Everything To Include In A Bridal Trousseau

November 26, 2022

There’s something magical about weddings when two people vow to be tied together in holy matrimony for better or for worse for the rest of their lives. However, it can be quite an overwhelming journey for the bride because it’s never easy to leave one’s home and embark on a new journey in life. That’s why a perfect wedding trousseau can make a bride’s wedding journey truly memorable. 

Wedding trousseau gifts

The idea of a bridal trousseau is ever-evolving and every bride has different requirements. To be honest, any bride would prefer to carry their entire closet to their new home. Since that’s not possible, a well-curated bridal trousseau list can help to decide what to keep and what to leave behind so that the bride can feel a sense of connection and familiarity when she’s starting a new chapter in her life. 

Personal and home organisers

Although the urge to include anything and everything in a wedding trousseau is understandable, it’s not very feasible, is it? So what to add and what not to add? That is the question! And we’re here to answer that very question. Our carefully curated bridal trousseau list features some of the most essential items to help you design a gorgeous trousseau this wedding season. Read on! 

1. Potli Bags

What’s a bridal trousseau list without a stunning potli bag? A potli bag goes a long way in making the bridal attire even more extravagant on that special day. 

Potli bags

We offer an assorted collection of potli bags for wedding in vibrant colours featuring gorgeous hand-embroidered patterns and designs that’ll simply take your breath away. Our hand embellished Jhoomar velvet potli bag can be the perfect addition to your bridal trousseau. The luxurious look of this potli bag will go excellently with the grandeur of a wedding ceremony. 

Jhoomar velvet potli bag (dark grey)

But if you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wedding extravaganza, why not go for our off-white Seher floral potli bag? The hand-embroidered floral sequins on the premium poly silk can make any Indo-western or traditional bridal attire look so much more elegant! 

Seher floral potli bag (off-white)

2. Decorative Trays

What’s the point of a wedding trousseau if it doesn’t celebrate some vintage glitz and glamour? Our range of decorative vintage trays is the perfect combination of vintage grandeur and mesmerizing wedding glamour. 

Vintage decorative trays

There’s nothing more a bride wants than to celebrate her special day in an extravagant yet tasteful fashion with her loved ones. And to make her wedding day worthwhile, check out our Minerva art deco mirror gold tray for the bridal trousseau. The chic gold-metal design with a high-quality, transparent mirror can be the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to the wedding trousseau. 

Minerva Art Deco Mirror Gold Tray

Or, if you want a decorative tray that will adorn the bride’s dressing table on her wedding day, it doesn’t get any better than our Theia glam square gold tray with handles. The exotic and vintage tray designs exude a heavenly refinement and elegance that’s perfect for a holy celebration like a wedding. So let the bridal trousseau represent the glorious beauty of a wedding ceremony with our decorative trays

Theia Glam Square Gold Tray With Handles

3. Personal Organisers

A. Jewellery Organiser 

“I can’t find the wedding ring” - this one statement from the bride is more than enough to cause utter panic and mayhem on the “Big Day.” That’s why including jewellery organisers in the bridal trousseau is always an effective contingency plan to save the day! 

Jewellery organisers

Even though you might think of racks or a jewellery stand, they aren’t the most convenient bridal trousseau item. So, why not try something that’s a bit handier? Our foldable jewellery organiser for women can be the perfect solution to keep all bridal jewellery safe and organised. The premium-grade velvet exterior also offers the ultimate luxe look, making it ideal for a wedding trousseau. 

Foldable jewellery organiser roll (green)

Besides being foldable and portable, it also comes with two ribbons, so the bride can easily use it as a hanging jewellery organiser or a jewellery travel organiser. No more fussing and panicking over misplacing the precious wedding jewelleries on the special day. Convenient, right? 

Foldable Jewellery Organiser Roll Pink

B. Vanity Pouches

Makeup is a bride’s best friend because every bride wants to look stunning and glamorous to woo her groom on their special day. In fact, a bridal attire looks bland without the right makeup.

