5 Decor Ideas For A Perfect Holi Bash

March 06, 2023

“Bura na mano Holi hai!” - The festival of colours is almost here to welcome the onset of spring and wash away all our differences. Holi is a festival that celebrates the essence of togetherness and community in its truest form, discarding all stereotypical social boundaries. Since the vibrant and colourful festival is all about embracing inclusivity, why not open your home to greet all your close ones with some gulaal and make it ready for a fun Holi party?

Holi Table Decor

It goes without saying that your Holi home decoration must stay true to the colourful essence of the festival. In fact, your home decoration for Holi needs to feature bold and vibrant colours to mirror the colourful spring season, while commemorating the spirit of togetherness and inclusivity. But, in case you are running out of enticing Holi decor ideas and drawing a blank, you have come to the right place. 

Wall Decor

Today, we’ll discuss some vibrant Holi party decor ideas featuring some gorgeous Holi decoration items from Nestasia to add a colourful note to your festive celebrations. From colourful cushion covers and throws to paper buntings and vibrant floral decor - we’re here to cover everything on Holi home decor essentials. Adorn your home with these 5 stunning decor ideas and let it bask in the colourful vibe of Holi. 

Flamingo Bunting

5 Vibrant Holi Decor Ideas

1. Living Room Decor Ft. Colourful Throws And Cushion Covers

Your living room is where you receive and entertain your guests at a house party. So, if you are planning to throw a smashing Holi party, decorating your living room for the festival should be the first point on your party agenda. Your living room decor needs to celebrate the Holi spirit to set the perfect vibe for a colourful and fun Holi party. 

Holi decor

The simplest way to transform your living room decor to make it Holi-ready is to incorporate some vibrant splashes of colours. When it comes to Holi home decoration, don’t shy away from using bold colours to revamp your home decor - the bolder, the better. However, make sure to maintain a cohesive colour palette while sprucing up your home decor for Holi so that nothing looks out of place.

Valencia Velvet Cushion Covers

Keeping that in mind, embellish your living room with colourful throws and cushion covers to set a warm and vibrant Holi decor that’ll surely make your guests feel more welcome while creating the perfect Holi mood. You can create a gorgeous colour contrast by pairing our peach knitted throw with the mustard chevron knitted throw for vibrant Holi home decor.  


Along with colourful throws, adding some vibrant cushion covers can also set the perfect Holi party decor aesthetic. Nestasia’s flower pillow cover set can help you celebrate the colourful essence of spring because that’s what the festival of Holi is all about. Our Valencia velvet cushion cover can also add a splash of colour to brighten up your living room decor for Holi. So, let your Holi home decoration sing with vibrant and gorgeous colours! 

Flower Pillow Cover Set

2. Colourful Wall Hangings For A Colourful Holi

One of the best aspects of Holi is the childish giddiness and fun that you experience while playing with all those bright and lovely colours. So, to stay true to the fun and cheerful Holi vibe, having some colourful wall decor items is a must. Paper buntings are probably one of the most common Holi decoration items because they can add some fresh pops of colour to your bland wall decor and lift up the Holi spirit. 


Nestasia’s wall bunting features flamingo and flower designs in fun and vibrant colours that can be an ideal wall hanging to set the Holi party vibe. Speaking of colourful Holi wall decor, you can also add sustainable and multicoloured Moonj wall decor plates to go with the paper bunting. Try to experiment with different colour palettes and contrasting tones while creating a visually dynamic wall decor for Holi. 

White Lotus Wall Hanging Set

You can also use some of our lotus wall hangings that come with a shimmering golden border design for your wall decor to add to the vibrant glamour of Holi. If you want to jazz up your room’s hanging decor even further, hang some vibrant and gorgeous framed posters and paintings to set the perfect home decor for Holi. Choose bright and colourful wall hangings for the living room to make your Holi decor celebrate the very essence of the festive occasion. 

