6 Must-Have Items On Your Diwali Shopping List

September 25, 2023

So, picture this: The air is buzzing with excitement, there's a hint of something sweet in every corner, and a kaleidoscope of colors adorns every doorstep. Yes, you guessed it right – it's that time of the year when our homes light up with the biggest, brightest, and most sparkling festival ever – Diwali! 

Diwali decor

Must-have items in your Diwali shopping list:

1. Puja shopping list

Diwali puja is a time for devotion and gratitude. A time to perform the rituals with reverence and devotion. Traditional diyas and candles are essential for illuminating the puja area. Along with many other decorative objects, a decorative Urli is essential to hold various puja items. Scented candles on the other hand with their aroma create the perfect ambiance for indulging in rituals and devotions.

Scented candles

2. Decoration shopping list

Decorating your home for Diwali is an exciting and festive tradition. Decorative torans made of marigold flowers, mango leaves, or beads can be hung at the entrance of your home to welcome guests. Decorate your walls with traditional or contemporary wall art and hangings that complement the festive spirit.


3. Shopping for gifts

Gifts are the most exciting part of any occasion. Be it birthdays, festive occasions, or weddings, gifts are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. This Diwali, shop for thoughtfully curated gift items from Nestasia, to make your loved ones feel extra special. Soft furnishings like bed covers, indoor planters, wall decor, decorative plates, jewellery boxes, organisers, gift hampers, etc. make for some of the perfect Diwali gifts to add a touch of bling to your celebration.

 Cushion cover

4. Miscellaneous

With the approach of the festive season, it is important not to miss out on the little details of the preparations, such as gift wraps, gift cards, ribbons, gift bags, gift boxes, etc.

Gift envelope

5. Diwali feast, clothes shopping, rangoli

Diwali is a season of shopping, and it's not limited to buying new clothes alone. People also indulge in shopping for a variety of items, including home decorative items like diyas, candles, lanterns, fairy lights, torans (door hangings), wall art, vases, decor objects, and rangoli, and kitchenware and dining essentials like dinner plates, glassware, cutlery, napkins, bar tools, trays, etc., to adorn homes and create a festive atmosphere. 

Whiskey Glass

6. Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming the ambiance of your home during Diwali. The right lighting choices can create a warm, inviting, and festive atmosphere that enhances the overall experience of the festival. Diyas (oil lamps) and candles are the heart and soul of Diwali decorations. Placing diyas and candles in your house infuses a soft, warm, and intimate glow. The flickering flames create a serene and traditional ambiance that evokes a sense of peace and spirituality. While decorative lanterns and lamps add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your beautiful Diwali decor, hanging fairy lights or string lights across walls, doorways, and outdoor spaces can instantly transform the ambiance. They create a cozy and festive atmosphere.

Diwali lighting


With this comprehensive Diwali shopping list, you'll be all set to celebrate Diwali with enthusiasm and joy. Nestasia has numerous collections of Diwali essentials with which you can adorn your homes. 

Diwali is all about spreading love, positivity, and togetherness with family and friends. So, check off your list, light up your home, and cherish the magical moments of Diwali!

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Diwali filled with light, love, and laughter!

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