10 Fondue Ideas [Chocolate, Cheese, & Much More]

December 24, 2020

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Our Fondue Set Collection is finally here to keep you warm and blissful during this winter season. Be it your New Year parties, office parties, night stays, or a family dinner, hosting them during winters is a cake walk for none. Since we want you to be the perfect hosts, getting it all warm and sorted seems no less than a responsibility. From a tiny fondue pot for individual servings to fondue sets and dishes, for your perfect cheese fondue or chocolate fondue nights, we've got it all sorted! You could also browse for our cheese boards that seamlessly marry our fondue sets, when it comes to aesthetics. 

fondue ideas

Consisting of a bowl, a warming stand, a tea light candle, and skewers- the fondue set is traditionally used to serve freshly cut fruits, marshmallows, or bread croutons on skewers with hot melted cheese or chocolate in the bowl. A tea light candle is lit under it to keep the ingredients of the bowl warm. A fondue set could add on a lot of fun to a dull, snuggly winter evening.

Ranging from some quirky and colorful fondue sets to formal black and white ones, we have something that will seamlessly become a part of your celebration. Add some jazz to your dining table with your favorite fondue sets, handpicked for a luxurious yet fun experience. When clubbed with some of our bestsellers, the Fondue Set collection takes your dining game a notch higher.  


The fondue sets are easily storable and can be reused whenever you feel like. Rearranging them is super simple and storing them becomes easier because of their detachable characteristics. Their size makes them compact and easily usable for times when not many people are planning to do a fondue together. The warming stand and bowls can be kept separately when not being used.

The bowls, however, are stunners at multitasking so can be used independently for serving your favorite dishes. Most of them are available in classic black and white color combinations, hence, teaming them up with other white snack platters or platter stands becomes easier. Trust us, nobody would understand that they were bought separately because they seamlessly fit together.

 platter stand

For those of you who have been struck hard by winter blues and would want to take it a step forward with some experimental ways to try our fondue sets, follow on and get to know 10 fun ways to use a fondue set.

Blow and eat your hot desserts

Dear sweet-toothed sweethearts, we know how much you despise a Gulab Jamun or a Hot Chocolate Brownie which does not burn your mouth a little. That little blow on a spoon full of hot dessert, is all that we live for. Serve your favorite desserts in our fondue sets and keep them warm by lighting a candle below. We bet that they will stay warm until they’re all devoured.

fondue set

Use our Fondue Set featured in the image above, to serve your warm desserts and use the four plates to serve sides like crushed cardamom, saffron strands, hot chocolate sauce or nuts. We’ve got your perfect dessert platter sorted for you.

Our Chocolate Fondue Set from the Fondue Set Collection can be easily used to serve your desserts and keeping them warm as well.

Good fragrance all around!

Who does not like good aroma in a room full of happy people and good vibes? Our fondue sets are absolute stunners when it comes to multitasking. Fill some water in the bowl with a few drops of aroma oil, light the candle, and you have your D.I.Y. aroma diffuser ready within seconds. A good fragrance tends to reduce stress and increase appetite.

fondue maker

Use our Fondue Maker for a perfect sized aroma diffuser. The saying- great things come in small packages- fits snugly on our Fondue Maker. It can be used at a sit-down party where everyone on the table could have their own fondue sit. For a D.I.Y. family fondue set, one of our bigger fondue sets like the Fondue Set, can be used serve into the small individual ones. The choices of toppings can be made available in the plates available along with the Fondue Set. In these times when social distance is being followed, everyone gets to have the toppings of their choices in individual fondue sets. The warmth of family and friends doing fondue together, is something that we don’t want any of you to miss out on.

fondue maker

Nestip: You could also use the little one to store some knick-knacks like paper clips or small candies, when not in use. Wanna sip some tea in it? Don’t hesitate, go ahead!

No more cold appetizers and gravy dishes

We know how frequently the appetizers have to be re-heated during winters. Well! We are not letting you go through that pain during your family-time. Keeping your soup and gravy dishes warm is a super simple task with our fondue sets. Just lighting a candle in the lower section, relieves you from the pain of re-heating the food and getting up mid-meals.

Fondue Dish

Our Fondue Dish, featured in the image above, is perfect for serving appetizers and gravy dishes and keeping them warm. The geometric shape of the dish will also add some sass to your dining table as a serving bowl. You can, however, also go through the bowl section in out Kitchen and Dining for more bowls.


