How to Style Rugs (7 unique ways to style your rugs and carpets with Nestasia's Handmade Rug Collection)

July 01, 2021

Be it a living room or a dining area, we’re always looking for new ways to jazz up our interior. And ­­there’s no better way to do it than to add a rug to the setting to complete the look. A rug, when placed right, can really bring together and complete a room. In fact, if we are as bold to say it, a rug in any shape size or style can make or break a room’s design.

If you’re someone who’s looking to spice up their décor using rugs, but don’t know how exactly to style them, look no further. Nestasia brings to your doorstep an assortment of rugs to choose from and rejuvenate the look of your house with. That’s not all, if you want to get creative with the styling, we are here to show you how to utilize these rugs in a multitude of ways that push the boundaries of what a rug should be.


We’ll start with the basics. A dining room area can turn quite uninspiring, and a well-placed carpet or area rug just might be the way to bring in some colors.

1) Dining Room

First off, we’d suggest that you use a patterned rug, it is more suitable for hiding stains and spills when compared to solid rugs. There’s no saying how much damage a single moment of clumsiness or a slip of the hand can do to your precious carpeting, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, you’ll have to keep in mind that the colors and patterns which you’re choosing have to go with the interior and furniture items that already exist in the room. Unless you don’t have a dining table already, in which case it’s better to choose the rug design first and then find furniture that go with the setting.

If the room itself isn’t too clustered, you can get away with adding some bold and bright coloured rugs. For the dining room, the Outdoor carpet or the Outdoor Rug works best.


The busy patterns make it easier to hide stains while lending a pop of colours to the atmosphere.

Nestip: If you’re trying for a more sophisticated vibe though, the Caroline and the Rosaline rugs with their intricate zigzag motifs, when paired together, can bring a touch of splendour to the room.

outdoor rug

caroline zigzag

2) Living Room

When you think rugs, you immediately think living room. A rug in the living room isn't a significant décor move, but you can always try out creative new methods to enhance your game. One such option would be to layer rugs on top of another. It adds interest and is a great way to redefine your space.

The first rule to layering is to place a smaller rug on a bigger one, or two rugs side by side, and you know what would pair really well? Yes, you read our minds, the River Pattern Rug and the BOHO Arna Hand Woven Rug.


The stormy grays of the Arna rug perfectly juxtapose the subdued light blue hues of the River rug, creating a warm, welcoming environment.

Usually, sofas are placed on the long end of a rug, so make sure your floor is spacious enough. What you can also do is place a rug next to the sofa, provided that you don’t already have wall-to-wall carpeting, which is so last season! Area rugs are the way to go when it comes to adding life to your living space these days.

Also, depending on the layout of the space, you could position a rug under only the front legs of a standard living room coffee table, instead of placing the entire table on it.

Nestip: Add a hint of modern finesse to your living space with the Chandelier Modern Rug, complete with delicate diamond and chevron weaves, and a rustic elegance that exudes royalty.

3) Bedroom

A colorful rug in your cosy bedroom might just be the right touch if you’re looking to make things interesting where you dream. It can be styled in various ways, from being on the foot of the bed to being layered on top of a quilt or duvet. Our rugs are lightweight and easy to fold up, so they’d be the perfect hassle free options to add dimension to your bed.

What aesthetic does your room hold? Is it mostly shades of white and cream and you want to keep it that way? The Brad range of rugs is ideal to suit your style.

Want to change it up? Don’t worry we have the perfect chevron print carpet for that too! The Tabitha carpet with its bright yellow hue would find the perfect ground beneath your feet at your bedside.

Nestip: Oh, you know what makes for a magnificent addition? The Outdoor Carpet against your white bedspread or up on the wall against your bed frame, to bring out the hidden avant-gardist in you.

4) Tapestry
We have been hanging rugs on walls for as long as carpets have existed. In fact, any rugs and tapestries across the globe are intended to be used either as floor or wall coverings. This, however, had gone out of style in past years, but no one said that we can’t bring it back. You know how the saying goes, old is gold.

And so we bring to you the BOHO Ezra Hand Woven Rug and the BOHO Ivy Hand Woven Rug, both of which invite a magnificent aura into your home.  These bohemian dhurries can double up as enchanting pieces of wall décor, bringing elegancy and charm to your rooms.

Hang it over a wooden desk or a mantelpiece, and place a couple of designer vases or the golden vases to complete the grand look.

A carpet framed on the wall at the head of the bed really speaks a lot about your grace. After all, aren’t our homes really just a reflection of our personal styles?

