8 Workspace Desk Ideas To Boost Creativity & Motivation

January 16, 2023

Space is a potent tool for increasing engagement, sparking creativity, and boosting productivity. The era of cubicle rows and dreary grey walls has passed. Companies all over the world are designing their office spaces with indoor plants, and courtyard landscaping, incorporating more colours and focusing on easy organisation while keeping an environment that keeps the mind healthy.

The majority of our week is spent at work in the office. Unfortunately, spending so much time at the job can make daily life rather mundane. Even though most of us lack the option to demand a radical shift in our daily tasks, many of us do have the option to revamp the workspace. The office desk in some ways represents who we are as an individual. The workspace can reveal our likes, hobbies, and even our personality. We at Nestasia are here to suggest you some tips and ideas for creating a more ‘homely’ office environment.

1. Nature to support well-being 

Nurture indoor plants in our vibrantly coloured planters. Wall planters can be used to save space while ceramic planters with flowering plants can make for centrepieces on the office desk. According to studies, people react differently to natural settings than they do to urban ones. More plants and flowers in the office desk and office space give a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. Additionally, natural components can aid in mental recuperation and stress relief.

There have been numerous kinds of research examining how plants might reduce workplace stress. Interestingly, even one plant in the workplace has a significant effect on the stress and mindset of the workers. People who work all day indoors and live in urban areas may experience stress due to a lack of connection to nature. However, something as straightforward as a single desk plant might satiate that innate desire to feel connected to nature, fostering happy emotions and lowering stress levels.

2. Motivational quotes for the win 

Inspirational quotes by your idols and successful personalities might help you remember that other people have faced and overcame similar difficulties. Quotes about challenges may help you comprehend the significance of your efforts and how they can help you grow and learn. Reading inspirational quotes related to the kind of job you do might help you stay motivated and inspired to succeed and help you achieve a task more efficiently.

Motivational quotes and inspirational quotes can be placed in Nestasia’s sleek photo frames and can do a lot to inspire you to achieve more and aim for a higher goal. Paintings, pictures, and other works of art can all help to inspire creativity. Consider how each piece will enhance your office's culture and call attention to the objectives you wish to promote. At Nestasia, we have sleek photo frames that add a formal element to the office desk, or you can go for our quirky and ornamented photo frames to define your style.

3. Effective & easy organisation

‘A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind,’ which isn’t going to help boost productivity and creativity. Opt for our cylindrical organisers that can be used as pen stands, or for placing stationers including paper clips and pins. Use book edges for stylishly organising documents and folders.

Clutter serves as a constant reminder of all the things you still have to complete, and as your to-do list grows larger, your anxiety rises. When it comes to your professional life, keeping your workspace clear of clutter can increase your productivity tenfold while also benefiting your general health and well-being. We're not encouraging you to become allergic to even the smallest out-of-place paperclip, but having a tidy, organised office table and chair can help boost productivity.

4. Mugs are important too

Coffee is frequently used to replenish your body and mind with the energy you need to get through the rest of the day in the office. A thoughtfully designed mug may truly motivate you to get through the rest of the day. 

Pick a mug that encourages you with motivational quotes or a quote from your favourite idol as all of us can relate to an uplifting quote. Carrying a high-quality mug around can help you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence throughout the day, just like dressing to impress for work.

5. Sate snack cravings in stylish jars 

Consider all the treats that bring you joy. It might be your favourite candy, nut, or dried fruits. For those times when you oversleep and forget to eat breakfast, you might also keep cereal or oatmeal. All you need to do is fill a few mason jars from Nestasia with snacks. The jars will make your desk appear particularly organised, and tidy which is definitely a bonus.

Working on an empty stomach makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand since all you can think about is how much you want to eat. Snacking can help you stay focused. After eating, people are also more creative and thoughtful, thus the will to work rises & prevents you from going into the "hangry" zone.

6. Add personal touches

Encourage and inspire yourself by adding decorative objects, which may be anything from a chic pen holder to a quirky showpiece, which will help make you feel cheerful as an attractive workspace increases productivity. A framed family portrait or a framed painting might be added to your workspace to offer a personal touch.

Don’t hesitate to decorate the workspace with your mementos and photographs. You may deck up the office desk with pictures of your family, pets, favourite vacation spots, or hobbies. Even while some individuals go all out with their workplace décor, there are numerous simple, useful, and cosy ways that you may use to personalise your workspace. From a teacup to a blanket on your chair, add touches to your workspace that define you.

7. Fun magnets to highlight reminders

Even if you don't have any plans to completely redesign your office, including quirky magnets makes for a simple method to brighten up magnetic boards near the desk. In addition to organizing documents, you can use them as bookmarks, and cable organizers (for headphones, laptop chargers, and spare cords).

The cheerful and bright magnets add a much-needed element of delight to the office desk that may slowly seem to slip away with the monotonous routine. The hot air balloon magnets encourage your motivation to soar just like them and for your creativity to fly high.

8. Quirky holders for all that’s important

Use our quirky Macaron clip card holders to keep reminders close at hand rather than tacking them to the walls or sticking them to the side of the monitor. You can also keep memorable photos, and quotes in the card holders. Feel free to write down a note of encouragement and place it in the holder for a constant reminder of inspiration. 

An office desk setup profoundly influences more aspects of productivity than one might imagine. There may be various factors out of one’s control that can take away energy and inspiration. However, decorating and personalising one’s office space and office desk will surely help with maximum productivity while providing comfort. Start implementing our ideas gradually and also share your own for transforming the workspace.

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