10 Coffee Accessories Every Coffee Lover Needs At Home

October 28, 2022

For a lot of coffee lovers, making the perfect brew every morning is a sacred ritual that starts off their day on just the right note. Coffee is a natural energy booster and keeps you active for the entire day. It’s a go-to beverage during breakfast and a cup of freshly brewed coffee keeps you satisfied for the rest of the day. Ever felt demotivated or exhausted, a good cup of coffee will help you stay on track and focused.

Coffee mugs

The lovely smell of freshly brewed coffee helps set the mood for the day. For all the coffee lovers out there, having the right drinkware and other coffee essentials is a must to have a perfect cup of coffee everyday. So, if you are also a coffeeholic, you must check out these coffee gadgets and essentials to make sure your coffee gets served and made in the right way. These coffee accessories will brew the perfect Instagram-worthy delicious coffee at home.

 Coffee essentials


1. Mugs, Glasses & Tumblers

Honestly, you can never go wrong with cute coffee mugs and glasses, especially for coffee lovers who’ve ditched cafes and decided to go with their homemade brews instead. From gorgeous ceramics to double-walled glasses, Nestasia has so many of these coffee essentials for you to choose from. And trust us, your fellow coffee lovers will absolutely adore them! 

Glass tumblers

One of the fantastic coffee essentials is a glass tumbler which can be used for cold brews or cold coffee drinks. The glass tumbler comes in various shapes and sizes. Some of Nestasia’s best coffee glass tumblers are the rippled glass and borosilicate glass tumbler

Glass mugs


2. Coffee Filters 

If you choose a brewing method and device that requires filtering, you have basically three options: cloth, paper, and metal. The most common option for filtering is coffee paper filters. These paper filters trap the coffee grounds and allow the liquid coffee to flow through vividly removing other oily components. Coffee paper filters come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Nestasia offers all the common types of coffee filters, including paper, stainless steel, and ceramic. 

Coffee filter


3. Coffee Drippers

Every coffee connoisseur will agree that the best way to consume coffee is by grounding the beans and filtering the coffee at home. That becomes a task when the filter paper does not have support to stand on, enter 'the pour-over coffee dripper'. The pour-over coffee dripper helps the filter paper to rest inside it to ensure a smooth coffee drip. The slow process of coffee dripping prevents the coffee from oxidizing and gives it a refined flavor.

Glass dripper

The coffee dripper is no doubt our favorite brewer and we use it literally every day! Versatile and easy to clean are the main reasons why we use a coffee dripper every single day! Nestasia offers irresistible glass coffee drippers that will help you make the finest coffees at home without creating a hole in your pocket. 

Coffee dripper with pot


4. Coffee Server & Kettles 

Let’s talk about something that is a staple for every coffee lover's home setup. That product is the glass server or often a kettle. The main reason you want to brew your coffee into a clear server is so that you can see the clarity and color of your coffee. This really helps you know what you're getting into before you spend time brewing a bad cup of coffee. The glass coffee servers basically give you a chance to correct quickly, instead of living with your mistake.

Coffee server

Glass kettles or teapots can also be used to serve different kinds of coffee or tea. A glass kettle is all one needs to get the most appealing and aromatic coffee to adorn the table. Kettles are a great way to serve coffee and tea in elegance. 

Glass kettle


5. Manual Coffee Makers

We are big fans of ceramic and glass brewers, as they look great, have good heat retention, and most importantly, can last a lifetime. So, let’s give a try to Nestasia’s wide range of coffee makers to satisfy your everyday coffee mood.

Coffee makers

Manual brewing allows you to control all aspects of brewing your coffee like grind size, water-to-coffee ratio, water temperature, and brew time. Because you can play with and experiment with all of these elements, you can create the perfect cup for you. If you like a stronger coffee, for example, you have the option to add more beans and less water. That said, those itching to experiment with their coffee palette and try new things with their daily caffeine routine should give manual brewing a try.

Coffee making and serving


6. French Press Coffee Maker

The classic French Press is known for its ability to brew a consistent, heavy-bodied black coffee. For some aficionados, there is nothing quite like a French press coffee maker for their special coffee. Throughout the entire process of making coffee from a French Press, there isn’t a step that directly diminishes the flavor of ground coffee beans– no contact with paper filters or unnecessary plastic or metal equipment. Moreover, the coffee press is a self-contained device, so it takes minimal space and ensures portability.

