5 Ways To Decorate Your Home For A Fairytale Wedding

December 09, 2022

Without the ideal wedding décor, no wedding seems complete. Your decorations, no matter how minimalist or maximalist they may be, can transform the special occasion into the enchanted, once-in-a-lifetime affair of your dreams. A Home Wedding especially holds a special place with the close-knit ones, who’ve supported you along the way. Home is the place where one experiences life’s most significant moments, and it’s the most sentimental wedding venue to tie the knot. Now, choosing the right wedding decorations takes some careful planning and thought. Therefore, arm yourself with some fundamental decor pointers before you step towards the dreamy ‘just married’ zone.

Every pre-shaadi or on-shaadi ceremony, be it the bachelorette party, mehandi, haldi, or reception needs a themed room design to make the bride-to-be’s day special and of course to make her feel like the ‘main character’. Her wedding day and all the pre-events should do justice to those wishful Disney fairy tales or the classic DDLJ. With Nestasia’s curated ideas for decoration on that special day, get ready to make the Dulhan feel special.

1. #BacheloretteParty Decorations

As the bride-to-be steps into a new phase of her life, it’s THE day to party her heart to the fullest. Raise your glasses and set up an elaborate table spread for the upcoming ceremonies. Planning a bachelorette party is definitely not an easy task. However, it’s a crucial and super fun part of the lead-up to the wedding day! It’s a great time to celebrate with girlfriends and besties and what’s better than a stay-at-home bachelorette party? It gives the opportunity for a comfortable and budget-friendly celebration.

Fill your glasses with bubblies, and wines and say cheers to that special bond that’s unbreakable. With Nestasia’s varied range of crystal-stemmed glasses and quirky cacti tumblers, the party is sure to get started. The table can be further set with the bride’s favourite snacks and food items. The snack spread can also be set in a way to complement the beverages served. Deck up the interior with some fairy lights and metallic and pastel balloons to amp up the party decor.

2. For The Grand Couple Entry

It's a cliché to say that the first impression is the last impression, but if you want to give your guests a memorable experience and plenty of photos to remember your wedding by, you must pay special attention to their arrival. Artificial flowers for wedding decoration or blooms in floor vases are a wonderful way to give a fairytale welcome to your guests. Flowers, drapes, lit candles, and other decorative additions make your wedding entrance look stunning as ever so that your guests are mesmerized once they see it.

The entrance of a home wedding is all about utilising the space. Since you aren’t able to get a spacious entrance like those available in outdoors or banquet halls, it’s vital to utilise the limited space in the prettiest way possible. Opt for flower decorations and flower arrangements to beautify the entrance. Place artificial flower stems in floor vases and tall vases to add elegance and an element of sophistication to the wedding decoration. The entrance door frame can also be decorated with our flower vines intertwined with fairy lights of different colours.

3. Mehandi Corner Decor

One of the most significant wedding customs that has persisted through the ages is the Mehndi ceremony. It is a ceremony that extends beyond decking up the bride. The mehndi ritual is a crucial part of every wedding celebration because it is also believed to be an omen of happiness and good health. The ceremony is customarily held by the bride's family the day before the wedding.

One may not want to go overboard with the decor for a homely close-knit event but still want to convey the excitement of a glam mehendi ceremony. We are confident that our ideas for decoration will go a long way toward ensuring that your mehndi ceremony is dreamy and delightful, whether you are doing the decor yourself a.k.a a DIY decor, or hiring a wedding planner to do it for you. We’ve scratched out the most amazing Mehandi function decoration for you to take your dose of inspiration from. 

A few days before the wedding, the bride can enjoy some moments of fun and enjoyment with her loved ones while getting her palms adorned with her ideal mehndi design. Get ready for stunning candids and groupfies with the girl gang during the ceremony. Our idea of mehandi corner is the epitome of bohemian floral beauty with a dash of elegance! The bride-to-be sits at the centre while earthy dried flowers make for a rustic flower border design with the addition of pastel flower arrangements adding a bohemian charm to the event. 

