A Splash Of Boho In Your Home Decor

January 11, 2023

Everyone has a particular decorating style when it comes to their home. Some like elegance, while others favour the boho look. There are certain differences between these two house decoration styles despite the fact that they both appear elegant and fashionable.

Tiles And Coasters

Bohemian or boho design emphasizes keeping your house pleasant, cosy, colourful, warm, eclectic, and easygoing. It is a really relaxed and carefree method to decorate your house.

Green Corner

These days, boho fashion looks trendy just everywhere. If you're one of the people who just can't get enough of the 1970s, patterns, plants, weavings, geometric forms, and the cosy chaos of bohemian interiors, this blog will surely be your next inspiration.

Traditional Patterned Trivet

Those who want their houses to be filled with life, culture, and intriguing stuff for everybody to see, may choose a bohemian style or boho décor. This style encourages imaginative, freewheeling, and unorthodox décor, which runs counter to modern perceptions. Bohemian-style rooms frequently have common characteristics and are constantly eclectic, even if no two rooms are ever exactly identical.

Boho Cushion Cover

Bohemian interior design frequently uses earthy hues like brown, cream, ivory, grey, green, etc. To create layering and an unexpected accent, these colours are frequently mixed with vivid hues like orange, crimson, or purple. One essential design component—comfort is created by layers and layers and lots of texture. The fact that there are no restrictions is one of the many wonderful aspects of boho decor. Bohemianism started in the early times, from the vagabond lifestyle where a creative life was given more importance than luxury. 

Green Corner

Today's bohemian style emphasizes mixing elements from many beliefs, geographic locations, and lifestyles. The outcome is an eclectic style that is as varied as the sources of its inspiration. It is a free-spirited aesthetic with a strong creative sense and a foundation in cultural blending.

Boho Planter

Now that we have acquired quite a bit of knowledge about the splash of Boho in your home decor, let's start with how you can implement the quirky ideas in the different rooms of your humble abode. 

Hamsa Hand Decor Object

1. For the Living Room

Coasters And Tiles

The living room, ever wondered why it is called a ‘living room’? Maybe it’s because it is here that the whole family sits together, and shares amusing tales about each other’s lives over freshly fried fritters or mom’s specially made namkeen. With all the giggles and laughter it doesn’t remain just a room but becomes a lively and illuminated space. And, to paint this picture of liveliness, what’s better than quirky and creative Bohemian decor style?

Boho Cushion Cover

If you’re bored with the typical chair and table setting, the freshest approach to embracing the Boho home decor will start with placing a rug on the floor. The rug can be a total mismatch to the colour of the floor or the walls, so you don’t need to be too careful while choosing but just be yourself, and pick your favourite. A sitting area can be created on the rug with the inclusion of Boho-designed sofa/chair cushions.


Now, if the wall seems too empty or not at all 'Instagrammable', here’s your quick fix! The parade of square tile coasters from our traditional ceramicware collection on your empty wall will surely be a sight to behold. In a neat alignment, or in a particular shape, put the tile coasters on the wall and be ready to click a thousand pictures!

Boho Cushion Cover

2. For the Dining Room

Boho Dining Table

Food is the only way to reach someone's heart’, remember hearing that before? Well, it’s absolutely true. Not just the food, but the presentation matters too. To make the presentation more appealing, our Mandala collection is what you should go for. The Mandala bowls, plates and platters bring out the essence of traditional India, and who doesn’t like to serve food with a desi tadka?

Mandala Bowls And Plates

For the artist in you, the dining table can be taken as an empty canvas and mandala crockery is your art. Boho decoration style gives you the freedom to revamp the setup without following any rules. So, you can lay the table by mixing up or matching a particular pattern. Our Mandala collection is a wide variety of vibrant colours, pop of patterns and shapes that will hold the heartiest of meals without any spillage.

Mandala Bowl

3. For the Green Corner

Green Corner

The green corners are the most refreshing part of your home. A table, or a shelf can easily be stacked with some adorable planters to make the overall interior decor look more vibrant. And, when we are talking about Boho, no space can be left untouched. For the perfect Boho-styled green corner, our eclectic planters are the best buddy for your saplings and indoor plants. 

Green Corner

Along with the planters, one can add trivets and Hamsa hand decor objects to the table to complement the colours of the planters and bring on the hippie vibe. More the colours, the more visible the Bohemian approach.


1. What is a Boho decor?

The Boho decor is motivated by a free spirit, travel and art, and places high importance on natural texture, exotic patterns, and colors.

2. What does Boho interior design mean?

Contrary to minimalism, bohemian design swings more toward maximalism. Anything and everything can be incorporated into a boho home design, from original pieces of furniture to your own creative artwork. The design is bold to include a variety of finishes and layers into a little décor. 

3. What colors are Bohemian?

White, brown, blue, red, maroon, peach and other neutral tones are frequently chosen as basic colors. Then, you may accessorize them with a touch of purple, orange, or another vibrant color in your preferred textures and patterns.

4. Where can I get decor in the Boho style?

The freedom to take your time, to gather when you tour the world or come across that incredible picture at an antique shop must be reflected in the bohemian style for it to be effective. Be careful to search everywhere for things that represent you. While you may find the foundational elements in Nestasia's wide selection of dining and décor, you can embellish with items from our vintage collection and the occasional fashionable rug you find in our soft furnishings section.

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