5 Creative Ways To Use Glass Jars For Drinks And Decors

January 20, 2023

The humble glass jar- whether a small spice jar or a stylish snacks jar, there are numerous ways to creatively use them for decoration, serving dishes, or as your own D.I.Y. project. Jars by Nestasia do perform the conventional functions but are also here to help and encourage your creative side. 

Glass jars and storage containers are functional in the kitchen where they can be used to keep condiments, spices, pickles, and snacks fresh and hygienic. Glass jars never go out of style and are sturdy, non-toxic, and versatile containers, making them perfect for the kitchen or to be placed on the table. However, this blog is all about the creative side of these jars and making them realise that they do have more potential! Join us in expanding the glass jar horizons to see all that they’re capable of.

1. DIY Glass Jar ‘Snow Globe’

Creating a DIY Mason jar snow globe with your favourite seasonal elements or photographs of loved ones will be a creative and beautiful way to use the glass storage jars. If put together with the proper supplies, such as our adorable mini showpieces, and some faux snow with cotton and silver glitters, the personalised snowy accent piece can be decorated year after year.

Handcrafting your gifts, decorations and keepsakes provide a truly meaningful touch - and snow globes are no exception. Luckily, with a few inexpensive materials and a small amount of effort, you can make stunning mason jar snow globes. The snowy jars make for beautiful gifting options and can also be used for a themed decoration or a centrepiece at any party.

2. Hanging Jar Flower Decorations

Flower-adorned hanging mason jars can enhance the entire home decor. Topped with artificial flowers and filled with rice lights, the floral jars add a fairytale element to the decor setup. All of these materials blend wonderfully with our large transparent glass jars. The decorative jars when hung provide the bonus of illuminating the space with a warm glow.

Glass bottles and Mason jars are the best-suited glass shapes for practical DIY projects like these because they will enliven your surroundings with a gorgeous translucent aesthetic. The flower jar arrangements are especially well suited for outdoor areas where they beautifully complement the natural surroundings while the fairy tale lights add a subtle glow to the decor.

3. Beautiful Butterflies On Jars

Bring fairytale-like beauty to your home decor with the presence of delicate butterflies and just the right amount of bling with glitters and fairy light strings. The decorative jar is perfect to set a mood lighting or as a centrepiece on the dinner table. The butterfly-adorned jars are quite easy to make and can also be personalised to suit the decor theme. The decorative jar makes for an easy DIY craft project that can make for a thoughtful present as a handmade gift can be unparalleled and incomparable to any store-bought showpiece.

The process of making the decoration requires a jar from Nestasia that is spacious and available in various sizes, enabling you to opt for one that’ll suit the space. Decorate the outer surface of the jar with our butterfly stickers that feature a lustrous metallic finish. The metallic finish of the stickers reflects the glow of the fairy lights beautifully and does justice to a fair-style themed decoration.

Now that you’ve several ideas on how to deck up the home, it’s time to take a look at some delicious 1 jar recipes.

4. Golden Milk Overnight Oats In Jar

The simple overnight oats get a nourishing and delicious update with turmeric and honey. A breakfast porridge worth waking up for! The coziness of a “Golden Milk” combined with oats makes for a simple and quick breakfast. 

You can enjoy these overnight oats cold from the fridge, which makes for a great meal prep quick breakfast or easily warmed up with just a few minutes in the oven. The ‘1 jar oats’ is convenient to make and with Nestasia, a delicious breakfast is just a jar away.


- Oats

- Milk

- Honey

- Turmeric powder

- Banana slices (or any fruit of your choice)


  1. Take a small transparent jar with lid and fill a quarter of the jar with oats.
  1. Fill half of the jar with boiled milk and then sprinkle some turmeric powder into the milk.
  1. Mix the ingredients well to get that vibrant ‘golden’ yellow colour.
  1. Place the airtight lid on the jar and refrigerate it overnight.
  1. Top the milk oats with honey for a wonderful dash of sweetness and garnish with banana slices along with some berries. And your healthy & yummy jar of Golden Oats is ready to be savoured!

5. Strawberry Chia Pudding

The Strawberry Chia Pudding is a hearty and healthy dessert that is creamy, loaded with fresh fruity flavors, lightly sweet, and totally delicious. The unique dessert is an amalgamation of flavours and textures with the juicy strawberries and the crunchiness of chia seeds. The dessert can be a healthy start to the morning or can be consumed after a main-course meal. 


- Chia Seeds

- Milk

- Honey

- Strawberry jam

- Strawberry fruit

- Mint leaves


  1. Pour whole Chia seeds into a jar. Keep ample space to add further ingredients into the glass jar
  1. Fill half of the jar with milk and add a tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients well.
  1. Cover the jar with its airtight lid and let the chia seeds soak to get a jelly-like consistency.
  1. Take a separate glass jar and fill a quarter of it with strawberry jam. 
  1. Pour the mixture of milk and chia seeds into the jar.
  1. Finish off the serving with a beautiful garnishing. Top the dessert with a ripe red strawberry and fresh mint leaves.

After reading this, it’s easy to understand how versatile and convenient glass jars are. The best thing about these ideas is that they can be personalised and recreated in different sizes of our glass containers. The decor ideas are perfect for transforming any interior, while the recipes will stop your tummy’s rumbling. Do you have more creative ideas regarding mason jar uses? Share them with us!

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