Use the small plates of our Fondue Set to serve your favorite snacks like nachos, chips, olives, crackers, or even nuts. It is also ideal for serving Pita and Hummus. The tailor-made back tray has grooved designs for the plates to fit in perfectly. Don’t worry about the dip, Hummus or Salsa to be served along. Remove the warming stand and serve your favorite dips in the bowl, keep it in the center. Voila! Your snack platter is ready.

snack platter

You could also look for some amazing cheese plate boards or the snack platters from our Kitchen and Dining section for an amazing snacking experience as well.

Planning a romantic date?

Use our Fondue set to use as a lamp shade by creating a cylinder using handmade paper and placing it over the set for a romantic, colorful candle-light dinner. You can also browse through a wider range of lamps from our décor section.

fondue maker

Our Fondue Maker can also be used to add some aroma to your romantic date. Add some potpourri to the little bowl along with a few drops of your favorite aroma oil for a perfect date night.

Masala puri time

The very well-known fried, hollow, dough balls called pani puris, gol gappas or puchkas, are every Indian’s favorite. Commonly stuffed with boiled potatoes, lentils or boiled peas, these little balls of happiness can be served in plates or bowls along with the stuffing. Serve your boiled peas in the bowl of our fondue set to keep them warm. You can also use the skewers to pick up extra potatoes.

fondue pot

The Fondue Pot featured in the image above, is ideal for your perfect Chaat night. It can also be used to serve your favorite Dahi Bhallas. Browse for plates that are ideal for keeping the Bhallas and Chutney. The curd could be served in the bowls.

Dumplings, soup, and no mess

fondue dish

Use our Cheese Fondue Set to serve your favorite dumplings in the plates and pick them using the skewers, without any mess. The soup can be served in the bowl and can also be kept warm if required. You can also look for more soup bowl options in out kitchen and dining section.

fondue set

Our Fondue Set can also be used to serve a Chinese platter including noodles, snacks, spring rolls and many other Chinese delicacies. The gravy dishes can be served in the bowl and can be kept in the center for an ideal Chinese experience. You can also browse the Cutlery section in our Kitchen and Dining section for a wide range of spoons, forks, knives and kitchen cutlery and ladle spoons, available in a variety of colors to choose from.

Mix & match in style!

platter stand

Serve in style by adding your favorite fondue sets to the cart and clubbing them with some of our stunning cheese platters available in the same collection. Our Platter Stand, featured in the image above, can be used to include a wide range of snacks like nachos, chips, nuts, fruits or vegetables- perfect for serving along with a fondue.  

Slurp it away!

Our Fondue Sets are apt for serving soupy noodles. You can also go back to our 5 Mug Recipes and use our fondue set bowls to experiment with our noodle recipe. Our other recipes are a must try too! We like our soupy noodles spicy and full of fire. Do you like them saucy or cheesy? Let us know your favorite noodle recipe in the comment section below.

fondue pot

Our Fondue Pot that comes with a handle on the side, is ideal for serving noodles. The handle will not let your hands burn and can be perfectly used for your late-night slurping times.

Muffin’ it!

chocolate fondue set

Use the Chocolate Fondue Set to make your hot chocolate fondue, dip your favorite muffins in the dip and enjoy. You can also make caramel sauce as a dip and keep it warm in the fondue bowl. The Chocolate Fondue Set is available in two colors- red and yellow- so pick your favorite color before someone else does. Remember? Nothing haunts you more than the things you didn’t buy!

Platter Dish

You can also pair it up with our Platter Dish to serve your favorite toppings.

dessert stand

Our Dessert Stand featured in the image above, can be clubbed with any of our fondue sets for a warm and sweet dessert experience. The two-tier dessert stand looks gives a great height extension and a luxurious feel on a dining table. 

side bowl

 There's nothing more comforting than a basket of fresh bread in winters. Our square bowls can hold a selection of breads to dunk into melting cheese. 

White Platter

Nestip: Club your fondue sets with Side Bowls and White Platter from our Kitchen and Dining for storing extra ingredients that might have to be refilled time and again.

 chocolate fondue pot

Here’s hoping to end the year on a happy note by adding smiles on all your faces. We hope that we were able to inspire you to switch on your creative mode. So dive into warm bowls full of your favorite dips with some great snacks on your skewers.

Wanna do fondue along with us? Watch the video below and have fun!

Order your favorite fondue sets and if you are thinking about experimenting more with the fondue sets, then go ahead and let us know how you would want to use them in the comment section. We are eagerly waiting to have a look!

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