A Gift of Regional Delights: Wedding Favours for Every Culture

December 26, 2022

People of many different castes, sects, and cultures call India their motherland. They actually speak various languages and come from various cultural backgrounds. Thus, India is recognized as one of the living illustrations of unity in variety. Even the people's traditions and rituals reflect this variety. For instance, despite the fact that their behaviour is distinct, Indian weddings are celebrated with the same zeal throughout. Regional wedding customs differ depending on certain things like religion, geography, and faith.

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They do, however, have a similar expression and importance. After all, the Lord, as well as the respected members of the family and society, bless the marriage of the two souls. The marriage ceremony is also regarded as one of the most sacred relationships between two individuals on earth, with traditional wedding rituals still being observed today. Continue reading to learn more about regional Indian wedding ceremonies in detail.

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Also, regionally curated wedding hampers are a great way to add a personal touch to your big day. These hampers are filled with the traditional taste of culture and customs of the region where you are getting married. They showcase the beauty and diversity of your region. So why not consider adding a touch of regional flair to your wedding with a beautifully curated hamper?

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1. Marathi Wedding

Marathi wedding hamper

Maharashtrian marriage is perhaps the simplest and the least opulent in the whole country. Unlike other weddings, most of the rituals are performed early in the morning. The Maharashtrian marriage procedure starts with finding a suitable counterpart. The wedding ceremony itself is a colorful and joyous occasion, with the bride and groom exchanging garlands and tying the mangalsutra, that’s a symbol of love, culture, and tradition.

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One aspect that adds to the charm of this wedding is the distribution of wedding favours to the guests. Nestasia has carefully created a Maharashtrian wedding hamper that includes unique and thoughtful gifts as a way to thank your guests for their presence and well wishes. The hamper includes the traditional Marathi “nath”, “bindi” and “gajra” along with mandala plates, incense cones, mouth fresheners and a potli bag.

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2. Rajasthani Wedding

Rajasthani wedding hamper

A Rajasthani wedding is a traditional and lavish affair that is steeped in cultural and religious customs. It is a multi-day celebration that involves a series of rituals and ceremonies that are followed by the bride and groom's families and have been passed down through generations. One of the most striking features of a Rajasthani wedding is the ornate traditional attire worn by the bride and groom.

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Extend the royal wedding treatment to your guests by gifting them the wedding favour hampers. Our wedding hamper is a thoughtful way to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. Nestasia’s Rajasthani wedding hampers includes the traditional ornament of Rajasthan, “borla” and other pieces of accessories like tealight holders, ceramic platter, incense cones, mouth fresheners, and a leheriya potli bag.

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3. Bengali Wedding

Bengali wedding hamper
Bengali weddings are a beautiful and vibrant celebration of love and cultural tradition. The ceremonies are filled with colorful decorations, traditional music, and delicious food. The bride and groom both dress in traditional attire, with the bride wearing a red and white sari and the groom wearing a dhoti and kurta. The wedding ceremony or "Biye," is a two-day event, filled with rich culture, laughter, and joy.

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A Bengali wedding favour hamper is a thoughtful and memorable way to thank your guests for their love and support on your special day. It's a sweet, small but meaningful gesture that they'll be sure to appreciate. Our gift hamper for Bengali wedding includes the pride of Bengali women, “shakha pola”, shola flower cluster, a trivet, Sabai coasters, incense cones, mouth fresheners, and a red and white potli bag.

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4. Gujarati Wedding

Gujarati wedding hamper
Gujarati weddings are a vibrant and colorful celebration filled with traditional rituals and customs. The wedding ceremony itself is a beautiful blend of both Hindu and Jain wedding rituals, with the bride and groom exchanging garlands as a symbol of their commitment to one another. A Gujarati wedding is a joyous and unforgettable experience that showcases the rich cultural traditions of the land of Gujarat.

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One way to add to the joyous atmosphere is by giving out wedding favors to your guests. No matter what you choose, the key is to select something that reflects the culture and traditions of the Gujarati community. And, that is where our Gujarati wedding hamper stands at perfection. Our hamper includes a shell bangle, mirrorwork cushion cover, trivet, incense cones, mouth fresheners and a patola potli bag.

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5. Malayalam Wedding

Malayalam wedding hamper
Malayalam weddings are a beautiful blend of traditional customs and modern rituals and a beautiful celebration of love, tradition, and family. The main wedding ceremony, called the sambandham, is a grand affair held in a temple or a traditional wedding hall. The bride and groom exchange flower garlands, and the groom ties a sacred thread, thaali, around the bride's neck, signifying their eternal bond.

Tealight holders
One aspect of a Malayalam wedding that is highly valued is the wedding favour hamper given to guests. Malayalam wedding hamper is a beloved tradition that adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness and hospitality to the wedding festivities. Nestasia’s curated gift hamper for Malayalam wedding includes golden leaf trinket plate, “gajra”, tealight holders, incense cones, mouth fresheners, and classic Malayali potli bag.

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6. Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi wedding hamper
Punjabi weddings are a vibrant and festive celebration of love and commitment. The wedding ceremony itself is a grand affair, with the bride and groom exchanging garlands and taking sacred vows in front of holy fire. The wedding is a lively celebration, with traditional Punjabi music and dance, and sumptuous feast and drinks. It is a truly unique and special event with rich cultural traditions that gives a memorable experience.

A beautiful way in which you can make your wedding guests still cherish the wedding memories is by gifting them a specially curated gift hamper as a token of appreciation and gratitude for making the wedding joyous. Our curated gift hamper for Punjabi weddings includes a pair of rotating glasses, a bottle opener, a set of coasters, mouth fresheners, and a potli bag.

Potli bag
A unique twist on this traditional gift is a regionally curated hamper, which showcases the unique flavors and products of a specific area. These hampers as wedding favours are a truly personal and thoughtful gift that let you experience the unique culture and traditions of their region in a tangible way.

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Nestasia has beautifully curated wedding gift hampers that celebrate the unique culture and traditions of different regions. We believe that a gift should be more than just a material object - it should be a representation of the love and care put into it. Our wedding hampers are a perfect way to show the guests just how much you appreciate their presence.



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