Elegant Christmas Decor Ideas For Home

November 30, 2023

The faint symphony of melodious carols in the distance from the living room. The irresistible smell of delicious and freshly baked puddings and cakes overwhelms our senses with nostalgia. Excitement and sheer joy in the air. Yes, the holiday season knocks at our doorstep yet again. It is time to deck our homes with all things Christmas-y and welcome our guests with lots of love and joy (Not Kevin style). Christmas decorations are an integral part of the holiday season and how can they not be? Let us just spill a secret to you: We would love to spoil you with our Christmas decoration ideas for your home (Winks).


Planning for Christmas is so fun! A home completely decked up (even a little over the top) looks super good this season. Snowmen, Santa Claus, Green Wreath, there is an endless list of motifs that can be used for this beautiful celebration. Though it is believed that it was the Germans who started the tradition of Christmas decorations, it surely took no time to catch up with the rest of the world. With no shortage of Christmas day decorations, invest in some timeless items and get things going for this one day!

Come explore with us some of the Christmas house décor ideas to sprinkle the charm and warmth of the holiday season.

Elegant Christmas Décor Ideas For Your Entire Home

Living Room Christmas Décor Ideas

It is the holiday season and we cannot keep calm! It’s official. The knitted sweaters are on, the peppermint candles are out, and the Christmas tree is up—the holidays have officially arrived, and how? But there’s nothing that brings the joy of the season front of mind quite like a fabulously decorated living room. Not only is it the go-to location for your Christmas tree, but it’s also the backdrop for intimate gatherings, the setting for fun gift exchanges, and the cosiest place to relax with your family each evening. When it comes to Christmas decorations, Christmas living room décor is a tradition that is sworn by. We, at Nestasia, bring you unique living room Christmas décor ideas that will make your celebrations merrier. 

Living room decor

1. The holidays are the perfect excuse to make use of vintage furniture that's been tucked away in your attic. An antique rocking chair reminds us of the nights we stayed up listening to Christmas stories, cosied up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa.


2. This holiday, try a Christmas colour scheme with non-traditional décor, like warm throw pillows and red roses. Deck up your home with a red accent to dominate the Christmas vibe at home.

Christmas cushion

3. The combination of a large wreath and lush garland adds visual interest to these living room windows.


4. Spending time with family and friends by the fireplace is what the holidays are all about. Since all eyes will be on it for Christmas, dress up your mantel with everything from sparkly wall-hanging ornaments to red candlesticks. Don't forget to incorporate some of your favourite accessories from Nestasia as well.

Wall hangings

5. Small personal touches have the power to transform an entire room. Make use of small and intricate décor objects to incorporate into your Christmas décor to amp up the overall look and feel of the space.

Glass Votive

Bedroom Christmas Décor Ideas

While the rest of your house may be decked up with all things pretty and twinkling with fairy lights this holiday season, you can take the Christmas home décor up a notch by embellishing your bedroom as well. We agree that the holiday season calls for a happy family get-together topped with lip-smacking food and lots of chit-chat and banter in the dining room. The bedroom, however, lends itself to more serene vibes, and why should it not, after all, there’s one room in the house that is our true sanctuary and that is our bedroom. You must be wondering where to begin in giving your boudoir its visions of sugarplums. Well, that’s what we’re here for! Start by bringing in your favourite cosy items, such as plush cushions that scream Christmas vibes (literally), cosy throw blankets, fresh greenery, and, yes, professional-grade twinkle lights and slowly build up the décor as you have envisioned. 

Nestasia has some really cute Christmas decor items that are going to be the perfect fit for your Christmas decor at home.

1. Who needs to hang a star upon the highest bough for festivity? A pair of cheery red stockings create the classic red-and-green colour scheme in these serene sleeping quarters.

Christmas socks

2. Holiday doesn’t always have to be so obvious—often, a cosy cabin look will evoke Christmas cheer just as well as string lights.

door hanging

3. Whether it's by purchasing some new Christmas bedding or getting your hands on a decadent throw, incorporating festive colours into your room will help to set the festive scene. Christmas usually connotes a staple colour palette of forest greens, ruby reds, and crisp whites, so these colours are perfect to introduce into your bedroom.


4. Who says decorations are just for the Christmas tree? Spruce up your bedroom space by hanging your favourite ornaments, garlands, wreaths, window stickers, and stars. It's the perfect finishing touch for any space.


5. Cushions are one of the best styling tools we have at our disposal, and that rings true at Christmas too. At Nestasia, we have the perfect holiday season soft furnishings that will compliment your décor.

Christmas cushion

6. Festive candles or diffusers can help to evoke fond memories. Christmas is the perfect time to opt for strong scents, from heady spices such as cinnamon to the sweet scents of gingerbread and vanilla. A lot of our childhood memories of the season will be built on scent and walking into a home that has the distinct aroma of roasted chestnuts, or Nordic fir Christmas trees will instantly make us feel like Christmas has arrived. Shop for delicious-smelling candles from Nestasia to create an aromatic ambience at home.


Christmas Decoration Ideas For Balcony

Preparing for the holiday season we try to decorate our house as festively as possible. We decorate a Christmas tree, hang garlands, look for interesting Christmas decoration ideas, DIY Christmas decorations, etc. But many of us forget to decorate the balcony and this is an important part of any apartment. We have collected some of the most inspiring Christmas balcony decorating ideas that will help you welcome the holiday season! 

1. If your balcony is large enough for a sit-down table and you live in a mild climate, consider hosting an outdoor holiday meal.

Dinner set

2. Wheel a holiday bar cart onto your balcony when happy hour rolls around. Decorate it with simple greens and gold-dipped glasses for a festive touch.

Wine rack

3. Make use of mini plant baskets or planters to decorate the floor of your balcony. Greenery always adds to the overall aesthetic of any décor.


4. Decorate your balcony for Christmas with string lights, garlands, wreaths, ornaments, mini trees, and cosy table settings to make the most of your outdoor space during the holiday season.

Tealight holder

5. Layer your outdoor seating with thick cosy throws, pillows, and blankets to keep you warm while you enjoy a romantic Christmas toast with your favourite person.


Bonus Tip: Unique Outdoor Christmas Decorations

1. You can infuse natural and faux elements to create unique outdoor Christmas decorations at home. Use faux flowers from Nestasia to add a touch of charm.

2. Oversize decorations take Christmas décor to a new level. Use dramatic Christmas decorations such as Christmas balls, stars, and other décor elements to create a more vibrant feel of the holiday season.

3. Give your entry an enchanted forest vibe and decorate your doorstep with beautiful décor objects from Nestasia to create a more Christmas-y feel outside your house. Create your winter wonderland this festive season.

4. You can also add handmade and sustainable décor products to the overall look to create a more natural and nature-related décor.

5. Nothing says Christmas as much as the brightly lit fairy lights outside the house. String as many lights as possible to create a festive charm and a warm welcome for all your loved ones.


Give your home the perfect aesthetic look and get it Pinterest-ready this holiday season. Dive into the festive charm with the above-mentioned décor ideas for your home. 'Tis the season of greetings, love, joy, and lots of hot cocoa. Decking the halls for the holidays is pure joy. Therefore get on the bandwagon and enjoy each process of decorating your home. Whether you have a traditional home or prefer a more contemporary Christmas look, our holiday decorating ideas will surely inspire you.

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