10+ Chic Ways To Style Your Summer Scarf

July 05, 2024

Think of styling scarves in summer. Sounds weird right? Although scarves are not fashioned in summer due to the hot weather, there are also scarves available that are lightweight. Why limit the potential of the scarves just to winters; we think scarves could be the BFF of summers! In this blog, we have prepared 10+ ways to style your summer scarf that will turn heads. Keep reading to know more about it.

10+ Classic Ways to Wear Summer Scarf

Take a quick look at the guide below on how to wear scarves in summer differently. You are surely going to love these summer scarf styles.

1. The Classic Neck Knot

Fold a long scarf in half, wrap it around your neck, and tie a loose knot at the front. Adjust the knot to your desired length and style.

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2. The Belted Shawl

Use a scarf as a belt by threading it through your belt loops or tying it around your waist over a dress or tunic.

3. The Head Wrap

Fold a large scarf into a triangle and tie it around your hair, letting the ends flow or tucking them in for a tidy look.

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4. The Beach Sarong

Use a large, lightweight scarf as a sarong or beach cover-up by tying it around your waist or over your swimsuit.

5. The Braided Scarf

Take two scarves of different colours or patterns, tie them together at one end, and braid them together. Wear it around your neck or as a headband for a unique look.

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6. The Shoulder Drape

Drape a large scarf over your shoulders, cross the ends at the front, and tie it at the back or side for a chic cape-like look.

7. The Wrist Wrap

Wrap it around your wrist multiple times, securing it with a knot or bow. Leave the ends loose for a relaxed look or tuck them under for a neater finish. This adds a pop of colour and texture to your outfit, perfect for casual outings or beach days.

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8. The Hair Accessory

Fold the scarf into a narrow band or triangle, depending on the desired style. Tie it around your ponytail or bun for an instant upgrade, letting the ends cascade down your back for a flowing, bohemian look. Alternatively, wrap it around your head as a headband or turban-style for a playful, retro vibe.

9. The Hat Band

Choose a scarf that complements your hat's colour or pattern. Fold the scarf lengthwise into a narrow band and wrap it around the base of your hat. Secure it with a knot or bow at the back, side, or under the brim. Adjust the scarf to ensure it sits snugly and evenly around the hat, adding a personalised touch to your summer accessory.

10. The Anklet

Cut a lightweight scarf into a shorter length or use a narrow scarf. Wrap it around your ankle multiple times, securing it with a knot or bow. Leave the ends trailing loosely for a casual, carefree vibe, or tuck them under the wraps for a neat finish. This adds a whimsical touch to your beachwear or summer sandals, creating a unique and eye-catching anklet.

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11. Loose Knot

Simply drape a lightweight scarf around your neck and tie a loose knot, allowing the ends to hang freely for a relaxed and effortless look.

Tips For Choosing the Right Summer Scarf

1. Choose A Light Fabric

Choose a soft and breathable material when thinking of buying a scarf. The best materials for scarves are cotton, linen, chiffon, silk, and viscose. A cotton scarf is breathable, soft, and comfortable, which makes it ideal for hot weather. A linen scarf is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, perfect for keeping you cool on a sultry afternoon. A silk scarf will always add to the fashion quotient while serving its utility. It is luxurious and lightweight, adding a touch of elegance without retaining heat. Chiffon scarves are usually sheer and flowy while viscose scarves have a smooth texture similar to that of silk scarves.

2. Consider Colours And Patterns

You can opt for various colours when buying a scarf, based on your taste and preferences. You can choose a bright colour for your scarves as these are the perfect summer colours to add vibrancy to your outfit. On the other hand, pastel colours are soft and are ideal for a subtle and elegant look. The patterns that you can opt for your scarves are florals, stripes, and geometric designs that can add visual interest and complement your summer wardrobe.

3. Choose Scarves Based On Occasions

Consider your existing wardrobe and choose scarves that complement your favourite outfits. Think about how the scarf will pair with your summer essentials, such as sundresses, tank tops, and light blouses.

4. Choose The Right Size

Choosing the right size of your scarf is essential. A square scarf is versatile and can be folded into triangles for headscarves. A rectangular scarf is ideal for wrapping around your neck, wearing as a shawl, or tying in different ways.

5. Check The Quality

Ensure the fabric is of good quality and feels comfortable against your skin. Look for well-finished edges to prevent fraying and ensure durability.

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The summer scarf is an incredibly versatile accessory that can add flair and function to any outfit. With these 10+ creative styling ideas, you can effortlessly incorporate scarves into your summer wardrobe, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or keeping it casual for a day out. From headbands and neckties to belts and bag accents, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the lightweight fabrics, vibrant colours, and unique patterns that make summer scarves a must-have fashion staple. So go ahead, experiment with these styles, and let your summer scarf be the standout accessory that takes your look to the next level!

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Can you wear a scarf in summer?

Yes, you can wear a scarf in summer. They protect your skin from harmful UV rays. They can be draped over your shoulders, worn as a headscarf, or even used as a wrap to shield yourself from the sun.

How do you tie a summer scarf around your neck?

Tying a summer scarf around your neck can add a stylish touch to your outfit while keeping you cool and comfortable. There are various ways of tying a scarf such as the classic loop, a simple knot, the loose wrap, the bandana wrap and much more.

Why do people wear scarves?

People wear scarves for various practical reasons and a fashion statement. Scarves are commonly worn in colder climates to provide warmth and protect the neck and chest from cold air and wind. Lightweight scarves can also shield the skin from harmful UV rays in sunny weather. These scarves are versatile accessories that enhance and complement an outfit, adding colour, texture, and a touch of personality.

What is the best material for summer scarves?

The best materials for summer scarves are cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, viscose and bamboo fabric because these materials are lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort in warm weather.

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