Vanity pouch sets

That said, arranging the bridal makeup products requires some serious dedication and commitment. Lipsticks, eyeliners, blushers, highlighters - all lie strewed over the bride’s dressing table, making it look like an avalanche of cosmetic products. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, a bridal trousseau featuring a makeup vanity bag collection can be the ultimate saviour. 

Sunshine Yellow Cosmetic Bag Set

Our range of cosmetic vanity bag sets is available in different vibrant colours, including sunshine yellow, beige blossom, plum purple, sleek black, sage green, and dusty rose pink. Gift one of these vanity organizers to the dearest bride in her wedding trousseau and help her avoid a full-blown meltdown on her wedding day because of misplaced makeup products. 

Dusty Rose Pink Cosmetic Bag Set

C. Laptop Bags

This is the age of hustling where the work never stops, maybe not even on the wedding day. What if the bride has to submit a last-minute project report? Even though a laptop might not be the best accessory to a bridal attire, our collection of gorgeous and colourful laptop bags present a whole different story altogether. 

Laptop bags

Our sleek magenta pink laptop case with a luxe velvet exterior can be the perfect addition to a bridal trousseau celebrating the colour red, which is the most common colour theme of any traditional Indian wedding. 

Laptop Bag Luxe Velvet Sleek Magenta Pink

Or, if you want to add a modern and elegant touch, our sleek beige ladies laptop bag will go beautifully with the white and golden colour theme of a South Indian (Kerala) wedding ceremony. 

Laptop Bag Luxe Velvet Sleek Beige

4. Home Organisers

A. Laundry Basket 

Whether it’s a wedding date or a normal weekend, household chores never take a day off and even a beautiful bride has to do her laundry. But, you can make the job easier for the bride by adding some handy laundry baskets to the wedding trousseau. 

Laundry baskets

Whether it’s an eco-friendly, Sabai grass basket set, or a multipurpose, colourful PVC basket set, our laundry basket organisers can be perfect for the occasion. 

Storage Basket Set

Not to mention, these wash basket organisers can easily double as stationery organisers, helping the bride to keep her personal belongings in order without losing anything amidst all the wedding drama.

Essentials Storage Basket White

B. Lunch Bags 

Every bride wants to look gorgeous in her traditional wedding attire, which evidently results in months of dieting and soul-crushing workouts. But no matter how hardcore the diet and workout sessions are, a girl’s gotta eat! 

Eco-Friendly Jute Lunch Bag Beige And Red

Since carrying boxes and boxes of lunch on the wedding day can be a monumental task, why not make it easier by adding some lunch bags for women to the bridal trousseau? Whether you want a luxe velvet lunch bag or an eco-friendly jute lunch bag, we’ve got it all! 

Jute lunch bags

To top it off, our luxe velvet lunch bags are also available in a wide variety of colour combinations, including grey and pink, grey and green, and grey and brown. Choose any lunch bag that goes with the colour palette of the bridal trousseau and help the beautiful bride enjoy her low-calorie green veggies. 

Luxe Velvet Lunch Bag Grey And Green

5. Dinner Set

A wedding is incomplete without a grand reception dinner with a sumptuous menu. But if you keep all the mouthwatering food aside for a minute (we know it’s hard), what’s the next thing that makes a wedding dinner truly grand? The dinner set, obviously! 

Dinner sets

Every piece of dinnerware you see on the table, from the new dinner plates to the sparkling glassware, all of these add to the glamorous wedding charm. So, it makes so much more sense to include some gorgeous dinnerware sets in the bridal trousseau. 

Glassware set

If you’re looking for the right plate set or a complete crockery set for the wedding trousseau, our VERA pink 27-piece dinner set can be a great pick. The sleek and fashionable design of this crockery set can add so much elegance to a wedding reception dinner.