French press coffee maker

This method of brewing coffee is more gentle than drip coffee-making or stovetop brewing processes that make the water very hot and sometimes scald the beans. With a French press brewer, coffee also doesn’t sit on a warming plate after brewing so it doesn't continue to “cook” and turn bitter. Check out Nestasia’s beautiful and high-quality glass French Press coffee maker to get a rich and effortless coffee experience.

French press coffee maker


7. Kyoto Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Perhaps the king of coffee tinkering contraptions is the Kyoto cold brew maker. With its vertical assembly of glassware, it looks more like a science experiment than a home cold brew station, but it’s one of the favorite pieces of equipment for making a strong and smooth coffee. It’s perfect for summer, but you can use it all year-round!

Kyoto cold brewer

Nestasia has made available a beautifully designed, functional, and modern Kyoto-style cold brew coffee maker that is perfect for an aromatic and luxurious coffee at home.

Cold brew

And while the equipment and the overall process of assembling it sounds complicated, it actually helps in making world-class coffee at home easier. The upper chamber gets filled with ice water, which slowly drips through ground coffee in the small middle chamber over the course of 8-12 hours, eventually filtering through to the bottom carafe. Like a standard cold brew process, you’re giving the coffee time to dissolve slowly in cold water, avoiding the bitterness that results from heating and then cooling coffee. It takes longer, but it’s more rewarding and, yes, more appealing to the tinkerers.

Cold brewer


8. Espresso Shot Glasses

To get excellent espresso coffee cream, you need the correct tools. You won't get an amazing 'God shot' without having the correct grind, the proper amount of coffee, and how long it takes to pour. 

Shot glass

At the heart of all great coffee drinks is a fantastic espresso shot. You may find that your cups or glasses do not fit under your coffee machine group handle to capture all that delicious espresso – that is where the shot glass comes in. Shot glasses are also useful to calibrate your machine so you know your espresso volume is correct.

Shot glass

Nestasia has several options in espresso shot glasses, like double-walled, mini espresso cups with knob-like handles, and so on. With the espresso shot glass, make your favorite coffee drink or drink it straight up to get the perfect caffeine hit.

Shot glass


9. Coffee Glass Pots

The coffee glass pots can be used as a dripper or as a server for any coffee or tea. A simple yet elegant container makes it perfect for every interior. A coffee server is great for quickly heating your pot of coffee and serving since it’s made of heat-resistant, high-quality material. With the handle of the pot, it makes it easier to pour hot water or hot brewed coffee or tea easily. Comes in three different sizes at Nestasia, anyone among the three can be purchased according to your need.

Glass pot

The glass pots can play another role as a jug for holding milk or syrups for coffee. Many shapes of glass pots are available at Nestasia, including a unique-shaped clear milk pot that can work as a serveware at parties.



10. Coffee Maker with a Filter

The hand-brewed glass coffee maker with a filter can be your favorite companion. The heat-resistant pot of the coffee maker can make a perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino, or latte so you can enjoy your coffee at any time of the day. The additional benefit of having a stainless steel strainer is that it can be used over a long period of time and is suitable for any coffee machines or kettles using cone shape filters. The stainless steel filter fits snugly, ensuring freshly brewed coffee is smooth and well-filtered.

Coffee maker with filter

You can also opt for Nestasia’s double-walled glass infuser with a strainer that is incredibly functional and easy to use for the perfect brewing experience. The teapot with infuser can be used to serve tea or coffee that comes in an easy pass and place handle. 

Tea infuser set


If coffee has your heart, it’s worth investing in the right equipment to create rich, delicious, and flavorful coffee just the way you like it. It’s amazing how many of the coffee essentials and gadgets we see at baristas, are now available to use at home. All the available home coffee bar accessories and essentials at Nestasia will go a long way to bring the coffee shop experience into your house. Have fun with your home coffee bar, and if you love coffee, don’t compromise on the taste or quality! 

Coffee essentials

Also, watch out this reel to know how you can make perfectly brewed coffee at home with Nestasia’s coffee maker! ☕



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