Budget-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

December 01, 2023

Let’s be honest! Christmas is one of the most loved and awaited festivals by all of us; and when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for our loved ones, we can all probably agree on one thing: it can be very stressful. Especially when you are trying to stay afloat, finding presents for Every. Single. Person. in your life while also staying within a budget; COULD IT BE ANY DIFFICULT? Unless you are a sport and love taking up challenges!! So if you’re searching for a little something special for someone who loves luxurious gifts (because, like, who doesn’t?!), but you don’t have a ton of extra money to blow on presents, we’ve got you covered.

Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone

For Friends

From cosy blankets for Netflix marathons to unique gifts that have a personal touch to them, our gift collection is packed with presents that scream, “You’re the jingle to my bells” for your BFF. The below-listed Christmas gift ideas are the secret ingredients to making your holiday hangouts extra festive.

1. A moon lamp is a very aesthetic piece of decor that can create a sense of calm in one’s room. Get your bestie a trendy moon lamp to add charm to your bestie’s room.

Moon lamp

2. We do not doubt that you and your bestie must have made a lot of memories and will continue to do so till the end of time. Therefore, photo frames are the perfect Christmas present for your BFF to cherish and preserve your bond.

Photo frame

3. A quirky wall art too, could be a pleasant gift for Christmas for your friend. You can get your hands on one from Nestasia’s website without pinching yourself too hard thinking about the price.

Wall art

4. A jewellery box comes in handy for keeping all your small accessories safely in one place. Shop for one from Nestasia and save your friend the trouble of misplacing her accessories.

Jewellery box

5. Makeup, like jewellery is another amazing gift option for your BFF. You can get them a lip gloss or a moisturizer or anything in makeup that they would love.

Lip gloss

For Family 

The holiday season calls for a reunion with family and friends. Be it stuffing socks with gifts or decorating the Christmas tree with pretty decorations, time spent with family during the holiday season is cherished and memorable. To make it even more memorable, selecting the perfect gift for your family comes into play. From the list below, you can choose the perfect gift for your family members.

6. Gift hampers are the safest and most convenient gift options if you are wondering what to get your family as a Christmas present.

Gift hamper

7. For all the snuggly movie nights on the couch with your family, throws and blankets from Nestasia are an ideal gift choice and are budget-friendly too.


8. Small decor objects hold the power to transform the look and feel of your home. Gift your family members a beautiful decor piece from Nestasia this holiday season that’ll keep reminding them of you.

Decor object

9. Conversations over a cup of tea with your loved ones hit differently. This Christmas, get your loved ones a tea cup set to keep the gossip and fun conversation going with them.

Tea cups

10. Another amazing Christmas present on a budget would be dinner sets. Explore Nestasia’s collection of exquisite dinnerware collection.

Dinner set

For Colleagues

Sprinkle the holiday season cheers in your office with your colleagues too. Who said festive joy has to be restricted to just family and friends? This year, witness the smiles on the faces of your extended family at work as they unwrap a gift from you. Let’s create a winter wonderland of camaraderie and good vibes at work. Check out the budget-friendly Christmas presents for your colleagues below.

11. This holiday season, be the Secret Santa to your favourite colleague and gift them the perfect coffee mug to sip their favourite coffee from. Shop for unique coffee mugs at Nestasia today.

Coffee mug

12. If your work bestie loves to munch on snacks all the time, then snack bowls from Nestasia are the perfect holiday gift for them.

Snack bowl

13. If you are looking for a more useful gift for your colleague this festive season without burning a hole in your wallet, then mobile stands could be a convenient choice for you.

Mobile stand

14. If your work bestie is an avid reader, then books are a classic choice for Christmas presents.


15. “I don’t like jewellery pieces”, said no woman! This Christmas, gift your female colleague a statement jewellery piece without worrying about the price. Be it a simple necklace, a pair of earrings, or anything else, jewellery pieces are fool-proof gifting options.


For Children

For the little elves in our lives, a sparkly and magical Christmas present is a must. A gift that will make them jump with excitement is all we need for these Santa helpers. Scour through the gift ideas mentioned below and get your little one excited.

16. We all know kids can get messy with their homework and cleaning can be a tedious task. Desktop vacuum cleaners can be of immense help in keeping the desk organised and clean.

Desktop vaccum cleaner

17. If you have a daughter or a niece who loves to doll herself up (coz who doesn’t), a cute hair accessory would be the perfect gift for her.

Hair clip

18. A Christmas-themed snack plate is sure to excite your little one this holiday season. Shop one from Nestasia today.

Snack plate

19. Another valuable Christmas present for your kids could be notebooks or yearly planners. They could scribble on it or pour their thoughts all at the same time.


20. Desk organisers too are a good Christmas present under budget for your kids. You can shop for one from Nestasia.

Desk organiser


We've scoured the internet for the absolute best holiday gifts that won't wreak havoc on your credit card. So whether you're on the hunt for a gift for your mom, sister, brother, or BFF, we’ve got you covered. With the gift suggestion mentioned above, you can be assured that your loved ones will be very happy. You can also explore the Christmas gift section on our website to get your hands on even more amazing gifts. Or, if you are someone who prefers experience gifts over tangible gifts, then you can arrange for a spa appointment or opt for gift vouchers and gift cards for your loved ones.

Gear up for the merrier moments, coz Christmas joys are incoming! Wishing you a prosperous and merry Christmas in advance.

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