5 breakfast ideas [quick, easy & healthy]

January 24, 2021


A healthy breakfast is all that one needs to kickstart a new day. However, the morning rush for work makes it difficult for everyone to cook. While a wholesome breakfast energizes you, the pain to cook in the morning, especially during winters, can be a painful task- we can’t agree more! 

If you’re someone who's had the experience of eating a burnt toast in the morning, with a cup of coffee which wasn’t hot enough- you got to follow on. We know how easy is it to get bored of the same breakfast every day. Be it a toast, omelets, corn flakes, or milk-anything is capable enough of tasting boring, if consumed on a daily basis.  


Our Ceramic Casseroles are mini, but have the superpowers to stand by your side during your troubling breakfast times. They wear different colored capes. Well! By this we mean that these little Casseroles are available in five different colors. They are ideally sized for an individual serving and the fact that they can be used for baking, makes them a stunner for making quick and easy breakfast in the morning.  

These Casseroles come along with a lid-making them an ideal product to cook, bake, or serve any dish you’d want to. Since they’re ideally sized for individual servings, they can also be your snacking companions or can also be used as a salad bowl.  


The Casseroles can also be used to serve rice, lentils, noodles, or a vegetable gravy. Their quirky colors will add some jazz to your dining table. Because of their tiny size, these Casseroles are like collectibles.  

If you’re someone who has experimented with our 5 Mug Recipes, you must follow on to find out some no mess and minimalist cooking options. We know how one pot recipes have been taking over the internet since the pandemic began. Be it noodles, pizza, lasagna, or mac & cheese, the recipes have been used by numerous people.  


The fact that these recipes require the least amount of time, energy, and utensils, is something that attracts everyone. We’ve just taken this game a notch higher because our Casseroles are not only good for cooking or baking, but their size is ideal for serving it to individuals as well. Imagine having a tiny Casserole of your favorite color, on the dining table- and everyone getting to pick their favorite ones. 

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So, follow on and find out 5 quick and easy breakfast ideas that are definitely going to taste amazing to everyone who is tired of their regular breakfast.  

Healthy muffin: 

Muffins are a great alternative to unhealthy, on-the-go snacks, but only if they are baked with healthy ingredients. They can work wonders for people who are always running late for work and have a habit of skipping their morning meals because of the same.  


They can be baked in large batches and can be stored fresh. The muffins are ideal to be consumed in between meals as well. Baking them in our Ceramic Casserole will make it an ideal size for a single serving. Hence, a perfect in between meals snack.  

While there are endless ways to bake to a muffin, but keeping it healthy, wholesome and nutritious, is what matters the most. Muffins can be made in sweet, savory, or can also be customized as per your taste. 


Nuts, grains, dried fruits, seeds, and many other healthy options are available as toppings. However, when it comes to the batter, the multi-purpose flour should ideally be replaced with either whole wheat flour, multi grain flour, or oatmeal flour for a healthier experience. 

For a healthy banana and nuts muffin, take some mashed bananas add honey, egg, oil and mix it all together. Put some whole wheat flour in the mixture along with baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Fold it all together and put the mixture in our Ceramic Casserole. Bake it at 180 degrees for 22 minutes. Once done, carefully take the Casserole out using an oven mitt and top the muffin with your favorite nuts. We recommend using Walnuts. 


There are endless other options that you can explore. Apple-Cinnamon muffins, berry muffins, chocolate muffins, are some of our favorites. You can also do other flavors like carrot muffins or zucchini muffins.  


If you’re someone who likes experimenting, try baking a savory muffin. Some classic flavors include spinach, pumpkin, and cheese.  

Easy egg casserole  

This is one of the easiest and mouthwatering morning breakfasts for someone who always remains in hurry. If you can’t do without meat chunks and vegetables in the morning but don’t have much time to cook it, we are here to rescue you from the trouble.  


If you remember your scrambled eggs with vegetables, this isn’t any different. The difference only lies in baking it.  

