5 Simple Anniversary Decoration Ideas

December 29, 2023

Remember when you were overcome with a rush and felt butterflies in your stomach when you caught a glimpse of your significant other on your first date? It must feel surreal to know that the same person is the one you wake up to every day. Whether you are celebrating a year of wedded bliss or decades of togetherness, your anniversary serves as a reminder of your beautiful journey through thick and thin. Want to surprise your better half with something splendid on your upcoming anniversary? Try out these simple anniversary decoration ideas, and impress your loved one. 

Ceramic dinner plates

5 Easy Anniversary Decoration Ideas for Home

1. Candle Decoration

We are sure you’ve seen those enchanting candlelit pathways on Instagram. It’s time to recreate it. Set up a cozy nook by creating a canopy bed decorated with flower petals, fairy lights, mini chocolates, and velvet cushions. You can also scatter a few rose petals alongside the candle trail to guide your partner into the room. You can also take your special someone for a walk down memory lane by arranging your favourite couple pictures on the mantlepiece and interspersing them with candles of various heights to create a dynamic and memorable display. 

Mauve diamond textured champagne glass

 2. Table Setting

If you are shooting for a romantic anniversary dinner, it is important to set your table in a visually appealing way. A classic white tablecloth paired with silver and gold cutlery, coupled with a simple arrangement of fresh flowers housed in a sleek vase, should do the trick. Towering pillar candles perched in slender candle stands will also help create a warm and atmospheric setting so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a nice meal in the flickering light. If you are feeling a bit bougie, you can arrange champagne bottles and tie bows around their necks to create a lovely look. 

3. Centrepiece & Flower Decor

 Here’s a rundown on flower arrangements and centerpieces to leave your partner in awe:

  • Red Roses: No romantic setting is complete without classic long-stemmed red roses. Arrange a dozen or so roses in a crystal vase and use it as a delightful centrepiece. 

Red roses in an anniversary dining setup

  • Flower Ice Cubes: Fancy up your anniversary dinner by making edible flower ice cubes. Incredibly easy to make, you can make them beforehand. To get crystal clear ice cubes that are not foggy, fill up your ice trays with distilled water and immerse edible lavender flowers, mint leaves, roses, and lilac flowers. You can then fill up a bucket with these colourful ice cubes, and dump your champagne bottles too. 

Flower ice cubes

  • Heart-shaped Arrangement: Strategically placed flower petals and create a heart-shaped arrangement in the middle of the room. You can also form the heart out of flowers on a shallow dish or tray and use it as a table centrepiece. 

Flower petal

4. DIY Love Notes & Photo Bunting

Handwritten love notes with adorable doodles and sentimental messages hold a special place in our hearts, and will surely win you some points in the awe department. You can also create a DIY pop-up card that will instantly bring a smile to your partner’s face. Select snaps of key moments in your relationship, have them printed, and clip them on a clothesline to create a visual timeline of your moments together.

Love notes for anniversary

5. Fairy Lights & Tea Lights Decoration

Create a soft luminous glow by hanging fairy lights in front of a sheer white drape so you and your partner can bask in the warmth. You can also arrange the fairy lights in a heart-shaped design. You can also set afloat tealights in a bowl filled with water and a few scattered flower petals to infuse your anniversary venue with grace. If you’ve created a canopy bed, you can also wind fairy lights around the bedpost.

Fairy lights for anniversary decoration


We’ve completely debunked the idea that anniversary decoration always has to be over the top, complex, and about grand gestures. We hope these simple and easily achievable decoration ideas create a memorable anniversary for you and your partner. Be sure to visit Nestasia for exquisite decor items and thoughtful anniversary gifts to celebrate your partner.

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