7 Top Colour Trends of 2018

May 11, 2018

Interior décor styles ranging from Boho Chic to Traditional Scandinavian, there is inspiration everywhere. We picked 7 top colours that we truly felt are trending in 2018.

We've laid out our inspiration right from accent walls to furniture upholstery to painted doors! Our own collection of home accessories and tableware is inspired by these colours. A tribute to the Pantone colours of the year, these hues are big this year. 

Each colour has its own personality and we've expressed what they mean to us! Subtle, bold, minimalist, there is something for everyone! Here are our picks: 


1. Ultraviolet: Pantone colour of the year 2018, this one's our personal favourite. The UV ceiling brings the entire look together. A perfect blend with white and green in this living room setting, UV inspired us to have the bamboo bowls set for a bold session of snacking. Watch out for our limited edition glammed up bowls coming soon!  


(via Decoralia)

2. Greenery: Pantone colour of the year 2017, this one is a breath of freshness! It's lively and brings a smile on our faces. A must have hue in every home, be it through potted plants hanging over your tub, or accessories in your house. We are inspired to have greenery accents in our lacquered trays, just for that extra touch of pleasant vibes! 

(via Hannah Puechmarin)

3. Rose Quartz (RQ): Pantone colour of the year 2016, this subtle hue was not just a preferred colour for the iPhone, but also a rage in minimalistic homes. The RQ upholstered sofa lends a kind of softness to this living space making it cozy and inviting. Our bamboo RQ bowls have the same appeal, where the light natural bamboo colour compliments the RQ so beautifully that it's an instant crowd pleaser. 

rose quartz rose gold metallic

(via Daily Dream Decor

4. Emerald: When you think of Emerald, you think jewels, opulence, luxury and this colour is all that and more. Emerald uplifts this setting and lends character through the painted walls and soft furnishings. It blends perfectly with natural colours of wicker and bamboo, a popular and sustainable choice of material in homes today. We translated our inspiration into these multi-use emerald jars that can be a jewellery/trinket/vanity/stationery box. Gift candies in them or store tea, the choice is yours! 


(via designmeetscomfort)

5. Mimosa: We don't just love to drink them! Mimosa is an evergreen colour that screams tropical. Lemons have been a top trend this year and can instantly brighten up a table setting. We incorporated the hue in our lacquered floral contemporary trays that can double up as wall art! 


(via SharonSantoni)

6.  Turquoise: When we think of Turquoise, we think of the beach. Light, airy, natural, white are all that comes to mind. This Turquoise painted door is a gorgeous addition to the space and livens it up. Our Turquoise boxes with lids are designed similarly to enliven your table space and we were legit thinking about the waves when we first thought of them! 


(via House of Turquoise

7. Chilli Pepper: A bold, bright, vivacious hue doesn't just mean it is to be part of a luxury home. Here it adds a sophisticated earthiness to this Bohemian decor which we are absolutely crushing on! This versatile hue can be a part of varied settings and so can our single serve bowls inspired by it. 

chilli pepper

(via Marus Home Decor)

Lets us know which colours you would pick for your home in the comments below. 

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