Bring the Tropics Home: 7 Tropical Style Home Decoration Ideas

May 11, 2024

“Last night we dreamt of San Pedro….”

Imagine being swept off to the tropics - a cheery sun hitting your face from every angle, a balmy breeze cooling you down, the feel of sand in your toes, and swaying back and forth in a hammock while sipping on a piña colada with one of those tiny umbrella straws. Quite the picture, isn’t it? Now imagine being constantly surrounded by such a refreshing and serene ambience. That’s right, fellow readers. Whether you’re holed up in an urban flat or living it out at your suburban home, these exciting tropical decor ideas will transform your space into an island in the sun. 

Tropical Room Decor

Get ready to welcome vibrant and energetic colours, eye-catching botanical prints, and more. Let’s get started!

7 Tropical Home Decor Ideas 

1. Vibrant Colours

To capture the sublime beauty of the tropics, paint a visual narrative through the guise of colours. This can be achieved by aiming for a mix of colours. Create a cheerful vibe in your foyer with sunny yellow or citrussy hues like lime green. This will create an energetic and uplifting atmosphere for anyone who walks in. For your living room, we would suggest a cool turquoise tone. This will mimic the glistening turquoise waters we love to wade through. Finally, transform your bedroom into a comfortable retreat by incorporating warm coral or peach shades that align with a gorgeous beach sunset.

Tropical Colour Palette

2. Botanical Prints

From the fiery orange mane of Bird of Paradise to the dramatic leafy figs like Ficus, the allure of tropical flora is unmatched. Recreate the lush green jungle backdrop with some botanical printed soft furnishings. Transform your living room into a tropical getaway by fluffing up some botanical cushions on your sofa and laying out a detailed rug. As for your bedroom, the same applies to bed covers and comforters. 

Cushion Cover

3. Breezy Furniture And Fixtures

Create a feeling of airiness and openness with your furniture and fixtures. One way to go about this is to harness the power of natural materials like rattan, sabai, jute, and bamboo. The rustic charm, roughness, and organic beauty of these materials help bring an air of coastal allure to your home. Alongside your run-of-the-mill wooden furniture, consider incorporating decorative baskets, rope lighting fixtures, wall decor, and more. 

Sabai Grass Basket

4. Tropical Wall Decals

Another easy way to incorporate tropical flair into your home is with coastal-inspired wall art and wall decals. Consider artwork featuring tropical plants and animals to capture the raw beauty of exotic nature. Toucans, turtles, vivid marine animals, palm trees, monstera, and cinchona are some subjects that will help you achieve the look. 

Wall Decor

5. Coastal Decor Accents

Coastal decor objects add an authentic touch to your very own paradise island, making them key to attaining a tropical-inspired look for your home. Whimsical pineapple, palm tree, and seashell accents are a great way to transform your humble abode into the sun-soaked island you’ve been rooting for. You can also include natural elements such as driftwood and corals to capture the true essence of the beach.

Decor Object

6. Verdant Greenery

Tropical islands abound in lush green foliage and as a coveter of tropical-inspired home decor, you need to imitate this look by adding some fresh plants to your indoor setup. A few commonly sought-after options include the Monstera plant, Bird of Paradise, Anthurium, and Philodendron, among others. Apart from tying the entire look together, bringing in fresh plants to your home drastically increases the air quality and promotes a sense of calm. 

Ceramic Planter

House them in our gorgeous planters!

7. Lighting Considerations

When it comes to tropical home decor, welcoming natural light into your home is imperative. Treat your windows by installing light gauzy drapes to let in as much light as possible. Natural bamboo blinds are also a great option for this. While this works during daylight hours, let’s discuss lighting considerations for the night. Gracefully dangling wicker pendant lights, bamboo wall sconces, and other organic lighting fixtures will never cease to impress.

Tropical Lighting Fixture


We hope our journey through these amazing tropical home decor ideas has sparked your imagination. From a carefully chosen colour palette to decorative elements that take your interiors to whole new heights, we’ve uncovered some simple and budget-friendly hacks to turn your home into the bright sun-drenched island of your dreams. We hope you come up with something splendid!

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