Glam up the space with our traditional mirror work cushions that also enable the bride-to-be to get comfortable for the mehndi application. The to-be dulhan is surrounded by lilies and flowers placed on our 3-tiered cake stands that can also be used to place flower garlands. Lustrous golden vases add a captivating touch to the decor. To go along with the earthy theme, decorate the backdrop with Nestasia’s Sabai wall plates for a finishing touch.

4. The Shaadi Special Album

Want more vibrant and fun wedding photos? So you definitely can't skip having a lovely photo booth at your wedding! Your wedding photos will come to life thanks to photo booths. They can serve as an icebreaker during your wedding because guests can easily bond over group photos and quirky poses. Despite the fact that the trend isn't really new, guests can definitely be surprised with a photo booth at a home wedding, which definitely makes the concept quite new and original.


Anything and everything can be incorporated into wedding photo booths, from amusing & playful props, to gorgeous floral vine backdrops, and unique personalised touches. Therefore, if you want to focus on this "IT" trend as well, here is all the inspiration prepared for you. The addition of a photo booth will definitely help move over the age-old ‘shy-bride’ concept, as it’s time for her to have fun with her friends with poses and pouts in the selfie corner.

We have opted for a flower border design to create a frame, made with our artificial leaf vines, while the backdrop features a subtle coloured drape that has been beautifully contrasted with fairy lights and vibrant green leaf stems. Go pose with the girl gang or siblings on the big day. Opt for quirky props and signages to create fun photographs or simply for a stunning picture with the beautiful backdrop.

5. For The Last Minute Touch-Ups

The vanity table needs to be properly equipped with essentials for the last-minute makeup touches for the bride, bridesmaids, or guests. If guests are traveling from afar a properly set up vanity table helps with ensuring that everyone is wedding ready. For that dab of foundation, a swipe of eyeliner and touching up that highlighter, everyone wants to bring their A+ glam game to the wedding. 

A mirror is a must for the bridal vanity table and our vintage mirrors seem straight out of a fairy tale. Adorned with intricate swirls and flowers, there can be no better vanity essential that can help the bride-to-be get ready for her own fairytale wedding. The mirror equipped with an ornate stand helps keep the hands free for precision makeup and hair styling. Don’t forget to place a hand mirror if you wish to get a closeup for that proper touch-up.

The vanity table can be further decked up with flower-adorned vases and aesthetically scattered flower petals because the big day demands every corner to be decked up. Organise makeup essentials on platters and trays for easier access.

The magical and easy-to-do wedding decor ideas are the perfect elements for a beautiful home wedding. As the bride and groom tie the knot and step into a world of adventure and promises, the wedding day continues to remain a momentous and memorable event in one’s life.

You Asked, We Answered! 

1. Why are decorations important?

Decorations are the perfect way to enhance the interior and enhance the home decor. A home wedding gives you the option to choose your own kind of home decor. A personalised wedding decoration will not only impress guests but also make the special day worth remembering.

2. Can I decorate my own wedding?

D.I.Y. weddings are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. You can opt for various wedding decor items from Nestasia, ranging from artificial flowers, flower vines, glam cushions, festive showpieces, crockery and many more. Decorating your own wedding is also a fun and easy way to get loved ones involved with the party decorations.

3. What are some essential wedding decorations needed for a home wedding?

Whether you want to go for unique and ornate or simple and traditional in your wedding decor, there are certain elements you’ll want to consider when planning the overall interior decor. To set up the entrance, opt for floral arrangements in tall vases or floor vases along with wedding signage. The dinner table can be decorated with gold detailed dinner plates, appetizer plates, and cutlery, while an elaborate flower arrangement can be placed as the centrepiece. The backdrop of the seating arrangement can be done using flower vines, drapes, and an intricate flower border design. The dressing room can be decorated with mirrors, trinket trays, and organisers for last-minute touch ups.

4. What are some vintage wedding decoration ideas?

With a vintage wedding decor, celebrate the past while you step into the future for new beginnings. Implement rustic and earthy themes into the decor such as Nestasia’s natural dried flowers. Go for brown and red-themed decorations, such as brown drapes, and brown cushions. For serving guests, brown-coloured ceramic crockery may be used while the ambience can be set alight with lit candles on golden metal candle stands or glass candle stands.


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