Gifting Inspiration for Rakhi: Hampers That Wow

May 24, 2024

Sneaking out in the evenings to play ball in the park, fighting over the TV remote, and consoling each other on days when nothing feels right - that’s siblinghood for you. While life may not come with a manual, it comes with something close - our siblings. From pushing us to do better in life to holding our hand to cross all the hurdles together, they have been our constant beacon of hope. Celebrate this bittersweet bond of love, understanding, and of course, friendship with your precious siblings with these simple yet heartwarming gifting ideas for Raksha Bandhan. From personalised tokens of love to universally loved presents, each offering reflects warmth and heartfelt wishes. Scroll through and check out these amazing ideas!

Metal Jars

Nestasia’s Gift Hampers

1. Hampers For The Little Ones 

Here’s one for your lovey-dovey munchkins! Tucked within our hampers are many fun-filled surprises that will make your baby brothers and sisters beam with joy - quirky dinosaur decor objects to decorate their room, fun-filled bunny cam toys to peer into and swipe through for some kawaii bunny snaps, and more. Each item in our curated gift boxes is designed to warm hearts and inspire smiles. Trust us on this one - carting one of our kids’ gift hampers will save you the hassle of browsing every possible online and offline store.

Children's Rakhi Gift Hamper

2. Party-Ready Hampers

For siblings who “think” they are the life of the party with their rotational knock-knock jokes and anecdotes, you need to get your hands on our party-ready Rakhi gift hampers. The star of these hampers is our set of exquisite whiskey glasses for enjoying refined spirits with a touch of class. For a premium drinking experience, these glasses are specially designed to be ergonomic and durable. Go ahead and check out some of these amazing hampers for the party fiend!

3. Eco-Friendly Gift Hampers

To celebrate Raksha Bandhan in harmony with nature, you can always go for our sustainable gift hampers. A fusion of traditionalism and eco-conscious values, our eco-friendly Rakhi gift hampers are something you need to watch out for. Some of these gift boxes come with fragrant potpourri blends that feel like seasons in a bowl, all crafted from naturally dried flower pods and vines. Go ahead and grab one of these special hampers to make their day!

Sustainable Raksha Bandhan Gift Hamper

4. Snackie Gift Hampers

We all have a sibling that devours everything in a heartbeat, sometimes even from our secret stash! For those with perpetual hunger pangs, you can explore our snack-ready hampers. Packed with other colourful platters for tasteful presentation or vibrant section plates to munch on favourite snacks, each gift hamper holds a special surprise for binge snacker siblings.

5. Caffeine Addict Hampers

Be it last-minute presentations or trips to the airport, we all have siblings who believe coffee is going to magically solve everything. For caffeine-hooked siblings, consider our coffee mug hampers. These amazing gift boxes come bearing our premium ceramic coffee mugs that are perfect for fixing a fresh brew and getting the day started.

Coffee Mug Rakhi Gift Box

Gifts For Sister

1. Tote Bag

Our sisters love to carry their mini worlds inside their bags. Be it mints, face tissues, or their makeup, we’re sure your sister’s pack unravels a ton of items. A trendy and fashionable tote bag makes for a practical Rakhi gift that your sister will admire. This way, she gets to house all her essentials when heading out for all her adventures, big and small.

Tote Bag For Women

2. Photo Frame

While you might get tired of snapping a picture for the nth time, there’s no denying the fact that sisters have an inherent urge to capture every single moment. We’re sure you’ve seen how her phone is completely filled with about a hundred photos of your cat. Consider tucking some of the highlights from her gallery inside our modern photo frames. We’re sure she’ll be delighted to revisit those memories.

3. Desk Mirrors

Dressing up to head out is a huge part of any girl’s day. A pretty desk mirror can be a total game-changer in this case. A pretty pink heart-shaped mirror will completely transform the look of her dresser and serve as a cherished item in the princess’ lair. For something a tad more sophisticated, you can go for our double-sided Victorian mirrors.

Victorian Desk Mirror

4. Flower Vase 

Fresh flowers breathe life into any space. For those who have a knack for displaying them, there can be no better present than our range of vases. From vintage pedestal vases to serene Scandinavian-inspired flower vases, the choices are plenty.

5. Travel Kits

If your sister is a free-spirited traveller or just making preparations for a much-anticipated trip, a good quality travel kit will help her keep everything organised - passport, toiletries, vitamins, and everything else. A roomy travel kit offers style and practicality, making it an item worth adding to your Raksha Bandhan gift list.

