Choosing Paintings for Living Room Vastu: Tips and Ideas

May 22, 2024

Let’s call this one divine intervention. 

Have you ever, at some point in your life, just felt like you were at a standstill? You’re continuously at a crossroads both professionally and personally. Questioning every move you make. Might even feel like the universe is conspiring against you? You know. The quarter-life crisis phase that more or else everyone goes through but no one seems to talk about. Don’t worry though, we’re going to stop painting this very real picture before some of you beautiful readers begin to feel attacked. 

But having said all of that, when such cases happen, you really have no choice but to look to a higher power for guidance. And that’s where Vastu Shastra comes in. 

An ancient Hindu science of architecture and design that focuses on aligning the energy flow within living and working environments. And while it mainly focuses on the entire structure of your space, it also pays attention to the placement of objects in your space. Some of these said objects are paintings, each symbolising certain factors that are crucial to helping us achieve our destiny, and each having optimal placements to reap the benefits. 

So, let’s dig in to find out what some of these Vastu paintings are, shall we? 

The Seven Horses:

No Vastu Painting list would ever be complete without mentioning the Seven Horses. It’s the quintessential Vastu painting in your home, especially for those driven and motivated by their career growth. 

According to Vastu Shastra, horses symbolise success and power. And when it specifically comes to the Seven Horses painting, it’s believed to bring fame and promotion to businesses, while also ensuring financial stability and exponential career growth. 

However, like much to do with the science, you can’t simply hang the painting anywhere and expect everything in your professional life to fall into place. You see dear reader, Vastu Shastra is all about aligning energies so one can fulfil one's destiny. Therefore, to ensure optimal benefits, the painting should preferably be hung on the south wall as it is connected with success and fame and must face into your home or office, preferably rather than to the outside world such as facing a window or an entrance. This ensures that the energy is brought into the house rather than released out. Furthermore, the painting shouldn’t be hung in the bedroom or on a wall facing a toilet. 

It’s important to note that you can’t simply hang any painting that includes seven horses. The horses must be running in the same direction to symbolise focus and a sense of strong willpower. 



Sometimes a fresh start is exactly what we need to get back on track and improve life as we know it. While it’s definitely scary, such experiences are fundamental to our growth. That’s why including a waterfall painting in the north, east, or northeast part of your home and office is highly recommended. 

Choosing Paintings for Living Room Vastu: Tips and Ideas

According to Vastu Shastra, water represents abundance and positivity, and waterfall paintings are meant to capture such essence and act as an omen of positive energy that continuously flows through spaces. Consequently, such a flow of positivity is said to bring in an abundance of wealth and a plethora of opportunities. 

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We all feel the blues and have down days, no matter how rosy our lives might be or how much of a ‘glass half full’ type of a person we are. As a result, hanging a painting of multicoloured flowers in a blue vase in the east part of your home is a particularly popular Vastu remedy as it’s said to bring joy and happiness. 

Tree of Life:

The Tree of Life holds significant symbolism and meaning across a multitude of cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions throughout history. In various mythologies and belief systems, it is often depicted as a sacred and universal symbol representing the interconnectedness of all living beings, the cycle of life, and the cosmic order of the universe.

In Christianity, the Tree of Life is mentioned in the Book of Genesis as a symbol of eternal life and the Garden of Eden's divine abundance. Similarly, in Buddhism, the Bodhi tree symbolizes enlightenment and spiritual awakening, where the Buddha attained enlightenment.

In Hinduism, the Tree of Life is known as the kalpavriksha, or the wish-fulfilling tree. According to Vastu, placing a painting of the Tree of Life in the west wing of your home or on your office desk is meant to help you focus towards achieving your goals with ease and determination by harnessing the power of manifestation. This is because the West represents the setting sun, symbolising the completion of tasks and the fulfilment of desires. 



As we grow older, the idea of stability seems to be more and more attractive. Because let’s be honest, tequila shots, jetting off to a different city every month, and waking up with a hangover every other day aren’t as appealing when life gets real. But jokes aside, everyone needs that sense of stability to grow. That’s where paintings of mountains come in. 

The epitome of stability on a scale of grandeur unlike any other, mountains are said to provide security and stability to the person. Having said this, different colour paintings invite different energies into the space. For example, mountain paintings of warm, earthy colours, like oranges, reds, and yellows, are said to promote passion and creativity. Therefore, if you’re hitting a roadblock, such paintings in the southwest area of your home are highly recommended. On the other hand, cooler colours like greens and blues are said to create serenity and relaxation when hung in the northeast part of your home. Therefore, it really depends on your end goal and the energy you’re trying to create in your home. 

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The ultimate symbol of starting afresh, butterflies perfectly personify change and transformation, showing the world that turning into a beautiful being is possible. Furthermore, butterfly paintings are said to bring various benefits, including improving relationships, helping find suitable partners, overcoming negative emotions, and stimulating creativity. 

To reap such benefits, you should hang these paintings in the east or northeast direction of your home or office as this is the direction that faces Lord Parjanya, the spirit of flora and fauna. 


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