Colour Trends: Gen Z vs Millennials

July 02, 2023

Welcome to a kaleidoscope of colour trends! In the ever-evolving world of home decor and room decor, Millennials and Gen Z are making their mark with vibrant palettes that can't be ignored. Picture this: Millennial Pink, the hue that took the world by storm, blending harmoniously with calming Neutral Whites & Greys. It's a match made in design heaven, reflecting Millennials' love for understated elegance and minimalist chic.

Pink decor

But hold on tight because Gen Z is here to shake things up! Prepare to be dazzled by the electrifying hues of Gen Z Yellow and Vivid Green as these young trailblazers infuse their decor styles with energy and zest. Gone are the days of playing it safe – Gen Z is all about embracing the boldest and brightest colours to create a vibrant and expressive space.

Yellow decor

As we delve into the captivating clash of colour preferences between Millennials and Gen Z, be prepared to unlock a world of inspiration for your own decor adventures. From curated boho vibes to sleek Scandinavian designs, we'll explore how these generations bring their unique personalities to life through their colour choices.

Grey room decor

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to immerse yourself in a riot of colours! Join us on this exhilarating journey through the ever-changing landscape of colour trends, where Millennials and Gen Z redefine home decor, room decor, and decor styles in the most spectacular and eye-catching ways. Let's dive in and discover the art of living boldly, one colour at a time!

Green vases


1. Millennial Pink

Calling all trendsetters and style enthusiasts who connect with the rebellious spirit of the Millennials to explore the versatility of the ever-popular Millennial Pink in terms of living room interior design and room decor ideas. This whimsical and oh-so-chic hue has taken the home decor scene by storm, capturing the hearts of Millennials and beyond. 

Soft furnishings

A living room adorned in Millennial Pink suddenly offers a touch of playful sophistication that’s quite unparalleled. It's like stepping into a dreamy sanctuary where modern elegance meets youthful charm. Whether you're a die-hard Millennial or simply a lover of all things trendy, incorporating this rosy shade into your living room decor is a surefire way to make a stylish statement.

Cushion covers

From plush velvet sofa cushions to decorative vases and throw blankets, there's no shortage of decoration items when it comes to infusing Millennial Pink into your living room design. Pair it with sleek metallic accents for a touch of glamour or combine it with crisp whites and neutrals for a clean and fresh aesthetic. The possibilities are endless!

Shelf decor

Complete your picture-perfect drawing room design with carefully curated home decor items that complement the Millennial Pink palette. Think modern art pieces, sleek coffee tables, and decorative accessories that add that extra pop of personality to your space. So, my fellow colour enthusiasts, it's time to jump on the Millennial Pink bandwagon and let your living room decor become a canvas for this mesmerising hue. 

Modern decor

2. Neutral White & Grey

Dive into the world of colour trends, where Millennials are rewriting the rules of home decor with their love for neutral whites and greys. Let’s explore why these muted hues have captured the hearts of Millennials everywhere. Picture a living room adorned in serene shades of white and grey, where tranquillity meets contemporary elegance. Millennials have embraced these timeless tones as the foundation of their decor styles, creating spaces that are effortlessly chic.

Grey & White Decor

Why do Millennials gravitate towards these neutral hues, you ask? Well, it's all about creating a calming oasis amidst the chaos of everyday life. In a world buzzing with screens and notifications, their living room becomes a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. The minimalist aesthetic of white and grey provides a clean and clutter-free backdrop that allows the mind to unwind and recharge.

Sofa cushions

But don't be fooled by the simplicity – neutral doesn't mean boring! Millennials master the art of layering textures and incorporating pops of colour through carefully chosen home decor items. Think cosy knit throws, plush rugs, vibrant accent pillows, and home decor items that add personality and warmth to their living room design.

Glass vases

So, if you're on the lookout for aesthetic room ideas that exude tranquillity and style, take a page from the Millennial playbook and embrace the power of neutral whites and greys. Let your living room be a haven of peace, where contemporary design meets a serene ambience. It's time to embrace the magic of colour trends and let your inner Millennial shine!

Living room decor

Gen Z

1. Gen Z Yellow

Get ready to turn up the heat with the colour trend that's electrifying the room decor scene - Gen Z Yellow! Say hello to a burst of vibrant energy as we delve into the world of this eye-catching shade and discover why Gen Z is falling head over heels for it. Imagine stepping into a living room adorned in the electrifying hue of Gen Z Yellow - it's like a ray of sunshine has enveloped the space! 

Yellow room decor

Gen Z knows how to make a bold statement with their decor styles, and this vivacious colour is their secret weapon. Gen Z Yellow is all about infusing your living room design with a dose of unapologetic enthusiasm and positivity. It instantly uplifts the ambience, creating a space that radiates warmth and joy. From accent walls to bold furniture pieces and statement accessories, this shade knows how to steal the show.

Throw blankets

But the fun doesn't stop there! Gen Z Yellow opens up a world of creative possibilities for home decor items. Think funky wall art, bright decorative vases, playful throws, printed cushion covers, and unique lighting fixtures that add a dash of personality to your living room decor. 

Shelf decor

So, if you're seeking aesthetic room ideas that defy convention and spark conversations, it's time to embrace Gen Z Yellow. Let your living room become a vibrant haven of self-expression, where your decor style speaks volumes about your vibrant personality. Embrace the power of colour trends, ignite your creative spirit, and get ready to make a statement that'll leave everyone buzzing with excitement!

Framed wall art

2. Vivid Green

Embark on a wild adventure into the world of colour trends, where Gen Z is making waves with their love for the captivating shade of Vivid Green. Decorate a living room adorned in the electrifying embrace of Vivid Green - it's like stepping into a lush jungle oasis right in your own home! 

Green room decor

Vivid Green exudes a sense of vibrancy, freshness, and a touch of untamed spirit capturing the energetic essence of Gen Z. It's a colour that sparks creativity and rejuvenates the soul. From vibrant wall decor to bold carpets or rugs and decorative accents, this hue breathes life into your living room design.

Throws and cushions

But it doesn't stop there! Gen Z's love for Vivid Green extends to their choice of home decor items. Think leafy plants, botanical prints, and earthy textures that create a harmonious and organic aesthetic. This hue invites nature indoors, creating a calming and invigorating space. So, if you're craving aesthetic room ideas that break free from the norm and ignite your sense of adventure, embrace the power of Vivid Green. 

Side table decor

Let your living room become a sanctuary that connects you with the beauty of the natural world. Get ready to unleash your wild side, make a bold statement, and create a living space that leaves everyone green with envy. It's time to dive into the world of colour trends and let your inner Gen Z shine!

Corner decor

In the ever-evolving realm of colour trends, Millennials and Gen Z each bring their distinct preferences to the world of home decor. Whether it's the soothing allure of neutral whites and greys or the bold vibrancy of Gen Z Yellow and Vivid Green, these generations continue to redefine style and aesthetics. So, which side are you on? Let us know!

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