7 Eid Decor Trends for Creating a Festive Atmosphere at Home

April 05, 2024

Marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Eid will be here before you know it. Kudos to everyone for having upheld the virtues of resilience and self-control for an entire month, but it’s now time to look forward to rejuvenation and indulgence. While you may be pumped to revel in the festive spirit, why leave out your home? Dress every corner in a way that reflects the warmth of Eid so that you can make each moment special and one that’s forever etched in your memory. Let us explore some creative ways to spruce up your space in light of the festivities.

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7 Eid Decor Trends to Create a Festive Atmosphere

1. Wall Buntings

Ground your home in religious symbolism by adorning your walls with Eid-inspired wall buntings. The gracefully dangling crescent moon and star embellishments with a sparkly finish will add some magic to bland walls, creating a festive backdrop for your festivities. You can also go for a personalized wooden wall decor accent that reads, “Eid Mubarak” with your family’s name engraved at the bottom. Decorating your entrance door with wall hangings hovering over it is also a great way to create an inviting ambience for your guests.

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2. Soft Furnishings

Having taken care of things at eye level like your walls and doors, let’s tiptoe to another underrated gem in the realm of home decor - soft furnishings, of course. For Eid, you might want to stick to all things extra. Layer your couch with vibrant floral embroidered cushion covers and let silky satin covers cascade over your bed. You can also go for some sheer drapes to let some light into your rooms and brighten up the space.                                                                                         

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3. Floral Arrangements

Flowers have an inherent ability to breathe some life into any decor setting. Our vintage flower vases will shower your living room with elegance, effortlessly complementing any flower arrangement. For a rich and voluminous floral ensemble, clusters of hydrangeas work best. For a look that exudes grandeur, go for tall floor vases and place some long stems - white Gladiolus or classic red roses—with a mix of curly dried twigs, of course. If you are sticking with artificial flowers, go for cream whites and glimmering golds.

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4. Rugs

Spreading a beautiful patterned rug with intricate details and tassels in your living room will help sculpt the space and also double as a prayer mat for the mandatory morning Namaz. A luxurious hand-knotted Persian rug is perfect for adding a lavish touch to your space. You can also go for rich and warm-toned Moroccan rugs.                                                                                                                        


5. Lanterns

Did you know that the association of lanterns and Eid dates back to the Fatimid dynasty in ancient Egypt? Since then, the worldwide practice has been imperative to every Eid celebration, big and small. This Eid, consider investing in some tealights and LED string lights and place them in some lanterns to illuminate your space in the shafts of warm light. Lanterns with metal cutworks cast captivating shadows, creating a warm and serene ambience for your guests.

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6. Calligraphy Art

Stay true to your cultural roots by gracing your walls with frames bearing Islamic calligraphy. You will find plenty of prints online, from verses picked up from the Holy Quran to traditional Arabic phrases that are linked with philosophy and spirituality. Strategically place the pieces so that you capture your guests’ attention.

Islamic Calligraphy Art

7. Table Settings

Let’s face it - Eidi and a special Dawat are something we all long for in the days leading up to Eid. Creating a captivating table setting will help you ease in and make them feel more comfortable. You can lay out a traditional Dastarkhwan as a backdrop and start building your table setup. Go for pristine white ceramic dinner plates with gold detailings, sparkly charger plates for some sophistication, and golden trays to serve some bite-sized offerings. Keep the centrepieces simple and opt for golden candle holders with a towering pillar candle.

You can check out our dinner set collection in preparation for the upcoming festivities. If you fancy, colourful dessert bowls are perfect for serving sevai, firni and more.                                                                                                              

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Eid is upon us and it’s time to curate our decor to reflect the spirit of the festival. The excitement for Eidi gifts and every mother’s signature dish is seizing our hearts. With so much to look forward to, we’ve presented a list of decor ideas so that you can decorate your space to celebrate this special occasion with friends and family.

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