Diwali Decoration Ideas

November 14, 2020

Diwali is about homes filled with the smell of delightful Diwali sweets and savouries, houses decorated with Diwali Rangolis, fairy lights, candle holders and Diyas, the aura of colourful flowers, the joy of wearing new clothes, card parties with friends and family and about exchanging Diwali gifts with the loved ones.

It is also the most awaited time of the year when the whole family comes together and celebrates Diwali at home. The excitement and the grandeur of the festival is reflected through unique Diwali decor across homes with the sound of firecrackers and with Diwali greetings and beautiful decoration for Diwali

With the festival right around the corner, we bring to you a step by step guide to some Diwali decor ideas for homes that are easy yet creative and that will surely brighten up your homes this Diwali. We have covered all your decor essentials to make your Diwali celebrations brighter and happier with these quick DIY Diwali decoration ideas at home.

Diwali decoration ideas at home: Diwali Candle and Flower Decor

Illuminate any corner of the house with candle stands and candles matched with a mix of fresh and faux flowers. Add variety by pairing tall and short candle stands, votives, and decorative items for Diwali and placing them anywhere as a part of the decor for Deepavali to add festive cheer and vibrancy to your home.   

Step 1. Hang strings of mogra flowers on the wall backdrop 

Step 2. Mix and match all your tall and short candle stands or votives

Step 3. Place some big flower vases around the candle stand with faux blossoms

Step 4. Place some faux flowers in the smaller votives and some fresh mogras around some of them 

Step 5. Place pillar candles on the candle stands and light them for a beautiful Diwali corner

Watch the full video below

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Diwali decoration ideas: Diwali Welcome Decor

This Diwali, redo your accessory stands and organisers to welcome guests with quirky decorative items for Diwali. This charming Diwali decoration ideas at home will uplift your Diwali celebrations and fill your guests with awe. 

Elevate the entrance table with an elegant and traditional golden decor. 

Step 1. Empty your accessory organiser or stand and place it on the entrance table

Step 2. Place different golden candle stands and trays next to the stand

Step 3. Place some colourful scented candles, votives or diyas on the stand and on the candle holder

Step 4. Place your favourite Diwali sweets in a line on your tray for a sweet welcome

Step 5. Fill the spaces with fresh and bright flowers that will add colour to the setup

Step 6. Illuminate the candles or Diyas to make your house gleam with radiance and fresh fragrances

Nestip: The decor can be replicated for a Diwali Pooja setup. You can use a Pooja platter or 'Thaali' instead of an organiser.

Watch the full video below:

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Diwali Greetings 

Dry fruits are congruent with Diwali celebrations and we will make your usual dry fruit serving into an unusual, attractive setup. This setup is also ideal for decoration for Diwali and gifts for friends and family.

Step 1. Place a traditional or a modern golden tray on the table 

Step 2. Place some colourful candle votives or Diyas on the tray 

Step 3. Place a table planter on the tray and add some fresh blossoms or gypsies in the planter

Step 4. Use your trinket boxes to keep dry fruits and place them on the tray

Step 5. Light the candles and enliven your space with the aura of the scented colourful candles 

Featured in the Diwali Greetings are: Metal Trays, Marble Planter with Stand, Trinket box, Candle Set, Diwali Gift Box

Premium decoration for Diwali: Festive Tea Time

Diwali marks the beginning of the winter season which means that it is the time to celebrate and share warmth. This Diwali, we bring to you our “Festive Tea Time” to help you decorate your house with love and warmth. 

Redo your tea table this Diwali and give it a festive vibe and a traditional look. 

Step 1. Place your modern cupcake stand at the tea table but, this time don’t place cupcakes or pastries

Step 2. Place your favourite diwali savouries like samosa, dhokla, kachori and sweets like ladoos and kaju kathli on the cake stand 

Step 3. Add brightness to the table with a glazing candle stand or a candle votive and light it with candles, diyas or LEDs. 

Step 4. Place some fresh and bright 'Genda Phool' or marigolds in vibrant yellow and orange festive colours around the candle stand and on the cake stand. 

Step 5. Place your favourite tea set on the table with hot and piping tea and serve it with all the love 

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Unique Diwali decoration ideas at home

Uplift the most important part of your decor for Deepavali - your Tablespace in a unique and vibrant way. Host your guests with a fusion of modern and traditional table setup and serve them with love. 

Style your table with our Diwali Dinner Setup. 

Step 1. Bring out your favourite dinnerware and start by placing your side plates on top of your dinner plates

Step 2. Place a golden tray on the center of your table to add a festive touch 

Step 3. Place some candles, votives or diyas on the tray along with some faux or fresh flowers 

Step 4. Place a dessert plate with your favourite diwali desserts on your plates to welcome your guests on a sweet note 

Step 5. Place cutlery and glasses on the either sides of the plates

Step 6. Enjoy your traditional Diwali meal with friends and family

Featured in the ‘Diwali Dinner Setup’ are : Plates from the Floret Dinnerware Collection, Metal Trays, Scented Candles 

Watch the full table styling video below

While you can always add new decor for Deepavali, create something new with your existing decorative items for Diwali. Let us know how you would redo your decor for Diwali.

Wish you a safe, prosperous and happy Diwali!

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