Take the Ceramic Casserole and break two eggs inside it. Add your favorite meat like ham, chicken slices, bacon, or turkey slices after chopping it into small pieces. Pick your favorite vegetables like carrots, beans, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, chop them finely, and add them for crunch. A dash of salt and pepper along with some grated cheese is all that you need for the recipe.  


Whisk it all together and bake it at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Be careful while taking the Casserole out. Let it cool a little, and dig in. 

You can get your everyday morning routine sorted while it gets baked. No mess because you can dive straight into the Casserole for some lip-smacking goodness. 


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Smoothie bowl 

Smoothie is one of the best healthy and nutritious options when it comes to breakfast. There’s a smoothie bowl for everyone, you might just not have had the opportunity to find your favorite combination of flavors. So, go ahead and explore.  


There are a wide variety of ingredients that you can experiment with. Be it fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwis, and berries, to nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pistachios, everything can be clubbed with your smoothie.


Mixed seeds like Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, and Melon seeds also add a lot of nutrition to the smoothie.  


The Ceramic Casserole is apt for serving your favorite flavored smoothie. Just take your favorite combination of fruits and blend them along with yoghurt or coconut milk, until it forms a smooth paste.  


Pour it in the Casserole and top it up with your favorite freshly cut fruits and nuts. 

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Overnight oats 

For those of you who like having instant oats, you can also save your time and energy on a winter morning by making overnight oats in the Ceramic Casserole. Just soak your oats in milk, place the lid on the Casserole, and keep it in the refrigerator for the night.  


You can top it up with the sweetener of your choice along with freshly cut fruits like banana, apple, strawberries, berries, and mixed seeds or nuts of your choice in the morning. These will not only add crunch to your overnight oats, but will also make it a healthy, nutritious, and wholesome meal. 


Overnight oats are usually served cold, but if you are not a cold breakfast person, microwave the Casserole for a minute or two, and your hot oats will be ready in minutes. 


Dhokla is a fluffy, cake-like, Gujrati snack made by steaming gram flour (besan) with a few other ingredients. It is the perfect nashta (breakfast) for anyone who likes a light breakfast. While our Ceramic Casserole is a stunner when it comes to baking, it can also be used for steaming.  


Dhokla only seems to be difficult to cook until you start cooking it. It is super simple, light, and super healthy. Just grease your Ceramic Casserole with a few drops of oil and start cooking. 

Take some gram flour and add some water to make a paste out of the mixture. Make sure that you’re whisking it nicely enough for it lose all the lumps. Add some lemon juice, salt, and curd in the batter along with some green chilies and ginger paste. Mix it all together. 


Get your pressure cooker ready with 3 cups of water in it and let it boil.  

Add some fruit salt to the batter, mix it, and pour the mixture in your greased Casserole. Keep a stand inside the pressure cooker, and place the Casserole on it.  

Put the pressure cooker’s lid on without the whistle and let it cook for 20 minutes. Use a fork to check if its ready or not. If the batter sticks to the fork, it means that the Dhokla needs more time inside the pressure cooker. 


Take the Casserole out carefully and let it cool down.  

For tempering, take a small pan and add oil, asafetida, mustard seeds, and green chilies in it. Now add some water and sugar. Cook it until it comes to a boil.  


Now, pour this mixture on the top of your Dhokla, and garnish it with coriander leaves.  

You don’t have to worry about the cutting the Dhokla into pieces even. Just grab a spoon and dig in straightaway.  

NestipWhile Steaming takes about 20 minutes, you can also follow the same recipe and cook it in a microwave. Just place the Casserole inside the microwave for 8-10 minutes, and you’re good to go.  

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In case you're not sure what to cook tomorrow morning, watch the video below and enjoy a hassle free breakfast. 


We hope that we’ve been able to give you enough recipes and motivation to cook your healthy breakfast in our tiny Ceramic Casseroles. We’re sure that you all must be having many more one-pot breakfast recipes to share with us. Please go ahead and let us know in the comment section about how these recipes turned out. We would also love to know about your innovations! 

Stay safe and cook with love <3  

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