11 New Year Resolutions We Bet You Cannot Keep

January 02, 2024

Whether or not we go out and party on New Year, one thing is for sure. We all have made or still make New Year resolutions. The best ones always are the ones that seem easy but are somehow impossible to achieve! Here are the top 11 New Year resolutions that we definitely relate to and we hope you might as well, but definitely will break before the 2nd of Jan.

1. Become a ninja-level snack eater without making any noise during midnight fridge raids

Guess what the best cure for insomnia is? No, it is not turning over and trying to sleep by counting sheep. The best cure is going down to the refrigerator for a midnight food raid! At least, this is what we believe. (Don’t say you don't as well!) But there’s no point in waking up your whole family when you raid your fridge in the middle of the night. And even though you may have made a New Year's resolution to not do that, we all know that it’s going to happen again.

2. Perfect the art of parallel parking in one swift attempt without pulling forward and backward 20 times.

How many years have it been since you learned to drive? You know that it has been a long time and now you have decided to be a pro at parallel parking. One attempt is all you have given yourself to perfect the art of parallel parking. In fact, you have made a New Year resolution of it. Not to burst your bubble, but we all know this is another New Year’s resolution that is going to get broken. 

3. Commit to finding the perfect meme response for every situation life throws at me

Since it is not possible to eliminate the woes of life, perhaps you have made a unique New Year’s resolution of having a comeback for every woeful situation life throws at you. But let’s be honest here. We are all acquainted with the fight or flight response, and in those real-life situations, a new “freeze” situation joins the party. That’s another New Year's resolution broken.

4. Stop splurging unnecessarily on anything that tickles your fancy

The favourite book you had your eye on for days- it’s finally half the price. Or those shoes that you saw in an ad are finally back in stock. What do you do? You have two options- save money by not buying anything since you already have enough books and enough shoes. Or you just open the site, splurge on what tickles your fancy, and wait at the door for your package to arrive. We don’t know about you, but our New Year resolution of not splurging is just not going to be achieved.

5. Exercise at least four times a week

Yes, you had indeed decided to lose weight four years ago, and that has been your one constant New Year resolution. Yes, you had also worked towards your goal by exercising. Though the exercising cell probably left you within a week of exercising, you have continued to believe delusion is the answer. So, here we go again with the funny New Year resolution of working out four times a week.

6. Cutting down on sugar and extra calories

Following up on the previous point you cannot go to the gym without modifying your diet. So again the story of four years continues with you exercising as well as cutting down on sugar and extra fries with your burger. But we all know how “healthy” your pizza is since it has some green leaves on top (wink). And thus, the story of following a New Year resolution based on less food and more exercise again meets its end.

7. Socializing and meeting new people

Whether you are a student or a working professional, you will need friends. However, meeting friends is not possible if they are all working in different cities or around the world. To find some semblance of balance in your work and life, you have decided to be a social butterfly. Or just a social cocoon by putting yourself out there and meeting new people. Thanks to your anxiety and immense talent for feeling sleepy, your New Year resolution has gone/ will go to sleep too.

8. Get your sleep cycle on track

Speaking of sleep, you can seem to do it anywhere except when it’s time to sleep- at night, in your bed. You go to sleep as the sun peeks from between your curtains and the birds start their morning gossip outside your window. Of course, you have finally made a New Year's resolution to get your sleep cycle on track- go to bed by 10 and wake up at 6. Yet, you find yourself waking till 6 in the morning and sleeping till 12, on New Year’s Day itself.

9. Staying off social media for at least 12 hours

Checking your phone every day first thing in the morning was a bad habit, and you realised that. And it was more so because being on social media made you susceptible to a lot of negativity. Thus, your next New Year resolution is to stay off social media for a day. At least half a day. Then you decide to spend at most an hour on social media. Finally, you find yourself checking Instagram every two minutes. Who cares about resolutions anyway?

10. Not irritate your siblings every time you see them

We see siblings, and we think, "Attack". Your siblings seem to know this thought of yours and they are ready to call your parents. So you make a New Year's resolution not to attack them as soon as you see them. But don’t they just look so peaceful, minding their own business? So you just forget all the New Year's resolutions and start irritating them once again.

11. Choosing productivity over Netflix and chilling on the weekends

After a whole week of tiring work, surely we all want to just relax and recharge on the weekends. That includes Netflix and chilling. But then you find your friends travelling, following their passions, and building something of their own. Two hours of adrenaline rush, and you are back to being a couch potato again, as before your New Year resolutions.

We hope you enjoyed our blog with all the relatable New Year resolutions that never seem achievable. Maybe try to achieve one in the coming year? (wink)

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