Be it the Colorful Rug or the Summer Patterned Rug, the rich vibrant hues of the carpets will definitely contribute to creating positive energy in not just your room, but your life as well.

Nestip: You can also use the Aztec Hand Woven Rug as a tapestry and pair it with a striking mandala for an artsy theme.

 5) Balcony

Nowadays, rugs are not limited to the living rooms anymore, they can be added anywhere in the house, pushing the boundaries of décor. From kitchens to balconies, there’s no place where a rug wouldn’t make a perfect statement.

A lighter colored carpeting can make excellent use of natural light to enhance the balcony. So why not spice things up and add the Mayan Boho Rug there? Don’t worry if there’s not enough space for the rugs to fit, you can always roll up the sides to make space.

Pssst, we suggest cleaning the area before placing it first so your rug doesn’t get dirty.

For just a bit more of an elegant vibe, the greens of your potted plants will contrast beautifully with the monochrome shades of the Clover Black and White Rug.

If you’re going for a boho chic vibe, might we suggest the Bohemian Rug? Vines with flowers will go really well with the entire aesthetic, we promise.

Looking to grow your gardening space? Check out our large assortment of potted plants and planters from our garden collection.

Nestip: You can place a couple of chairs, or bean bags to accentuate your surroundings.

6) Reading Corner

Rugs are a great way to separate living spaces, and we have just the right collection of area rugs to create your cozy reading area. Be it in the living room by the window, or in an isolated corner of your bedroom, these area rugs can bring a warm sensation to you as you curl up to read your favorite book with a mug of piping hot tea or coffee in hand (Speaking of coffee, here’s a couple of mugs that you might find to be interesting adds to complete your Sunday reading afternoons. 


The Chandelier Modern Rug and the Tabitha Patterned Rug are two great options which can be layered side by side for a contemporary homey finish.

 chandlier rug

A couple of throws and pillows, maybe an indoor potted plant or two, and voila, you’re all set to enjoy your weekends reading in bliss/being transported to another world.

Tabitha Patterned

7) Window Sill

Usually we overlook the area under the window and leave it empty, but would you believe us if we told you a rolled up dhurrie at your window sill can do wonders to uplift the feel of the entire room?

Make the often neglected space your favorite chilling spot by adding the River Pattern Rug to the mix. Add in our snowy white throw blanket from the collection to make the space snug and welcoming for you to relax in after a long hard day at work.

river pattern rug

A spot of green never hurt a soul, so why not add some artificial planters as well?

brick brack carpet

What would also look great and bring life to the room would be the Brick Brack Abstract Carpet. With it's unique bold design, it's surely going to be a one of a kind addition to your home.

 brick brack carpet

Nestip: All that’s missing is a cup of coffee? Well, browse through our extensive range of coffee mugs to find the missing piece to your jigsaw puzzle.

Rug Tips

Size: When using two rugs in a room, keep in mind that the same sized rugs might visually divide the space in half. To create an impression of diversity, choose carpets of varying sizes.

boho vincent

Most of our rugs are 3 x 5 ft and 4 x 5 ft, so you can easily choose your preferred size from our collection.


Placement: Medium-sized rectangular rugs will provide colour and proportion to rooms where there are beds and coffee tables when you begin to choose rugs to balance furniture and eliminate negative space. Whether you decide to place all the legs of the chairs, sofa, bed or tables on or off the rug is completely upto you, there are no rigid rules binding it as such.

It is of utmost importance to remember that the rug is a frame of sorts. Once one places a table over a rug, it usually covers the majority of the design. So when you are selecting your carpet which is to be placed under a table, make sure to pay close attention to the rug’s border, which will be the most visible part of the rug.

boho avery

The Boho Avery Hand Woven Rug has spectacular black and white diamond textured borders which would be ideal for being placed under a table.

Layering: The smaller rug is always layered at the center of the larger rug, and the complex patterned one over the more subtle piece.

When it comes to choosing appealing area rugs that will provide a flare of color and aesthetic value, eye-catching designs are what you need to be looking for! Chevron rugs, which have an everlasting V-shaped mark that runs along the length of the rug, symbolise a timeless pattern which fits into a multitude of design schemes.

boho kai

Which is why, this time around, Nestasia brings to you an exclusive range of chevron print rugs and handwoven carpets to satisfy the aesthetic in you and we are very excited to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and let us know in the comments below about how you’re using our area rugs to make your home beautiful.

Also, here's a video reference for styling our rugs, so what are you waiting for?

Click on it, watch it, and let us know what you think.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, happy shopping!










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