted in joy.

4. Colours, colours everywhere—that's how wonderful Holi is to share!

5. Let's Holi till we're jolly!

6. Paint the town red, green, blue... you get the idea! Happy Holi!

7. Bright colours, big smiles. Happy Holi!

8. Let's add some colour to this world. Happy Holi!

9. Splash, laugh, and make memories. Happy Holi!

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11 Happy Holi Captions for Instagram Posts

1. Bringing out the inner child with every splash!

2. Let's soak in the joy of Holi and create colourful memories!

3. Celebrating the festival of colours with friends, family, and lots of fun!

4. Wishing you all a Holi filled with fun, frolic, and fabulous colours!

5. Let's paint the sky with colours of joy and fill the air with laughter!

6. Let's make today a masterpiece filled with colourful strokes of joy and happiness!

7. Embracing the chaos of colours, because life is too short for monotony!

8. As we play with colours today, let's remember to paint our hearts with love and kindness!

9. In the canvas of life, let's be the artists of our destiny and paint it with the colours of our dreams!

10. Let's celebrate Holi with hearts full of gratitude, minds full of positivity, and faces full of smiles!

11. Let's sprinkle kindness and splash laughter as we celebrate the festival of colours!

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9 Short & Sweet Holi Captions

1. Splash, laugh, repeat. Happy Holi!

2. Dipped in hues of happiness. Happy Holi!

3. May your day be as vibrant as your spirit! Happy Holi!

4. Adding a pop of colour to our lives! Happy Holi!

5. Life's brighter with a splash of colour!

6. In every hue, find a reason to smile!

7. Happiness looks good on everyone!

8. Where laughter meets colours, magic happens!

9. Today, we're all walking rainbows!

Holi Celebration


We hope our curated list of Holi wishes, quotes, and captions for Instagram will help you express your thoughts and sentiments on this colourful and auspicious occasion. From meaningful messages for your family to fun wishes for your squad, we’ve covered it all. Also, if you haven’t explored our Holi section yet, you better get to it. From wooden serving platters that will add an artistic flair to your culinary presentations to colourful wall decor that combines sustainability and eco-consciousness, each item in our range is a splashing surprise.

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