Travel Kit

6. Storage Baskets

Let us guess, your home is always in disarray. Who’s responsible? Your sister, we’re guessing again? Even if that’s not the case, some handy storage baskets make for a useful present. Think of all that she can store there - clothes, scrapbooks, and other miscellaneous items that otherwise remain scattered everywhere.

7. Artificial Flowers

While the beauty of real flowers is unmatched, artificial flowers offer all of the lifelike beauty of their fresh counterparts with minimum upkeep. Tulips, daisies, or Hydrangea clusters, our extensive collection houses all. Surprise your sister with some of these gorgeous flowers for Raksha Bandhan!

Artificial Flowers For Home Decor

Gifts For Brother

1. Framed Wall Art

This Raksha Bandhan, bring back the ‘80s with our retro framed posters or grace your brother’s bedroom wall with some eye-catching contemporary pieces from our wall art collection. Whether he has an eye for exquisite pieces or just wants a new look for his room, framed wall art is quite a safe bet in the realm of Rakhi presents.

Metal Wall Art

2. Desk Organizers

Help him keep his workspace spick and span with a desk organizer. With segregated combinations for school or office supplies, our sleek desk organizers are great for keeping his items in one place so that they can partake in the daily grind with ease.

3. Planters

Apart from working wonders for the air quality, plants are perfect for curating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. They help one stay connected to nature, even when holed up in the confines of a flat. A colourful ceramic planter will make for a unique Raksha Bandhan gift for your brother.

Ceramic Planter

4. Water Bottles

The importance of proper hydration cannot be stressed enough. Consider getting him a time-marked smart water bottle to quench his thirst and thrive throughout the day. If he prefers his chilled, insulated water bottles are a great choice.

5. Notebooks

Hardbound notebooks make for quite a practical present, helping your beloved brother jot down notes, appointments, thoughts, and more. You can also help him on his road to self-discovery and reinforce positive behaviours with a nice planner.

Undated Planner

6. Travel Mugs

For brothers who absolutely cannot function without a cup of joe but still need to make it to school or work in time, sturdy travel mugs usher in as a rescuer. Pick from a ton of colour and design options from our collection, and surprise your brother.

7. Laptop Sleeve

We all know how much our brothers coddle their laptops, yelling at us for even turning on the power button. For brothers who are overprotective of their precious laptops, a padded laptop bag or laptop sleeve is the perfect Rakhi gift.

Laptop Bag

8. Lunch Bag

Investing in a nice lunch bag is a great way to express your love and concern for your brother’s nourishment and well-being. Our insulated lunch bags help retain the warmth and freshness of the food packed so lovingly for your brother. 

Gifts For Bhaiya & Bhabhi

1. Coffee Mug Set

Coffee and conversation are what a fun relationship is built on, and we’re sure you’ll agree. Make your bhaiya and bhabhi’s mornings more special with a coffee mug set. Let the love birds enjoy fresh brews in our classy coffee mugs!

Coffee Mug Set

2. Cushion Covers

Although underrated, cushion covers have quite a bit of influence in the realm of home decor, making them a great gift choice for Rakhi. From festive prints to floral embroidered pieces that capture the essence of spring, Nestasia’s offerings are ample.

3. Throw Blankets

Offering unmatched comfort, let your bhaiya and bhabhi get snug in our soft throw blankets. Our knitted throws seamlessly combine form and function, helping them dress up their space while getting the most out of the warmth they offer.

Throw Blanket

4. Decor Objects

Be it a Buddha statue to adorn their dedicated meditation space or a Gothic skull as a spooky addition to the foyer, some fun decor objects make for great Rakhi presents. Be sure to factor in their personalities and the things they lean towards, and we’re sure you’ll come up with something great!

5. Bed Covers

Soft and skin-friendly bed covers are a bedroom essential, making them a timeless gift choice. Fitting King-size beds like a hand in a glove, our premium bed covers are something you can consider gifting this Raksha Bandhan.

Embroidered Bed Cover

6. Picnic Essentials

Keep the spark alive between the two people you love most, your bhaiya and bhabhi, by gifting them something special from our range of picnic essentials. Whether it is a sturdy picnic basket where they can carry your bhabhi’s delicacies or picnic mats to spend hours in each other’s company, we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll fancy.


As we journey through the ups and downs of life, our siblings stand strong as our constant confidants. Embark on the joyous occasion of Raksha Bandhan and celebrate this bond with these amazing Rakhi gift ideas. From your curated hampers that make your present-hunting venture easy, to something for everyone, we’ve covered some delightful presents that will be appreciated.

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