5 Party Games [Indoor game ideas for winter 2020]

November 21, 2020

 5 Party Games - Indoor Game Ideas for Winter 2020

Playing games with friends and family is a great way to unplug, let loose, socialize, bond and have some fun. While playing family games at home is a tradition for many, hosting games at parties is also becoming a trend. 

Game Ideas

If you are looking for some new ideas on kitty party games, dinner party games, family games, house party games, food games, games for adults and kids or any type of fun games for your next party, then your search ends here.  

Becoming a super host will now come easy as we have got you covered with some exciting and new games that are largely inexpensive and mostly fun! These party games are beyond the classic board games, dice games or card games. We are introducing to you, how you can use your regular tableware and decor to play unconventional fun games. You will surely be surprised to see your tableware being used beyond serving. These themed games can be played anytime, anywhere and become a part of your beautiful memories. 

Games night games

“Get - Set - Ready” for a fun filled ride of adrenaline rush that will get your competitive juices flowing!

1. String The Pops

Christmas Party Popcorn Game

Featured: Retro Bowls, Dots Soup Plate

We have our own version of “you reap what you sow” that is called “you eat what you sew”. The “String The Pops” game is our favourite food game that allows you to play a game and eat it too. Be it a birthday party, kitty party or movies night, this food game can add the right amount of amusement and entertainment. The game can surely be added to the list of party games for adults that is specially great for a Lohri party or a Christmas Party.

Number of Players: 2 or more players

What you need: 

i) Needles and threads - Quantity depending on the number of participants

ii) Cooked Popcorn in separate bowls

iii) Timer (can also be timed on the phone)

Popcorn Garland

How to Play: 

i) Every player is handed a bowl of popcorn with a needle that has been sewed

ii) Once the timer starts, the participants need to start sewing the popcorn into the stringed needle to make a garland

iii) The game stops once the timer stops (The timer can be timed for one minute or more)

Deciding the Winner:

The participant with the maximum number of popcorns sewed in the garland wins the game.

Popcorn Garland Game


The game can also be played with a variation where the participants are timed and the first one to sew all the popcorn in the bowl, wins the game. Make sure that all the bowls have equal numbers of popcorn and you let the participants eat their share of pops.

The garland can also be used as a DIY Christmas tree decoration.

2. Smell and Tell

House Party Games

“Smell and Tell” game will help you crown the ultimate Masterchef in the gang. While this game may look like a kitty game or a game for ladies, it is most ideal to play the game with kids or the foodies who do not like to cook. This food game is not only a way to have fun, but it can also be a unique way to educate our loved ones about the spices and masalas that are used while cooking.  

Number of Players: 2 or more players

What you need:

i) Small plates or bowl

ii) 7 or more raw masalas and spices with a strong fragrance

iii) A cloth for blindfolding 

iv) Timer (can also be timed on the phone)

Fun Games

Featured: Dip Bowls 

How to Play: 

i) Place masalas and spices in separate bowls, jars or plates

ii) Blindfold your participant and ask the participant to smell and tell the name of the ingredient kept in bowl

iv) Record all the guesses that the participants make along with the time they take

Food Games

Deciding the Winner:

The participant with the maximum number of right guesses within the shortest span of time, wins the game! 


This is a great game to introduce the kids to the food essentials that can be played with raw ingredients or even full meals. Make sure that the ingredients do not spill while playing the game.

3. Memory Game

Water Games

Featured: Fish Dishes, Blue Fish Dishes, Starfish Dish, Coral Platter, Eucalyptus Leaves

We love themed parties and this one here is for all the water babies who love the aquatic life. Our memory game can also be called “The Underwater World” which features fun and exciting bowls and plates from our underwater collection. The memory game can be added to the indoor games list that is perfect for house party games. The game is ideal for adults as well as kids that can be played during family time or at kitty parties. 

Number of Players: 2 or more

What you need: 

i) A set of crockery 

ii) A cloth to hide the table setting

ii) Camera or phone to record the game and time

How to Play: 

i) Crockeries are placed on the table in a particular arrangement and hidden by a cloth

ii) Each participant takes a turn where he/she is shown the arrangement for 15 seconds and asked to memorize the placement of the crockeries

iii) After the participant has viewed the arrangement, he/she is asked to replicate the same in the shortest span of time

iv) The game is played by one participant at a time

Fish Games

Deciding the Winner:

The fastest participant to replicate the arrangement in the closest form wins the game. Make sure to record all placements from the beginning to avoid the conflicts later. 


To confuse the participants, they can be given extra crockeries which are not a part of the original arrangement. The game can also be played as per any theme.

4. Who Does It First?

Indoor games

Who said that games cannot be healthy? Our ‘Who Does It First” game will add all the required vitamins and beauty to your games night. This party game uses real and faux fruits and flowers that will confuse the participants and will definitely get their competitive juices flowing. The game will help you check the memory and concentration of your players at birthday parties, brunch parties or even at family parties!

Number of Players: 3 or more players

What you need:

i) Fruits and flower shaped bowls and coaster

ii) Flowers and fruits 

iii) Camera or phone to record the game and time

Party Games

How to Play: 

i) Make a 3x3 arrangement of a mix of flowers fruits and flower and fruit shaped bowls, plates or coasters

ii) The participants are shown the arrangement for 20 seconds and asked to replicate the arrangement 

iii) The fastest participants to replicate the arrangement move to the next level

iv) A new level is added to the game where the 3x3 arrangement is changed into a 4x4 arrangement or a 5x5 arrangement and time given to memorize the arrangement is increased in proportion

House party games

Featured: Avocado bowl, Lemon Dishes, Cactus Dish, Floral Plate, Beads Lemon Trivet Coasters, Beads Fruits & Vegetable Coaster Set

Deciding the Winner: 

Every level of the game eliminates some participants. The fastest participant to replicate all the arrangements in the correct order wins the game.


This is a great game that can be played at home even in a casual setting that can help in sharpening the memory power of children at home. The game can be played with any products like stationery or cutlery that is easily available at home.

5. Bean It Up

Chopsticks Bean game

Featured: Snack Dish, VERA Black Bowl

The “Bean It Up” game will put the dexterity and hand-eye coordination to the test with chopsticks and a bowl full of beans. Whether it is birthday party games, couple games, kitty games, dinner games or family games, this food game is suited for all.  

Number of Players: 2 or more

What you need: 

i) Chopstick sets (quantity depending on the number of players)

ii) Variety of colourful beans mixed in a bowl

iii) Bowls to place the beans

Chopsticks Game

How to Play: 

i) Mix all the coloured beans and keep it in a bowl - one bowl for each participant

ii) Ask the participants to pick and separate each type of bean in a bowl using a set of chopsticks

Deciding the Winner: 

The fastest participant who separates all the beans correctly in the bowl that is dedicated to the each type of beans, wins the game.


The game can also be played blindfolded where the participant has to separate the beans with their hands. This variation of the game doesn't require chopsticks.

Games night

In case you are hosting a spontaneous house party or a get together these games will be your knight in shining armour. While you use your tableware to play games, don’t forget to also serve your guests with finger snacks in those bowls and plates.

View the full video below of how we played these fun games with our latest and most vibrant tableware:


Tell us what about your favourite games that you would like to play with your friends and family. Write in the comments below about how you use your tableware for some innovative games.

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