VERA Pink 27-Piece Dinner Set

6. Kitchen Utilities

If you think that the wedding is just an extravagant celebration of glamour for the bride, you’re highly mistaken. Moving to a new place after the wedding, setting up a new home - all of this can be a mammoth task. But it’s not all doom and gloom if you can give the bride the perfect wedding trousseau filled with some essential kitchen utility gift items.

Kitchen utilities

A knife set, a board set, and some measuring utility spoons are always a good place to start when adding kitchen utilities to the bridal trousseau. You can check out our Home Chef knife set, which comes with a knife stand and a chopping board and can be a perfect gift for the bride’s new kitchen. 

Home Chef knife set

We also have a beautiful floral mandala ceramic trivet that’ll look gorgeous as a serving board on a new kitchen countertop. So, help the newly-wed bride with her home decor by adding a stunning kitchen utility set to her wedding trousseau. 

Floral Mandala Ceramic Trivet

7. Tea Set

Nothing can be a better way to welcome house guests than arranging an afternoon tea and a newly-wed bride is bound to expect a whole lot of house guests. So, why not add a wonderful tea cup set to her wedding trousseau? 

Tea gift sets

You can browse through our assorted collection of tea gift sets and pick one that suits the glorious occasion of a wedding. For example, our midnight green tea set offers a luxe elegance that’s almost unparalleled by any ordinary tea set. 

Tea gift sets

8. Cushion Covers

An inviting drawing room cushion goes a long way in entertaining house guests and we have the perfect couch cushion covers to spruce up the room decor of a new bride. 

Beige Quilted Velvet Cushion Cover

Whether it’s a vintage beige quilted velvet cushion cover or some quirky pop art cushion covers, we have a wide range of cushion cover collections fit for every occasion. So, check out our sofa cushion covers and choose your best pick for the bridal trousseau. 

Pop Art Cushion Covers Set

9. Throws And Rugs

Besides cushion covers, sofa throws and rugs can also be excellent in making a new drawing room look more welcoming and inviting. 

Chevron Cotton Throw Red

Adding our chevron cotton throw for couch can be ideal for adorning the couch in the bride’s room and making it more cozy. At the same time, our BOHO Delilah hand-woven rug can help add subtle pops of vibrant colours to the room. 

BOHO Delilah Hand Woven Rug

10. Beauty Accessories

A bride needs her beauty sleep because let’s be honest, no bride wants to wake up with bags under her eyes on her wedding day! But what if the pre-wedding jitters steal her precious beauty-sleep? If you think about it, eye masks can be the perfect solution to help the newly-wed bride get a good night’s sleep without any disturbance or distraction. 

Bridal Trousseau

But there’s probably one thing that’s even more important than sleep to a bride. Her hair! So, why not add some gorgeous satin hair bands to the bridal trousseau that goes well with the wedding theme? Check out our collection of these beauty accessories and take your best pick. 

Bridal Trousseau

11. Mirrors

Every bride expects perfection on their wedding day and double or triple checking their hair and makeup becomes an hourly routine. Sounds frustrating, we know! 

Handheld vanity mirrors

But you can take away some of that frustration by including a handheld vanity mirror, so the bride can take a break from searching for a makeup mirror around the room every few minutes. 

Venus Vanity Handheld Mirror Green

You can also add a round mirror or a two-way mirror with a stand to make the wedding day less stressful and more enjoyable for the bride. 

Minimalist Double Sided Stand Mirror With Tray Pink

12. Photo Frames 

As they say, “a marriage is for life,” so it’s only natural that a bride will want to treasure the beautiful memories of her wedding day. And what’s a better way to treasure those glorious wedding moments than to capture the perfect photos and arrange them inside fancy photo frames

Bridal Trousseau

Since a picture can tell a thousand tales, imagine what a series of picture frames can tell about the wedding ceremony! Our wedding photo frame is the final addition to this bridal trousseau list as it can beautifully showcase those captured wedding moments forever.  

Wedding Photo Frame Small

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