Anniversary Date Ideas

Anniversary Date Ideas

AditiKabra KabraMay 31, 2020
Anniversary Ideas
Anniversaries are special days and there are a variety of ways one could celebrate this milestone in a remarkable fashion. It isn't always about those fancy fine dine meals and resort getaways, there's so much one could stay home and do to make this day noteworthy.
Here's a list of some ideas that you could try to make your partner feel on top of the world:
1. Enjoy a beautiful sunset together by your window. Turn off all the lights and let the setting sun do the needful. Deck up your window pane with some decor accents to enhance the set up. Place a table for two by the window and enjoy your mini sun-downer date.
Anniversary date set up
2. Pin up some faux flowers and handcrafted macrame wall decor for a boho vibe which will doll up the space and also add a rustic charm to it.
3. Surround yourself with all the things you both love and cherish. From photographs to mementoes and souvenirs collected overtime. Make this space your happy place. Spruce up a photo booth with these elements to capture moments from your special day.
Date set up
4. Knitted cushions in nude or pastel tones are another way of cozying up the space. Place them on the chairs or use them as floor shams to enhance the snuggly and comfy vibe.
Date set up
5. Surround the setting with candles and dim lighting. Plug in a rustic floor lamp that you can turn on post sundown. The warm, yellow hues create a cosy and mellow atmosphere.
Watch the video below to get inspired and create very own anniversary date set up at home. Simple and quick, yet elegant and quaint!
6. Keep the tones warm and subtle. Roll out a neutral hued rug on which you can place your table and chairs for your date.
Nestip: A neutral rug, will amplify all the other elements in the room.
Tufted rug
You could even go for a woven boho rug. It will infuse your date set up with a unique visual style, adding a whimsical charm to it.
Boho Rug
7. Tune in some romantic songs and let it play in the background while you revel in each others company. If you play an instrument, then surprise your partner with a mini performance.


8. Un-cork your favourite wine bottle. Get a mini bucket and place it as a makeshift wine cooler at an arms distance so you don't have to keep getting up.

9. Add a bit of quirk by using fancy drink ware that compliment the two of you. You could even gift your partner some unique glasses, cups or mugs 
Quirky Stem Glasses
10. Get creative and create fun origami miniatures and hangings that go well with the decor or table set up. 
For eg., check out how we have created these origami air filled hearts and substituted them as fortune cookies with heartfelt messages.
Marble Tray
11. You could also start your preparation a night before by assembling meals in advance. Prepare a lovely breakfast in bed, followed by lunch in your garden and end it with drinks and dinner by the window. 
12. Recreate a fine-dine experience at home by using classic tableware. Bring out rustic stoneware or ceramic plates, platters and trays to lay out your evening spread. 
13. Flowers are a perfect romantic gift. But if you can't get hold of fresh flowers currently, bring in floral motifs and prints to the table setting. They add a delightful and natural charm.
Marble Tray and Beads Coaster
14. Go down the memory lane and relive your wedding day. Flipping through old albums or playing your wedding video could be fun. Enjoy your big day while you sit back and sip onto wine along with some delicious home cooked treats.
Date set up
15. An anniversary is incomplete without indulging in sweet confections. Bond over baking a cake or a tart for two. With everyone becoming a baker during the lockdown, you're sure to find loads of videos that lead you to making your favourite dessert together.
Marble Tray
Make your day special, in a different way! Use it as an opportunity to enjoy a different and exciting experience with your partner; spending some extra quality time together, doing things you both enjoy together in the comfort of your home by getting creative and putting together a warm setting. 
Spend the entire day appreciating each other's company and being grateful. Revisit moments spent together overtime and reflect over the true meaning of your lives together.
Share your anniversary decor setup with us and comment below to share some of your ideas with us! 

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