Balcony Decoration Ideas with Nestasia - Tips For Small Spaces

December 20, 2023

For people who love decorating their homes and carrying out little DIY projects every now and then, you know how tricky it is to decorate small spaces and showcase their peak potential. Leaving aside the space constraints, smaller spaces also happen to look more cluttered when we tend to decorate them. One such space in everyone’s household has to be the balcony. We know homeowners like taking up interesting challenges to tickle their fancy, but balcony decoration is trickier than it seems. It is also one of the most neglected spaces in a home because it is not technically outside, nor is it inside the boundaries of the house. So it just stays somewhere in the middle, waiting to be attended to. If you’re willing to change that and are up for a makeover by upgrading your balcony decor, then keep on reading!

Top small balcony decoration ideas

1. Fun with foliage


If you’re planning to execute balcony decoration ideas without investing in some greenery, then you’re doing it wrong. Get some cute plants and planters to make use of the tiny space. Want to save up space? Instead of getting normal pots that you’ll eventually keep on the floor of the balcony, get hanging planters that you can install on the walls. Nestasia’s collection of cute and trendy hanging planters is just what you need for your balcony decor. 

2. Choose multipurpose furniture


When thinking of balcony furniture ideas for balcony decoration, instead of going with mainstream furniture that will end up taking a lot of space, go for multipurpose furniture that serves more than one function. Go for a pullout table or shelves on the walls to display your plants. Foldable furniture is another way to do your balcony decor efficiently. This way, you can also save your furniture from getting damaged in rain or storms, something that is very hard to do with normal furniture. 

3. Lighting & Accessories


A well-designed balcony is a retreat that seamlessly blends outdoor aesthetics with personal style, and the key to achieving this lies in the thoughtful incorporation of lighting and accessories. Lighting serves as one of the key balcony design ideas, transforming your balcony into a magical haven as the sun sets. Whether it's the soft glow of tealights creating a warm ambience or strategically placed lanterns casting gentle shadows, lighting sets the mood and extends the usability of your outdoor space into the evening. And luckily, we at Nestasia have both! Choose from a wide range of tealights and lanterns that are all set to make your dream balcony design ideas come to life! 


Accessories, on the other hand, are the finishing touches that elevate your balcony decor from ordinary to extraordinary. Thoughtfully chosen cushions, throws, and outdoor rugs infuse comfort and personality, turning a simple balcony into a stylish extension of your home. Sink into softness with Nestasia’s range of soft furnishings that are geared up to make your apartment balcony ideas come to life. Sculptures, statues, or wall art pieces on the other hand, add a touch of individuality, transforming your balcony into a curated masterpiece. Shop from an expertly curated selection of decor items and accents at Nestasia. 

The importance of lighting and accessories in balcony decor cannot be overstated. They bring cohesion to the design, enhance the visual appeal, and contribute to the overall comfort and functionality of the space. These elements allow you to express your personal style, creating a balcony oasis that invites relaxation, socializing, and appreciation for the outdoors, even within the confines of a limited space. As you embark on your balcony makeover, consider lighting and accessories as the magical ingredients that turn your outdoor space into a haven of charm and sophistication.

4. Less is more

Wall Hanging

While you think of the best possible ways to incorporate small balcony decor ideas, keep in mind that less is ALWAYS more. The lesser furniture you deck your balcony with, the more elevated and put-together your balcony will look. Skip those extra 2 or 3 planters you were planning to buy over the weekend. Your balcony has less space to display them anyway. Find furniture that is less bulky and more sleek in design. The less stuff you get for your balcony, the more minimal and managed your balcony will look. 

5. DIY is the new cool

The thing about DIY, be it furniture, decor, or a simple upcycling project you take up over the weekend, is that it is a good activity to do with friends or family. The process of collecting the resources, agreeing on one idea, and planning the execution of it all is fun in itself. After all, some of the best balcony design ideas will be the ones you’ve thought of yourself! Nothing beats being original and creating something from scratch with your own hands. And not to mention, the personalization you achieve after completing a DIY project and displaying it proudly is priceless! 


In the pursuit of creating a haven within limited confines, the journey through balcony decoration ideas for small spaces has unveiled a world of possibilities. Cuffed with modern strategies, one can transform a petite outdoor area into a personal retreat that marries style with functionality. The emphasis on space-saving furniture, vertical utilization, and multi-functional elements emerges as a guiding principle for small balcony decor. The judicious use of greenery, rugs, and lighting not only adds aesthetic charm but also magnifies the perception of space, creating an illusion of expansiveness.


As we conclude this exploration, it becomes evident that balcony design ideas are not merely about making do with limited square footage but rather a celebration of creativity and resourcefulness. The amalgamation of practical solutions and design finesse allows individuals to carve out a slice of tranquility amidst the bustling urban landscape. Balconies, once overlooked, are now cherished extensions of our living spaces, beckoning us to savor moments of solace or conviviality under the open sky.


In the realm of small balcony decor ideas, the mantra is clear: make every inch count. Through careful curation of furniture, decor, decorative vases, and a touch of greenery, these compact spaces can flourish into intimate retreats, proving that size is no obstacle to style. The journey to enhance small balconies is a testament to the transformative power of design, proving that even the most modest spaces can become extraordinary with a dash of imagination and a sprinkle of ingenuity. And as you embark on this journey, Nestasia will be there to help you out every step of the way!

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