Framed posters

3. Special Holi Floor Decor With Rangoli And Diyas

When we talk about Holi theme decoration at home, colourful floor decorations featuring handmade rangolis or floor patterns can go a long way in making the Holi party decor truly stand out. You can decorate your home entranceway or outdoor patio with vibrant rangoli designs to make the festival of colours even more colourful. 

Holi floor decor

Adorn the Holi rangoli designs with small candles or diya to add an elegant and ethereal charm to your Holi home decor. Our collection of colourful tea light holders can be the perfect pick to place small candles around the handmade rangoli to elevate the aesthetic of your floor decor for Holi. You can use the yellow rose tea light holder set to add some fresh and bright pops of yellow to your fresh rangoli design. 

Yellow Rose Tea Light Holder Set

If you want to add some golden shimmer to your Holi rangoli, you can always use our white lotus tea light holder set that comes with a stunning golden border design to place candles around the rangoli. You can also try out the lotus glass tea holder set to elevate the aesthetic appeal of the rangoli with a glassy, high-sheen charm. Our lotus glass tea holders are also available in gorgeous colours, including green, blue, and purple to liven up the Holi decor vibe. 

Lotus Glass Tea Light Holder Purple Set

4. Stunning Table Decor For A Holi Feast

What’s a Holi party without some delicious thandai, laddu, and jalebi? So, decoration ideas for a Holi party must feature a gorgeous table decor spread fit for a grand feast to commemorate the festive occasion. Holi table decorations require attention to detail to make all the mouthwatering snacks and drinks even more appealing to your guests. From crockeries to drinkware pieces - everything needs to be spot on and go well with the Holi mood. 

Holi table decor

You can use our pebble-textured drinking glasses to serve fresh thandai to the guests and stay true to the fun and jovial Holi spirit. The tall dimension of these drinking glasses makes them ideal for serving Holi-special thandai and liven up the Holi party vibe. If you want to add some pops of stunning colours to the Holi decorations, you can opt for the mauve fizz crystal glasses to serve drinks and refreshments.  

Pebble Textured Medium Drinking Glass Set

A Holi feast also calls for platters full of lip-smacking namkeen and mithai to satiate the taste buds. Our Mandala long dish can be the perfect table decor item for serving savoury snacks. The colourful and intricate mandala design of the long dish can be ideal for adding a splash of robust colours to your Holi table decorations. 

Mandala Long Dish

Speaking of robust colours, our multicolour Mediterranean trivet can also be excellent for serving homemade snacks and sweets, while incorporating more vibrant colours and designs into your Holi table decor. Get creative with your Holi decor ideas to create an enticing Holi table decor spread and woo your guests. 

Mediterranean Trivet With Handle

5. Vibrant Floral Decor For An Outdoor Holi Party 

The festival of Holi essentially celebrates the natural beauty of spring. Just like Mother Nature adorns herself in the vibrant colours of spring, Holi is all about embracing that rich and colourful palette of Mother Nature. Since spring is the season of fresh floral blooms, how can your Holi decoration at home be complete without some gorgeous flower decorations? Whether you use fresh or artificial flowers for decoration - flowers are a must for a Holi party decor. 

Holi flower decor

Since Holi is an outdoor affair, decking up your backyard or balcony with some fresh and artificial flower decor is the best way to go about it. Fresh marigold garlands along with some fresh tuberose flowers have always been the most popular floral decor choices for a traditional outdoor Holi party. You can also use artificial flowers for table flower arrangements to create attractive floral home decor for Holi. 

Flower Stem For Decoration

Nestasia’s artificial flower stems can be an excellent choice for Holi floral decorations since they are available in two gorgeous colours - pink and purple. You can pair the flower stems with our red and blue artificial tulip flowers to create a stunning colour scheme for a perfect Holi vibe. You can also add a splash of brightness to the Holi floral decor with our yellow silk rose flowers and pay an ode to the colourful and vibrant spirit of spring. 

Silk Rose Flower

Let your creativity flow with some stunning Holi decor ideas and get your home all decked up for a memorable Holi party. If you have some more Holi home decoration ideas, don’t forget to share them with us. Here’s wishing you a safe and colourful Holi!

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