Father's Day Gift Guide

June 14, 2020

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Every June, comes Father's Day and then again, we wonder what to give our dads who are forever pampering us with utmost love and showering us with all that we need. We have curated a gift guide with products from our latest collection, tailored for the kind of interest your dad has! 


If you're dad is the kind who's forever on time and follows a strict daily routine. A thorough professional who is always punctual, organized and sorted. 

table calendar

New calendars on the block for his desk or dressing table.

vintage table clock

A rustic, vintage clock that goes hand in hand with his persona.

shelf hanger

Minimal wall shelves in metal and wood with clean edges and a classic look for his love for prim and proper arrangement.

Metal organizers to hang in the dressing room, to arrange his on-the-go essentials in a neat and tidy manner.


Is he fond of the movies and absolutely loves binge watching shows or has this immense love for all things related to the big screen; then, enhancing his movie collection would be a good idea, but with a twist.

camera hooks

Gift him this set of three eccentric hooks in the shape of a video-cam, reel and a clapper board to elevate his space in a modish way!


Check out these noteworthy musical gifts for him to strike the right chord!

musical notes show piece

Get him these musical tone shaped accents that will tune up the decor of his den or jamming space.

gramophone miniature

If your dad's all about nostalgia and is an old school vinyl lover, these mini table top accents are just right to take him down the memory lane and bring that million dollar smile on his face!

Cassette Hooks

Hooks shaped in the form of a CD, cassette and a floppy disk which are now considered ancient will trigger reminiscences of his early days!


For the culinary dad, there's nothing better than a beautiful range of tableware. Get your hands on some lovely ceramic plates and platters to help him up his serving game.

black and white plates

A subtle way of letting him know, " Hey dad, please cook me my favourite dish!"

pasta bowl

Give your gourmet dad, the kind of treats he'd like! Classic tableware for a classic chef, to build his collection.

baking plate

Whether he's a baker, a breakfast chef or someone who tosses pasta and grills endlessly, help him enjoy his favourite activity by gifting him some unique tableware.


If your dad is known for throwing the best parties and is always entertaining guests at home, then give him gifts that will wow the host in him!

stem glasses

Quirky stem glasses for him to pour those lip smacking concoctions and cocktails to lure his guests. 

With parties mostly shifting indoors, he might want to stock up on some lovely crockery to serve his guests with utmost grace.

granite coaster

Pick out some elegant serve ware; an array of platters and trays that he would fancy! Even natural stone coasters for his bar will be a great addition.

swirl platter

Grab a little something for him to be a host who adds those bold decorative touches to his parties, forever enamouring his guests!


Does he go gaga over coffee and relish his cup of Joe sip by sip. Then he deserves to awaken his mind stylishly! Right?

marble coffee mug

'Espresso' your love for him with our selection of coffee mugs.

coffee mug white

Let's show him you love him a 'latte'!


Tea lovers are extremely passionate about their beverage and the fashion in which they lay out their tea table. Is your dad one of those who absolutely loves to slurp his tea but in an orderly way?

glass tea set

Your tea-fanatic dad that will be delighted with a timeless tea set.  

terrazzo coaster

If he likes his tea time to be a perfect affair, team up the tea set with some stone-finish terrazzo coasters. Its luxurious aesthetic is a treat to the eyes. 

glass tea set

Nestip: Lay out the tea table elegantly with a scrumptious spread of condiments before he's up on Father's Day and enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning with him and the family.


Is your daddy the one with a green thumb? Does he find solace in potting and planting? Is gardening therapeutic for him? Then you are sure to find something for him from our newest range of planter collection.

book planter

Let him enjoy his hobby with utmost flair. If you're still wondering what to give him, then gifting him planters is a safe bet. Is he a bookworm or is he a car enthusiast? We've stocked up on a whole new range of quirky and elegant planters that would make wonderful presents.

mini planters

He could have little plant babies adorning his desk that will end up reminding him of his very own baby. These just cannot get cuter.

A refined and minimal addition to his work table. 


Is he the man behind the camera, clicking away always! Be it professionally, as a hobby or simply making innumerable memories of his kids! 

camera pen holder

Grab one of these wooden mini-camera holders for his desk to stash his pens and markers. Let him be reminded of you, every time he reaches out to pick a pen! 

Nestip: Put together some of your best photographs with him and creatively lay them out on his desk along with the pen stand before he starts his day. Don't forget to jot down a lovely message! Make this Father's Day a memory that will never fade!


If your dad has retired, and is thoroughly enjoying his time, while he sits back relaxing at home. He deserves every bit of comfort, top to toe!

crochet knitted cushion

Get him the comfiest of cushions for his cozy setting, be it while he reads, binge watches or sleeps!

hilfy cushion

Opt for his favourite colours or go for tones that match his personality. Solid pastels for those who like to keep it stylish and posh. Bright combos for those who like all things bold.

No two dads are alike, with tastes and personalities that differ. With Father's Day round the corner we have put together a list that covers different types of daddies, rounding up gifts for all! Hope this makes makes things easier for you. 






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